Best Boblov Rangefinder Review

The Boblov line of laser rangefinders continues to impress with a very affordable and reliable product that virtually eliminates the price barrier to buying truly great range-finding equipment. 

The product quality is so good that just about any Boblov rangefinder review will affirm the entire line delivers a very accurate, affordable and durable product that even a professional would be happy to carry in his golf bag and use on the course.

You can get a Boblov golf laser rangefinder that offers just about every possible range-finding service that you could want from the costliest on the market. 

Very few can exceed the accuracy that you get with any model, and the easy-to-read Boblov laser rangefinder instructions help you to get the most use out of your model.

Boblov Rangefinder Review

With a price that is a fraction of what many competing rangefinders cost, the Boblov golf line offers a great combination of quality and great value.

Here is a look at their top model. 
boblov rangefinder review

Boblov 650 Slope Golf Rangefinder Review

The Boblov slope laser rangefinder provides the kind of information that gets gives golfing tournament organizers fits. The laser rangefinder can tell you the exact inclination or declination at the hole so that you can pick the best club and swing to hit the ball to where you need it.

If the hole is located on a rise, the ball needs to follow a higher and longer trajectory to clear the terrain and make it to the green. If hole is lower than your position, the laser rangefinder will adjust the distance so that you do not fly the hole and wind up in a sand trap, water hazard, tree line or the rough.

Range, Magnification and Accuracy

The Boblov laser rangefinder works great at up to 650 yards from the object measured and provides 6X magnification to give you an excellent sight picture while using the laser rangefinder. 

nicely packaged laser rangefinder with very good zoom clarity and terrific battery life that uses pin acquisition tehnology

The adjustable eyepiece lets you finely tune the image for the best clarity. You can choose to measure in yards or meters with accuracy to within one unit to the target for excellent distance accuracy.

Boblov Golf Rangefinder Modes

You get four modes for a wide variety of outdoor uses. Boblov range finder instructions say the flag-lock function ignores objects in the background and focuses on the flag to give you the correct measurement. 

Laser Rangefinder Pin Lock

The laser rangefinder uses pin acquisition technology and vibrates to tell you when the flag locking mode is working and the range it correct when you are within 200 yards or meters of the cup.

Slope Mode

Slope compensation will tell you the practical distance that you need to shoot for to reach your green or other preferred target. It will tell you the angle up or down to the flag and what the adjusted distance is to reach it without falling short or flying the green.

expensive rangefinder with replaceable battery and good zoom clarity

Changing Terrain

When the terrain rises, a straight-line measurement to the cup will not tell you how far you really need to send the ball. When the terrain goes lower, so does the Boblov by reducing the practical distance and compensating for the additional distance the ball will carry due to the lower elevation at the cup..

Rangefinder Review Dimensions

The light and compact laser rangefinder weighs less than 7 ounces and measures about 4.5 inches by 3 inches by 1.6 inches wide. The ergonomic package is easy to carry in your golf bag and use quickly while taking fast readings on the range.

Power Source

The Boblov laser rangefinder 650 runs on a 3 volt CR2 battery that comes included. It provides thousands of measurements before you need to replace it as the battery life is great. 

Common Batteries

An indicator light will tell you when that time comes, and the battery is widely available in stores that sell commonly used batteries for digital cameras. The laser rangefinder shuts off after being idle for a few moments in order to conserve the battery.

tournament legal, golf slope enquiped great rangefinder

Why You Should Buy a Boblov Golf GPS Device

The Boblov laser rangefinder model listed above represent a great leap forward in golfing technology. The very high-tech laser rangefinder has transformed from a costly tool used mostly by golf course designers and highly paid professional golfers into one that just about anyone who enjoys the outdoor activities.

Simple and Accurate

The current generation of Boblov golf range finders gives you truly remarkable range finding capability. You can get simple straight-line measurements to comply with the rules of most golf tournaments or use slope compensation to give you an even better idea of the right club and swing for the immediate task at hand.

Tournament Ready Range Finders

If you golf competitively, you can use most of them in tournament play by switching off the slope function and sticking with fast scans and straight-line distances.

You will be extremely satisfied if you pick up this golf distance finder as it is one of the best golf rangefinders on the golf rangefinder market.

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