Best Voice Caddie VC4 Review

voice caddie vc4 review

The laser and GPS rangefinder have made significant inroads into the golfing community. Prices are low enough for virtually anyone who is enthusiastic about playing golf to buy a laser rangefinder or GPS golf unit with preloaded maps for regulation courses around the world. The Voice Caddie VC4 is a great example of a highly … Read more

Best Voice Caddie VC300SE Review

Voice Caddie VC300SE Review

If you like the touchpad concept for laptop computers and tablet devices, then you likely will love the Voice Caddie’s new VC300SE voice golf GPS unit. The VC300 is an improvement on the popular VC200 golf GPS unit that gives you voice-delivered distances to the green in your choice of yards or meters. Unlike the … Read more

Arccos Caddie Review [Digital Instruction]

Best Arccos Caddie Review

The Arccos Caddie system is like having a digital pro golf instructor ready to improve your game in three basic ways. The Arccos system works as a GPS rangefinder while playing on one of the thousands of include golf courses for which maps are provided. You can use your cellphone to run the Arccos Caddie … Read more

Best Izzo Swami 6000 Review

Izzo Swami 6000 Review

The Izzo Swami 6000 review of this golf GPS device improves upon the already great Swami 5000 with a bigger viewing color display screen, faster processing and better battery life per charge. You get the same great features that have made the Izzo Swami series of GPS devices among the most popular in golf. The … Read more

Best Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review

golf buddy aim v10 review

Simplicity and accuracy are the two very winning key ingredients that make the GolfBuddy aim V10 an absolute winner among golf GPS devices. The affordably priced aim V10 improves upon the already winning design of the GolfBuddy aim with a bigger viewing screen and faster course recognition and loading. The GolfBuddy aim V10 at a glance shows you the front, … Read more

Garmin Approach G30 Review [Accurate Handheld GPS]

garmin approach g30 review

Garmin is a well-known maker of high-tech GPS trackers, the laser rangefinder and other cool tech gadgets. The following Garmin Approach G30 Review will help you to better understand why the Garmin Approach line has established itself as a leading tool for professional golfers and enthusiastic amateurs.  The Garmin Approach line of GPS golfing unit … Read more

Best Garmin Approach G10 Review [Clip On GPS]

Garmin Approach G10 Review

The Garmin Approach G10 combines the accuracy of a GPS golf device with the portability of wearable technology.  While it will not double as a pedometer and will not tell you how many calories you might have burned during your round of golf, it does give you very good and useful information that you can … Read more

Best Bushnell Phantom GPS Review

Bushnell Phantom GPS Review

Keep it simple, silly (KISS) is the more polite version of a popular notion that a simple design generally is the best when it comes to planning or building something, like a golf GPS device. More famously recognized as the “KISS” principle, the Bushnell Phantom golf GPS unit epitomizes the concept. “Distance Made Simple” is … Read more