How To Stop Slicing The Golf Ball

4 Easy Steps To Avoid Slicing The Golf Ball

Dreaded slice is every amateur golfer’s nightmare and can be really frustrating. If there is water or OB then it is all the more terrifying as much as getting into the tee box. So what do golfers do to fix the problem of a slice? They do the obvious and aim left. Result? We get … Read more

How To Chip A Golf Ball With Proper Chipping Technique

how to chip a golf ball

While being a golfer chipping might appear quite easy but there is much struggling when these little shots are played. Speaking confidently! Contact and that too a solid one is what is required for the right chip. When you are chipping a golf ball, it will only be a perfect shot when you are hitting … Read more

Golf Slice vs Hook [What To Do For Each]

golf slice vs hook

Aside from everything that can and will go wrong in golf, the slice and the hook are probably the two most common frustrations that amateur and professional golfers face during their careers on the golf course. The slice is a ball that moves sharply from right to left for a right handed golfer (or left … Read more

How Do You Hit a Low Shot in the Wind?

How Do You Hit a Low Shot in the Wind?

How do you hit a low shot in the wind? A windy day means – most of the time – a card with more hits than usual. However, you can correct this adverse effect by applying nautical elements, choosing the clubs and the indicated position. However, following some simple tips can help you hit a … Read more

How To Drive A Golf Ball

how to drive a golf ball

‘How To Drive A Golf Ball’? is a question that must have crossed every golfer’s mind because they all want to hit it longer and straighter, with more consistency. When it comes to hitting off the tee, the driver is unique, unlike any other club in the bag. It is much longer and has much … Read more

How Do You Hit a Fade?

How Do You Hit a Fade?

A fade is one of the most controllable ball flights that moves the ball slightly left-to-right for right-handed golfers and right-to-left for left-handers. It is a controlled shot, and hitting it is a desired skill. But how do you hit a fade? Like any golf shot, you need practice to master this technique, and many … Read more

What Causes Shanks In Golf? [And How To Fix It]

What Causes Shanks In Golf

A shank is one of the worst mishits in golf caused by a the club making contact with the ball at the point where the clubhead attaches to the shaft of the club. This part of the club is the hosel. The shank is caused by the body moving towards the ball during the swing. … Read more

How Do I Determine My Golf Swing Speed?

How Do I Determine My Golf Swing Speed?

How do I determine my golf swing speed? There are two different methods to determine a golfer’s swing speed: The first one is through a launch monitor system by visiting a local golf retail store or by using a radar speed monitor. This can give you the most accurate measurement of your swing speed. The … Read more