What Is The Average Swing Speed Of A Senior Golfer By Age

If you are even slightly interested in Golf, you would know that the most common question that almost every golfer asks about his or her swing is “was that good”? This is the most important of questions that go on among the golfers of all age groups.

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On every PGA and LPGA tour, the top earners are always the long hitters. Hence the assumption is popular among amateurs, juniors, and seniors, that the longer you’re hit the better would be your score. So coming to our topic on what is the average golf swing speed for a senior golfer by  age?

Traditionally the senior golfers would mean golfers who are 50 and above in age. Of course, the average driving distance by age would be different in each gender.

How Much Distance is Lost With Age?

Although there is not much information available on this yet, it is fair to state that the drive distance does decrease with age. The pros who are in their 20’s and in the late ’20s to be specific have the longest drives and also the fastest swings. In the 30’s they were average and by the 40’s the distances began to lower.

After the 50’s there is a significant decline in the distance as well as speed. After crossing 50’s the golfers become seniors and their swing speed and distance are decreased.

The average of about 50 years of age would have a swing speed of 85 to 90 miles per hour. When the golfer reaches 60 years of age there would be loss of another 5 mph speed and another 5 mph when he reaches 70 years of age. After the 70’s the speed reduces exponentially and he would be losing nearly 10 mph speed when he reaches his 80’s.

As for the senior female golfers a 50 years old female golfer would average speed of 70-75 miles per hour. She would be losing nearly 5 mph regularly with each passing decade.

However this data is for average golfers, the PGA members are a class apart from their swing speeds in the range of 110 to 125 miles per hour, which is awesome. So a PGA level senior player would have a swing speed of 105 to 120 mph speed.

Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors

How Can The Senior Player Improve On The Speed?

It is true that with age our speed and swing distance would decrease, but it is also a fact that with little efforts and discipline this can be increased. To improve on the lost speed and distance the senior players should work on their speed and strength training.

They should indulge in regular eccentric training, this would enhance their mobility and also improve their strength. They should also work on declaration and speed drills (sport-specific, torsional, horizontal, and vertical) which would increase their speed.

 It would be advisable to seek the guidance of a golf teaching, fitness, and medical professional who is trained in this aspect. These trained professionals can help you identify your weak areas and develop training routines that would work on those focus areas and help you in recovering them.

With a proper and tailored training routine and with a balanced and nutritious diet plan, you can greatly improve your swing distance even if the age is not to your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Senior Golfer’s Average Swing Speed?

According to research, the average speed of golfers in their 50s and 60s is 72-86 mph. It’s between 71 and 79 mph for golfers over 60.

What Type Of Loft Driver Should Senior Citizens Use?

A driver loft of at least 11 degrees is recommended for many seniors. While certain players with a faster swing speed may be able to get away with 10 or 10.5 degrees, many golfers should aim for 11-13 degrees.

What Grip Should A Senior Use?

Huge but soft grips are a great alternative for elderly golfers. In most cases, a Winn grip or something similar will suffice. This sort of gripping makes it simple when your gripping force isn’t very strong, and the softness makes it wonderfully pleasant.

When Should You Start Playing The Senior Tees?

Amateur players aged 60 and up may play from the front (Senior Tees) tee marks, as stated on the Tournament Rules Sheet, with applicable handicap adjustments pursuant on USGA rules.

What Is The Longest Senior Golf Ball?

Golfer claims the Duo Soft+ ball is the softest and longest premium two-piece ball on the marketplace, and the VelocitiCOR is the driving force behind its performances. Its low-spin qualities may also help to soften hook and slice spin for straighter shots.


There is no denying the fact that swing speed decreases with age. A young pro golfer would definitely have the edge when it comes to strength and speed. But that does not mean that the senior golfer is behind, with proper guidance, diet, and training the swing speed and distance both can be increased and you can defeat the age.

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