Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet [Top 3]

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Golf and flat fee don’t go hand in hand. That’s true because the more flat foot, the more rigid and hollow it is. In addition, the arch of your feet may change with time. Usually, the feet arches become flat with age. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play golf anymore. You just need the best golf shoes for flat feet.

You will just need to orient yourself towards a flexible shoe. A firm shoe with high arch support, wider volume, and good midsole stability will be more effective for a flat, less toned foot. However, this is still subjective depending on your notion of comfort. To understand this, below is some information about the top 3 golf shoes for flat feet to help you make the right choice.

Top 3 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

It is true that a golf player with flat feet has to pay the price in the form of difficulties and limitations in the practice of their favorite sport. It is also important to highlight how perfect support of the feet allows better comfort throughout a round and better sensitivity in ground reading, and better stability during the swing.

1. FootJoy Men’s Fj Flex Xp Golf Shoesgolf shoes for flat feet

FootJoy’s Fj Flex Xp Golf Shoes are one of the best shoes in terms of support, comfort, and traction. The spikeless sole holds very well both in the swing and traversing the golf course. With unparalleled Athleticism and versatility, these shoes stand out among other golf shoes in the market.

For the first time, the exceptional VERSA-TRAX outsole is combined with a waterproof upper. The Versa-Trax outsole is designed with traction elements to create the perfect outsole for performance on the pitch with the versatility of wear. Each traction zone maximizes adhesion during your swing and provides exceptional grip as you walk on the course. It has a soft and supportive EVA midsole that provides a more cushioned walk and swing.

It is made with lightweight mesh that provides incredible comfort, breathability and all-day comfort. A soft EVA midsole provides better cushioning underfoot, improved comfort and exceptional stability, especially for flat feet.

Fj Flex Xp Golf Shoes have a sporty laser-cut that offers a full rounded toe character with a standard fit over the forefoot and instep. The high-density Eva Fit-Bed and Bootie-Fit construction are for perfect fit and comfort. Toe spring and slightly narrow heel complete the athletic profile.

2. ECCO Men’s Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

best golf shoes for foot problems

ECCO continues to push the effort to offer the best golf shoes in the world. The BIOM cool pro combines multiple lines of ECCO DNA to provide incredible performance and unmatched comfort, and make it possible for golfers with flat feet to play without feeling their feet. Ecco Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex golf shoe is comfortable and provides optimal support and stability with a studded sole.

With a flexible construction close to the ground and an anatomical shape, BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology makes every step more efficient. A double layer of stretch neoprene provides soft padding for your feet. The outsole with ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip ™ technology features three different zones for lateral stability, walking comfort and rotational support for flat feet.

Premium ECCO YAK leather uppers combine a soft, breathable and sturdy feel. These shoes are made of waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX SURROUND® technology for 360 ° breathability that keeps water out while wicking natural sweat away from the feet.

Quality and comfort, combined with innovative design and technology, the Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex golf shoes have positioned Ecco as the leading brand in recent years.

3. Adidas Men’s adizero Sport II Golf Shoe

golf shoes for bad feet

Over the years, Adidas has created an exclusive line of products for each discipline, in which golf stands out. Adidas Adizero Sport II golf shoes are made with flexible materials that provide comfort and mold to the sole to avoid fatigue during long hours of play.

Purpose-built from the base up to include only the essentials for ultimate performance, the adizero Sport II golf shoes deliver the highest levels of comfort, traction and stability ever, with an exquisite design.

Its Cloudfoam technology is an ultra-light, molded EVA foam providing durable cushioning and a more personalized fit for ultimate comfort. Climaproof technology is a concentrate of technologies providing total impermeability to water. The first layer pushes interior moisture to the shoe’s surface, while the second layer surrounds the foot with a waterproof membrane. In addition, the new Sprintframe sole featuring pure crampon motion technology for improved flexibility and swing plan traction.

The Adidas Golf adizero Sport II shoes are brimming with technology designed to give you exceptional traction and grip on the golf course. Swing Plane traction technology provides the entire length of the sole, from heel to toe, with firmer and more aggressive traction elements on which force is applied during the swing, thus increasing your grip and stability.

With all this technology, these shows are amazing for golfers with flat feet. Revolutionizing the shape, feel, and shape of Adidas Golf shoes, the Adizero Sport II has been uniquely designed to include only what is essential to perform and deliver everything a golfer needs to finish strong.

Flat footed Golfer

Now you know the top 3 flat feet golf shoes, but, how to select the exact shoe size when ordering online. Let’s discuss!

How to Select Your Exact Shoe Size

Whatever shoe brand you select for yourself, you surely want to have the best buying experience. Although the best way is to buy them from a store where you have the opportunity to try them on, you can also order online if you know how to correctly measure your feet. The best way is to follow the instructions in the size charts of the manufacturers. Measure your foot following four simple steps below and find your exact size in the chart:

  • To measure your foot from toe to heel, you need a sheet of paper, a pen and a tape measure
  • Place the paper on the floor next to the wall. Place your foot on the paper with the heel against the wall
  • Mark the longest part of the foot on the paper with a pen. Repeat the procedure with the other foot, since many times the lengths are different
  • Measure the distance and compare it with the size in the following table, converting the centimeters to your size. To order your shoes, select the longest measurement of the two feet

Now that you have our recommendations, let’s discuss some concerns regarding golf among people with flat feet. You will find it interesting to know a series of truths and lies and clarify your possible doubts about it. Read on!

walking golfer

Can You Play Golf with Flat Feet?

Yes, you can, but with the right shoe. While it is true that arched feet are a blessing, nothing can stop you from doing sport with flat feet if you are making the right choices and doing it the right way.

The foot plane is characterized by a decrease in the longitudinal arch due to bone, muscle or neurological disorders. It is estimated that around 25% of the world’s population suffers from it, so it is a more common problem than you think.

There are two varieties: the rigid flatfoot and the flexible one. The first one is the more painful since it presents alterations in the foot’s shape and requires insoles. For its part, the flex can be corrected with exercises such as walking on tiptoe or picking up objects with the toes.

One thing is sure that it is possible to practice golf with flat feet.  Although pain can indeed be increased due to overload in the ankles, knees and feet, they can be treated without any problem. Your specialist will help and advise you when choosing suitable insoles and footwear for the practice of this exercise. The most important thing is to choose shoes that offer stability and adequate support to the foot’s arch and ensure maximum cushioning.

Some cases of flat feet can indeed be treated with surgery since advances in specific techniques can improve the pain and functionality of the foot. Regular check-ups with your specialist are essential since aging, injuries, or even diseases can damage the tendons and cause the development of flat feet.

best golf shoes for flat feet

While the pedometer can give you the length of your arch, it cannot detail its shape. So, how do you know then? You can identify the shape of your plantar vault with the humidity test.

The Humidity Test

Barefoot, lightly moisten the soles of your feet and place them on a spotless piece of heavy paper (like paper bags). The wet footprints left on the paper will show you the shape of your arch.

  • A flat or low arch of the foot will imprint almost the foot’s entire underside.
  • A normal or medium arch of the foot will leave an imprint of your heel and forefoot connected by a slightly narrower band.
  • A high arch of the foot will leave an imprint with a narrower band.


We hope this article has cleared your doubts and questions about whether you can play golf with flat feet or not. So, don’t hesitate and choose the best flat feet shoe for you, and you’re on the go! The shoe’s shape should be according to the shape of your feet, often neglected by the players.

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