Do Golf Pros Use Rangefinders? [And They Want To]

There’s a wide belief that pros don’t use rangefinders on the course because they don’t need them. This is a false misconception. Pros or seasoned golfers can indeed estimate their distance by relying on a point on the course (bush, flag, tree, etc.). However, sight is not always a reliable tool. So, whether you are a professional or a simple amateur, having a golf rangefinder is essential.

So, do golf pros use rangefinders?

Pros no longer hesitate to use rangefinders, especially after the PGA allowed its use in its three major professional majors – the PGA Championship, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

Golf Rangefinders, a Perfection Tool for Perfectionists!

Golf is a sport of perfectionists in constant search of better performance and improvement. When you think of golf, you imagine golf clubs, balls and bags. But there is a technology that can improve your score and give you a whole new experience.

The laser rangefinder has recently made its appearance for professional golfers as well as amateurs. The rangefinder accurately measures the distance between the golfer and a chosen point on the course allowing distances to be measured.

can pga pros use rangefinders

Golf rangefinder allows you to take a quick and accurate measurement of your distance from any point on the green. This little accessory has a shape reminiscent of binoculars. No more use of markers or the calculation book to consult all the time to avoid losing sight of your marks and the distance that separates you from them. All thanks to the golf rangefinder.

For whom are Golf Rangefinders Intended?

Most of the time, golf is more of a relaxing activity that takes place on beautiful grounds. But in reality, it is a sport that requires precision and a constant search for perfection for better performances.

Thus, to continually improve, the golfers must equip themselves with valuable tools and technologies, and the golf range finder is one of them.

Whether you have made golf your profession or are just an avid golf enthusiast, you can use the golf rangefinder. This device is a precious help in appreciating the distance, especially for the amateur golfer who is still not used to the vagaries of the course.

Professionals can also take advantage of their opponents by using the golf rangefinder. Since GPS is not always reliable, pinpointing the location of a particular point can be difficult.

Do Golf Pros Use Rangefinders?

As with everything else, technology takes a certain period of acclimatization, and the golf rangefinder is no exception to this rule. And, using it doesn’t hurt your integrity or pride. Golf enthusiasts understand that this is a perfectionist sport, and everything that improves their performance and the overall game should become a part of this game.

The PGA recently allowed rangefinders in its three professional tournaments, becoming the first major tournament body to allow these devices in its major events. Many pros may not want to use them because it breaks their routine. They have been doing tournaments without rangefinders and would like to take the same approach.

can pros use rangefinders

If you ask pros about the use of rangefinders, you will likely get very different opinions. Many still don’t believe that laser rangefinders will speed up the game in the PGA, while others say that these devices could help speed up the game and more accurately assess the distance between the ball and the target. And, many pros already use laser and GPS rangefinders during training, so it’s not a new thing for them.

Pros experience a whole new way of viewing golf with rangefinders. This new experience changes the perception of the game and the golfer’s interaction on the green. If you’re still wondering why you should use a golf range finder, here are some of the benefits this little tool brings.

  • It improves your performance by allowing you to avoid almost all obstacles (slopes of the terrain, water points, bunkers, bushes, trees, etc.).
  • It saves your time spent looking for distance indications, making your game enjoyable. In short, you are more precise and relaxed, leading to better performance.
  • It helps you improve the trajectory of the ball by selecting the correct club.
  • Its lightness and size make it easily transportable.
  • It is precise and fast in taking measurements.
  • It is very easy to use and inexpensive.

However, a poorly adjusted rangefinder can prevent you from seeing the course of the 18 holes. But not only that, this one may be uncomfortable for your eyes and make you tire quickly and decrease your concentration. Be sure to adjust the device as you go through the steps. Some more advanced models reduce hand vibration for easier aiming. Others allow you to aim at elements at a distance exceeding a mile.

Types of Golf Rangefinders

The GPS Rangefinder

The operating mode of this rangefinder is through the GPS. To allow synchronization of the instrument with the course map, you must download it via a computer. All details of the round of golf (target, course, holes and others) must be selected and mapped. Depending on how the game progresses, you will have to choose between the manual option and the automatic one.

The Laser Rangefinder

The laser rangefinder is much easier to use. Here, no route mapping is necessary. To use it, you just need to aim the device at the target point and then squeeze the trigger. The light beam gives the distance.


By introducing the rangefinder into your game, you may first be a little lost and need to learn how to use it correctly. However, once you’ve got your bearings, you will not be able to do without it, and your game will take a step ahead of your competition. So, even if you’re a pro golfer with a low handicap, do not hesitate to use rangefinders and finish at the top of the leaderboard.

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