Best Golf Rangefinder under $200 [Top 5 Options]

These handy tools for under $200 quickly calculate distances with the click of a button.

Having the best laser golf rangefinder will increase your chances of winning the competition. In a golf tournament, you will have rangefinders that let you know the distance to the nearest hole. You will be able to take the guesswork out of your game and choose the right club after you decide to get the best golf range finder. 

Your budget may be limited, and you would like to get the best golf rangefinder under $200. There are several models in the market. You only have to compare their features and decide on the best that can assure you the best results. 

We took the time to compare several golf rangefinders in the market before recommending the best. You can count on one of our top picks.

Top 5 Best Golf Rangefinders under $200

1. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinder Under $200

This version is among the affordable golf rangefinders you can get on the market. The rangefinder comes with a slope making it very reliable in your everyday applications. This golf rangefinder is optimized to make your game experience stand out. 

Features such as the slope measurement will make you choose the right club every time. Up to 5x magnification will make it easy to get the exact measurements. The application of pin acquisition technology works towards improving your golf performance. You can scan the field to acquire multiple targets as you play golf.

Key features and benefits

Angle incline and decline

The slope feature allows you to get the exact measurement of slopes. It will automatically calculate the slope and the distance so that you can make the right judgments. 

When playing golf you need to make the right judgments before you hit the ball. The rangefinder comes in a tech-driven design to make it easy when calculating slope and distance. 

best affordable golf ranefinder has accurate measurements and target acquisition technology

You will not have to take a lot of time before you can get the exact distance and slope because the device will do it automatically to allow you to enjoy playing the game to your perfection.


This affordable rangefinder can reach up to 1,000 yards. You will have the whole golf course covered in your measurements. The high magnification makes it easy to get clear details of where you would like the golf ball to land. 

High accuracy makes many professional golf players prefer it. Get this golf rangefinder, and it will make your work easy as you try to improve your accuracy during the game.

Pin acquisition technology

The pin will quickly lock from a distance of 300 yards away. You will not have to struggle before you can start applying the rangefinder. The application of the latest pin locking technology makes it very durable and assures you the best results as you try to improve your accuracy. 

You will realize a big difference after you decide to go for this golf rangefinder. It is built to allow you to enjoy the best results as you play the game.

Exclusive BIRDIE feature

You need to quickly know when the distance has been acquired. The rangefinder comes with an audible chirp that will let you know the distance is locked on. You will realize the best results as you play your favorite game after you get the rangefinder. 

It was developed after taking into account the things you need when playing golf. Your game will improve to a great extent after you get this rangefinder.

Scan functionally

This feature allows you to acquire several distances at a time. It is a high-quality unit that you can apply, and it will work towards helping you get the best results as you play golf. 

The application of the scan feature makes it easy to acquire several distances at once. The range finder will save you time when playing golf. There is no stress of trying to acquire several distances after you get the golf finder. It comes in a simple to use but highly effective design to allow you to enjoy playing golf.

2. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

affordable golf rangefinder Under $200

The good golf rangefinder is built with several features to make your game more exciting. The application of laser technology makes it very reliable. Get this rangefinder, and it will assure you great results as you try to get exact measurements before you hit the golf ball. 

The flag lock feature makes it easy to get exact measurements. You can use the vibration to know when it has locked the target. Features such as speed, angle, and distance are captured. 

You will have all the necessary features you need to enjoy the best experience as you play. Up to 650 yards coverage makes it possible to get exact measurements. 

The rangefinder comes in durable construction to assure you value for your money. It is among the best golf rangefinders under $200 you can get to realize the best results as you play golf.

Key features and benefits

Innovative design

The range finder comes with an innovative battery cover design. It assures you the best performance as you play the game in wet conditions. The cover will keep it safe even if it rains when playing golf

best budget golf laser rangefinder with slope feature and 6x magnification

Remember golf is an outdoor game, and you should ensure your play equipment is protected. The rangefinder comes with an innovative battery cover to avoid cases where it can fail due to short-circuiting. 

The battery cover and the body of the rangefinder are inseparable making the unit very durable for outdoor applications.

Meter and yards switching

Whether you are playing golf in the United States or England, you can switch between the yards and meters easily. At the boot state, you can long-press the button to come up with different measurements. 

It will be easy for you to enjoy the best experience when playing golf. It will not take you long before you can master how to use the rangefinder. The easy-to-use design makes it work well for people in different stages of the game.

Flagpole lock

The rangefinder can lock the flagpole to allow players to easily locate the flag. The high accuracy design allows you to get exact measurements for up to 650 yards away. 

You can apply M2 and M3 mode to lock the flagpole for up to 180 yards away. The main aim of introducing rangefinders to the golf tournament is to improve the efficiency of the game. 

The rangefinder has been developed to make your work easy as you play golf. It will simplify the way you estimate distances and slopes.

6X magnification

Apart from acting as a golf rangefinder, it is also an effective hunting rangefinder. People looking forward to enjoying the best experience when playing golf or out hunting can count on it. It comes in a durable construction that makes it suitable for outdoor applications.

Fog and speed modes

The fold and speed mode makes it very reliable when hunting. You may like to buy a rangefinder that you can use when playing golf or when out hunting. You will save money in the process if you can go for the golf rangefinder. 

It comes in a versatile design so that it can help you enjoy the best experience when playing golf. It was developed to assure a great outdoor experience.

3. Bozily Golf Rangefinder with Slope

cheap golf rangefinder Under $200

This is the best rangefinder with slope you can get to improve your golf performance, and coming in at it’s price point earns it a spot on our cheap golf rangefinders list. 

The high accuracy rate makes many players prefer this range finder. You can apply it, and it will work towards helping you enjoy the best golf tournament experience. 

It can lock a distance of up to 1200 yards away. The slope on and off feature allows players to choose when it is time to utilize the feature. A charging cord is provided making the rangefinder very helpful in your everyday play experience. 

It was developed to assure you great results at all times. Continuous scan support feature will speed up the process of capturing time. It is an effective tool you can apply to realize the best results.

Key features and benefits

When buying a rangefinder for use in golf tournaments, it is essential to go for one that has been developed to help players in a tournament. Not all golf range finders can be applied in a tournament. 

To enjoy a professional play experience, it is necessary to check out the general design of the range finder. It should be built to meet tournament quality.

1200 Yards Flag-Lock

It is essential to get a range finder that can lock the flag at the longest distance possible. For up to 1200 yards, you can still lock the rangefinder. It is built to assure users great performance when playing golf. 

A charging cord is provided to make it easy for you when charging. It has a long-lasting battery that will allow you to enjoy playing golf for a long. Many professional players recommend this golf rangefinder.

High definition camera

You will not have to strain your eyes before you get details. The rangefinder comes with high definition camera that makes it very reliable. Each time you start applying the range finder, you will get clear measurements where you can make judgments. 

It can get details such as range and slope. All the details you need to improve your golf performance are captured in the rangefinder. It was built to allow you to enjoy the best experience at all times. You can always count on it to assure you great results when playing golf.

Continuous Scan Support

Get measurements to different positions in a golf range as fast as possible. The continuous scan support feature makes it very fast and efficient. You can apply the golf range finder, and it will assure you great results as you get details about the distance.

Water resistant

There is no worry of water affecting your device. It comes in a waterproof design that makes it stand out. All the electrical components are housed in a watertight body. It is a durable rangefinder, and it will last long to assure you value for money in the process.

Perfect for training

The rangefinder comes with two modes. You have the continuous mode to allow you to get distances to different points on a golf course. The slope and distance mode will allow you to get details such as the slope, distance, flag lock, angle, and vibration tech. 

You are assured of the best judgment as you play golf. The application of golf tournament quality standards in the design of the rangefinder gives you the best experience as you play your favorite game. 

There are high chances your golf game will improve greatly after you decide to utilize the several features available.

4. CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder

best cheap golf rangefinder Under $200

The rangefinder is built to allow you to enjoy the best experience. Pin seeking and slope compensation feature will make it easy to hit the target when playing. 

One-step mode switching allows you to easily switch between nonslope and the slope compensation distance. It is a high magnification and waterproof rangefinder that is built to allow you to enjoy the best experience when playing golf. The application of waterproof construction eliminates worries even when it rains.  

Certainly a best value golf rangefinder.

Key features and benefits

Mode switching

You can select your preferred model easily. The rangefinder is built based on the latest technology that makes it easy for you to achieve the best results when playing golf. 

You can choose to apply the non-slope feature or go for the slope compensation distance display. It will capture the distance and the slope perfectly to allow you to make the right judgment as you hit the ball. Many players who apply the golf range finder have recorded great improvements in their game.

IPX4 Waterproof design

The golf laser rangefinder is built to meet the highest standards. It can resist water when outdoors. It is normal for your golf equipment to get wet if it rains. The design takes into consideration any exposure to moisture. 

laser golf rangefinder with continuous scan mode and slope technology makes it one of the best rangefinder

You can rely on the unit to assure you great performance as you play golf. It comes with several features that make it stand out.


The budget rangefinder is effective up to 800 yards. You will find it very helpful as you play. Apart from its remarkable long-range, it is also highly accurate. It can reach the accuracy of up to one yard.

Flag seeking technology

The rangefinder employs the latest technology that will easily get the distance of the flagstick and ignore the subjects that may be located behind it. You will not have to worry about trees and bushes affecting your performance. The unit is built to make your work easy as you try to capture the distance.

Meets USGA, R&A Rules of Golf

When playing golf you should apply equipment that sticks to the regulations. The rangefinder sticks to the handicap guidelines and the general rules when playing golf. 

Features such as the slope compensating features will make it easy for you to get the exact distance where you will aim the ball. It is built to assure you the best performance.

5. Precision Pro Golf Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder

best affordable golf rangefinder Under $200

It is the one of the most affordable rangefinder you can get, and it comes with several features to make you enjoy its applications. Many players prefer sticking to tournament quality rangefinders. 

The rangefinder is developed to make your work easy as it is USGA tournament approved. There is no worry after you buy it. You will enjoy playing it in different tournaments. 

Your golf experience will improve after you decide to get the range finder. It is built to assure players the best experience when they are playing golf.

Key features and benefits

Tournament-legal rangefinder

The rangefinder can provide accurate measurements to within a distance within one yard. It was developed when taking into account the regulations of golf tournaments. You will have an instruction manual and a 3 volts battery so that you can stay prepared for the game. 

All the accessories you need to enjoy playing golf are included. It is a high-quality golf finder you can get, and it will work perfectly.

TAG technology

The target acquisition technology applied in the range finder makes it stand out. You can apply it in your game to achieve great accuracy. It works in such a way that it will scan the area in front of you to focus on the targets you need when playing golf.

Advanced target lock function

The rangefinder is built to make it easy for you to lock onto the distance. After you have applied the range finder when playing golf, lock into the distance so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. 

The range finder is carefully designed to make your work easy. You can rely on it to assure you great results as you play golf.

400-yard range

The rangefinder is effective up to 400 yards. You can apply it when playing golf as a beginner. Easy to use design makes many people prefer it. There are some golf courses where you will not need long-range devices and works perfectly in such cases. 

The application of the latest technology makes it very reliable. You can invest in the range finder, and it will contribute towards making you enjoy the whole experience

boblov rangefinder review

Budget Golf Rangefinder Alternative: Boblov K600AG Rangefinder

The Boblov golf rangefinder K600AG is a dedicated slope adjusting rangefinder that you can use during tournament play by shutting off the compensation feature. 

The laser rangefinder is designed to give you very quick and accurate angle-compensating calculations that tell you exactly how you need to hit the ball to get it where you want it based on the relative elevation.

When the area you are trying to target with the ball is situated at a slightly higher elevation, even a couple of degrees rise in the local terrain will cause you ball to fall short if you go by a straight line measurement to the pin. 

You need to place the ball on a trajectory that normally could carry it further than the straight distance to the pin because the land literally rises up to meet it.

Likewise, if you are trying to place the golf ball in a spot that is located significantly lower than your ball’s lie, then the straight line distance reading will cause your ball to fly over the target. That could lead to bigger problems, like landing in a water hazard, sand trap or the tree line.

Tournament-Legal Function

You can use the K600AG in tournament play by shutting off the slope compensation and just using it to get quick and accurate distance readings at up to 650 years. The laser rangefinder is accurate to within a yard or meter of your chosen target. 

You can switch from yards to meters based on your playing preference and local standards. If the course is laid out in meters instead of yards, then using a corresponding meters reading could help with general communication and even sharing the inexpensive laser rangefinder with other players.

You can use a fast scanning mode during tournament play that will tell you various distances to traps, hazards, the green, rough and other objects and obstacles to avoid. 

The programming automatically disregards background objects and others in the foreground so that the laser can pinpoint the target and give you the kind of fast and accurate readings that you need to lower your score and speed up your game at the same time.

It even has a speed mode that will tell you how fast an object is moving at up to 300 kph, which is about 186 mph. That is plenty of speed to track a baseball, runner, bicyclist or someone engaged in some other endeavor in which speed is an essential element.

Compact and Comfortable Design

The Boblov golf K600AG has a very comfortable design that improves upon the generally standardized rangefinder with a gently protruding hood that helps to shield the viewing lens from the overhead sun. 

A rubberized overlay with textured top and bottom help to keep the lightweight and very portable laser rangefinder comfortably and securely with either hand that you choose to hold it.

One of the best budget golf rangefinders, this rangefinder weighs about 6.5 ounces and measures just over 4 inches ling by about 3 inches high by about 1.6 inches wide. Your fingers naturally rest upon two mode buttons located on top that lets you cycle through to get exactly the reading you need to make your best golf shot.

Affordable Power

A single CR2 battery that comes included with the laser rangefinder provides plenty of juice to give  you lots of rounds of golf between battery changes. A fresh CR2 battery will support 5,000 readings and between 10 and 20 rounds of golf. The number of rounds is based on a full 18-hole course, so you can get even more outings when playing nine holes.

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