Do Pros Use Cavity Back Irons?

Do Pros Use Cavity Back Irons

The introduction of cavity back or game-improvement irons in the 80s changed the landscape of golf forever. It finally gave the average player a club that was easier to hit and offered more forgiveness than the traditional blade irons – but do the pros use them? Many professional golfers use cavity back or muscle-back irons, … Read more

9.5 vs 10.5 Driver Loft

9.5 vs 10.5 Driver Loft

It is all about trajectory and distance, and the main contributor to those in the loft on the driver’s face when it comes drivers. The other consideration is swing speed, where the 9.5 vs. 10.5-degree factors come into play. The difference between the 9.5 and 10.5-degree drivers is one degree of loft and more forgiveness. … Read more

7 Hybrid vs 7 Iron [Comparing The 7’s]

7 Hybrid vs 7 Iron

For many golfers, including myself, the 7-iron was one of the first clubs you swing when learning the game. It’s easy to hit, and you can often get good shots out of it without too much struggle, even if you are a beginner, but the seven hybrid may be even easier to hit! The seven … Read more

5 Wood vs 2 Hybrid [Which To Use?]

5 Wood vs 2 Hybrid

In the battle between hybrids and fairway woods in the long iron division, the 5 wood vs 2 hybrid combination are more like cousins than opponents, with each having some specific benefits that can make it difficult to choose between them. The 5 fairway wood will give a slightly higher ball flight, and more distance, … Read more

4 Hybrid vs 4 Iron [Which Is Easier To Hit]

4 Hybrid vs 4 Iron

Hybrids and irons with irons and hybrids are becoming quite a swamp out there regarding whether you should have irons in your bag or hybrids. The answer depends on your golf game, swing speed, and consistency in ball striking. The 4 hybrids will have slightly less carry distance, higher ball flight, trajectory, more forgiveness, and … Read more

Blades vs Cavity Back Irons [Pros and Cons]

Blades vs Cavity Back Irons

The difference between the cavity back irons and blades is that the cavity backs are bulkier and have a hollow section at the bottom of the club. While Cavity backs have a much bigger sweet spot, are a lot more forgiving, and will generate more distance with miss hit strikes. The best thing about cavity … Read more

What is The Average Club Head Speed of A Pro Golfer?

Average Club Head Speed of A Pro Golfer

Watching the pro’s play live or on TV, it seems like they are swinging the club at a ridiculous speed when compared to the average player down at your local course.  So how fast is the average clubhead speed of a pro golfer? We’ve looked at this and will also provide tips to help you … Read more

Best Online Golf Instruction To Improve Your Game

Best Online Golf Instruction

So, you’re thinking about investing in an online golf instructor? Great choice! Online golf instruction can be a very convenient option for those who don’t have access to an in-person coach. This lack of access could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you live in a rural area. Perhaps you simply prefer to learn … Read more

Steel vs Graphite Golf Shafts – Which is Better?

Steel vs Graphite Golf Shafts

If you’ve been golfing for any amount of time, you’ve probably wondered about the difference between steel and graphite golf shafts and which one is best suited for your game.  The answer to this question will vary depending on your unique swing. However, in this article, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of steel … Read more