Can You Stand Too Close To The Golf Ball?

You should not stand too close to the golf ball as it will hamper your swing. So the answer to the question “can you stand too close to the golf ball?” is yes.  Standing too close doesn’t give you enough space for an effective swing bow, and you lift the stick vertically rather than gaining momentum backward while turning. This scenario will produce a steep swing plane that requires you to knock the stick back towards the ball, resulting in a significant loss of power and a deadly outside hook move.

Professional golfers spend so much time and effort developing and maintaining a consistent and effective posture. It is the position of your body, posture, and stance distance from the golf ball that affects your swings, hits, and accuracy.

Let’s discuss this further by explaining the results of standing too close to the golf ball and the optimum stance you should take for the perfect swings.

What Happens When You Stand Too Close to the Ball?

The ball must be at the correct distance from your body when taking a stance; otherwise, your swing will be significantly affected. According to pro golfers, a golfer with higher handicaps stands too close or far away from the ball.

Standing too far is as bad as it is to stand too close to the ball. If the ball is too far, you put too much weight on your toes to reach the ball, resulting in loss of balance on the downswing and off-center shots. If the ball is too far away from your body, you will have to stretch to hit it, bringing the arc of your swing too low, resulting in balance loss and, no matter how much force you use to hit the ball, you will end up pushing it to the left

standing too close to golf ball

You achieve the correct distance when your arms hang away but not too much, and your weight is evenly distributed on both your feet. It is always better to be a little too far than too close to the ball. Standing too close doesn’t allow you enough space to swing and will lead to the following results:

  • You lose the right posture required to make the perfect swing that causes a host of its own problems.
  • You cannot extend your arms enough to swing, resulting in frustration
  • You lose balance and swing speed. Depending on the type of club you’re using, your swing speed is reduced considerably if you stand too close to the ball.
  • You cannot achieve consistent hits standing too close to the ball, one of the most frustrating problems facing a golfer.
  • You lose control of the trajectory and the driving distance.
  • It makes you hit toe shots, slices, and shanks, some of the worst and most unpredictable shots

How to Achieve the Right Distance from the Golf Ball?

Performing a good swing arc and getting good contact with the ball depends on the distance you stand from the ball before you swing. But do you determine the right distance? Getting the right distance neither requires you to measure using a tape, nor is it a matter of guesswork.

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Let’s take a look at the small steps you should take to achieve the optimum stance distance:

  • Hold your club.
  • Fix your feet together.
  • Let your arms hang down in front of your body. Your arms should be relaxed but not too relaxed that they waddle between your legs like a pendulum. You will need to have a little more control than that. Keep in mind that if your upper arms (shoulder-elbow) are completely free from the chest, you are too far from the golf ball. If your elbows seem to brush against your belly, you’re too close to the ball.
  • Hold the stick about 8 to 10 inches above the ground.
  • Now spread your feet approximately the same as the distance between your shoulders. This way, you achieve a natural and balanced position.
  • Now bend forward, keeping your spine straight, and lower the stick to the floor. This is where the ball should be.

After taking a stand, take a final check by removing the lowest hand from your stick, putting it parallel to the ground, and bringing it between your body and the end of the stick. This way, you’ll find out that if you pull apart the fingers lightly, your thumb will brush the groin, while the little finger will brush the tip of the rod. Your body should be one hand off the tip of the rod when the club’s heel is resting squarely on the ground behind the ball.

stand closer to the ball golf

Factors That Determine the Right Distance from the Ball

Following the above steps help you achieve the correct distance from the ball. However, there are some factors that help you determine the right distance you should take from the ball before swinging. The player’s height largely determines at what distance they should be standing from the ball.

Players with a short height can increase their swing speed and accuracy if they stand closer to the golf ball. Standing too far from the ball can be a disadvantage for them, so moving closer would help.

Another important aspect to consider is your club’s length. Clubs vary in length, and you need to adjust your distance according to it. How close your body is to the butt end of your club can help you achieve consistency and improved swings.

Can You Stand Too Close To The Golf Ball Final Thoughts!

The problem of standing too close to a golf ball is common among beginner, or amateur golfers, which can result in inaccuracy, slow swing speed, inconsistency, and worst hits. The solution is simple: stand at the perfect distance. We hope that the steps we shared will help you achieve the right distance and stand like a pro. However, it takes time to learn, and you should be consistent and continue practicing.

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