About Us

Hey there, I’m Travis.  I grew up in the Midwest of the US the son of a club professional.  Started playing golf when I was one and a half and have loved it ever since. 

Me playing golf in Florida a few years ago.

Story is that my first birdie happened when I was about 4. 

I was playing one hole by myself (a par 3) that could be seen from the clubhouse by my dad.  Story goes that I hit my first shot into a pile of leaves, couldn’t find it.  Took a ball out of my bag and walked up to the green.  Dropped it 3 inches from the cup.  Tapped it in for a smooth 2.  

Walked back to my dad and told him I made birdie… 

I have come a long way since those days, still making birdies, but more legally these days.  I played high school and college golf, was a decent player with a few wins along the way.  Played professionally for about 6 months, till my money was gone. 

Regained my amateur status about 5 years after that and have loved the bits of playing I get to do since then.

I currently play to a +2 handicap despite only getting about 10-20 rounds in annually.  Always wanting to play more, but also wanting to keep that life/golf balance in check. 

I have found that simplifying my swing and using smart course management keeps me relevant and my scores competitive.  Hitting the middle of the green 16 times can do wonders for your score!

I’m glad you are here and we get to share in the journey together.  My hope is to give you honest reviews on products that you want.  Expose you to some products you didn’t know existed but may be game changers for you.   

And to provide tips and information on the game of golf that help you no matter where you are on your golfing journey.  Giving you some insight into what makes golf such a fun and amazing game.

If you’re looking to connect, shoot me an email at travis@teeprecision.com!