Best Golf Shoes for Orthotics [Top 3]

You love to play golf and can be quite good at it, but the pain and heaviness in your feet don’t allow you to continue. Golf requires you to walk constantly in each game that could be taking a toll on your feet, causing inflammation and pain. However, this can be prevented if you choose your golf shoes carefully by picking the best golf shoes for orthotics.

Sometimes the pain gets worse if one continues wearing the wrong shoes on the course, and then there’s no other choice than to opt for plantar orthotics. However, plantar orthotics still won’t be as effective as you think if you don’t change your shoes. 

Therefore, it is necessary to switch to shoes especially made for orthotics to optimize your recovery. In this regard, this article will specifically talk about the best golf shoes for orthotics available in the market.

As the shoe is a fashion accessory for many people, beauty and design often take precedence over functionality and comfort. Think of a shoe with a too pointed toe, killer heels or lack of support. Another common mistake is to wear the wrong shoes for the activity you want to do, for example: wearing city boots for a hike in the forest or heavy or non-waterproof shoes on the golf course.

It’s the shoes that support you all day. This is a good reason to choose them carefully. Wrong shoes can cause various knee or spine pathologies, not to mention the chances of bad falls. For a safe and stable walk, shoes play the first role. Therefore, it is important to focus on your feet’ shape, the type of pain you experience, and the surfaces on which you will be doing most of your walks.

3 Best Golf Shoes for Orthotics

1. Nike Men’s Golf Lunar Control II Golf Shoe

golf shoes for orthotics

Today, it is no longer necessary to compromise when it comes to style to provide ideal walking conditions for your feet. Nike offers a range of shoes adapted to plantar orthotics, among which Lunar Control II Golf Shoes stand out.

Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoes are lightweight due to Flywire technology for optimal comfort. Its Power Transfer Zone technology allows a smoother transition from backswing to impact. They provide excellent traction and support through their Scorpion Stinger Spikes and Tri-LOK system. 

Its springy Lunarlon cushioning provides supportive shock absorption. These are good orthotics shoes because they offer better balance, smoother weight transfer, and more powerful impact. These shoes are covered with high-quality leather, which is waterproof and makes them look elegant.

The special sole system in Lunar Control II Golf shoes offers optimal cushioning to your heels, the sensitive areas of your feet and the curve of the foot. This is why these shoes are among the best orthotic shoes that will allow you to play golf as much as you want with improved performance. In addition, the outsole is equipped with spikes, offering more friction and flexibility on different surfaces.

2. Skechers Drive 2 Golf Shoes

golf shoes for orthotics

You can continue practicing your favorite sport in cushioned comfort with the Skechers Drive 2 Golf Shoes. This waterproof lace-up golf shoe features a leather upper with a lightweight ULTRA GO® cushioned midsole and comfort sock liner. 

The shoe is lightweight and responsive that allows you maximum traction and power through impact. It has the Skechers® waterproof membrane protection. The Goga Mat technology and dynamic diamond traction plate ensure maximum grip and a high rebound.

Skechers continues to offer shoes targeted at different feet type and specific orthotic relief. Skechers Drive 2 Golf Shoes are one of the best golf orthotic shoes available in the online market. The midsole technology absorbs any pressure resulting from impacts and is extremely important for golfers who already have pain or inflammation in their feet. 

The heel area provides maximum support and protection so that you can always feel secure during your game. In addition, the upper area is made of very lightweight materials, reducing the overall weight of the shoes and making them more breathable.

The low drop design is also helpful in keeping your feet as close to the ground as possible, which allows you to keep your balance during particularly frustrated swings and helps you justify the difference between bogeys and birdies. The sock liner is softer than ever, providing maximum support to the bones and tissues of your feet and keeping the foot arch intact while walking and swinging.

3. Puma Ignite Pwrsport Men’s Golf Shoe

best golf shoes for orthotics

The strong and lightweight TPU Pwrcage-Super saddle provides excellent support and stability throughout your swing. It offers a revolutionary and patented ignite polyurethane foam that provides energy return, responsive comfort, long-lasting cushioning and superior comfort. It has a Pwrframe’s ultra-thin TPU frame that wraps around the EVA midsole for lightweight strength and durability, increased flexibility, and superior traction.

This new ignite passport is brought to the next level with the ignite Pwrsport Pro. The updated microfiber upper provides athletic styling with a classic and sleek feel. The directional lugs are placed strategically in suitable areas for greater traction and grip throughout the swing for more power.

This new type of flat shoe is designed for those who know what they want from a pair of shoes. The shoes are considered among the best sneakers for orthotics, proven by their great popularity among users. These shoes offer optimal foot stability and protection of the foot sole via their rigid reinforcements and buttresses.

best golf shoes for orthotics

These are hands down the best orthopedic golf shoes you can find online with endless distance walking abilities and unique technological innovations. The midsole provides optimal support to the feet to help them function properly.

What do Orthotics do?

Some injuries or biomechanical defects of the foot are difficult to heal without wearing plantar orthotics. The brace will provide relief to the patient by reducing stress and weight on foot.

Plantar orthotics should be prescribed in the event of poor weight distribution on the feet, bad shoes, a pain that persists or increases. Wearing plantar orthotics improves the progression of symptoms and avoids repercussions on other parts of the body.

If you already wear foot orthotics, we advise you to choose the right shoe. A shoe that does not provide the necessary support will not optimize the treatment.

The orthotic industry has gained significant progress in the past few years as more and more people are becoming aware of their feet and feet-related issues to continue their daily activities. However, as said above, you cannot resolve the issue or optimize your treatment if you continue wearing the same shoes. 

Wearing an ordinary shoe wouldn’t help you, especially in golf, where you have to walk, sometimes for miles, during the course constantly. In fact, the wrong shoe would increase the problem in your feet. Therefore, you need the right shoes that are made especially for orthotics. Good shoes also allow you to use your foot orthotics and maintain their effectiveness. Indeed, unsuitable shoes could greatly reduce the corrections and benefits of your orthotics.

best golf shoes for orthotics

The Eternal Search for Orthotic Shoes

Outside of the medical and therapeutic issue, one of the biggest “lighter” frustrations in the world of spina bifida is the issue of shoes. What are the best golf shoes for orthotics? The answer to this question isn’t easy. Orthotics do not allow flexing of the foot and increase its size, making it very difficult to find shoes that fit without causing tripping.

In general, there are three options: look for ordinary shoes but that for some conditions allow the use of orthoses, buy in specialized stores in the US or have them made (which we never do).

Ideal shoes for orthotics have velcro, a wide last, and elastic at the heel’s top. Sometimes it is good to go to a large store with several brands and ask the salespeople for their shoes for orthotics. 


Now you know some of the best golf shoes for orthotics. Nike, Skechers and Puma are well-known shoe brands that have never disappointed users and never stop introducing new designs aimed explicitly at different feet types and issues. 

The models discussed above are all adapted to the wearing of plantar orthotics. We hope this information will help you in choosing the right golf shoe for orthotics. Indeed, you cannot ignore the additional purchase criteria. Of course, the price is also decisive. If it is not proportional to the quality, opt for another product.

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