Best Boblov Rangefinder Review for Golf

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Best Boblov Rangefinder Review

The Boblov line of rangefinders continues to impress with a very affordable and reliable product that virtually eliminates the price barrier to buying truly great range-finding equipment. The product quality is so good that just about any Boblov rangefinder review will affirm the entire line delivers a very accurate, affordable and durable product that even a professional would be happy to carry in his golf bag and use on the course.

You can get a Boblov that offers just about every possible range-finding service that you could want from the costliest on the market. Very few can exceed the accuracy that you get with any model, and the easy-to-read Boblov rangefinder instructions help you to get the most use out of your model.

With a price that is a fraction of what many competing rangefinders cost, the Boblov line offers a great combination of quality and value. Here is a look at four of our very favorite models. You cannot go wrong with any of them.
boblov rangefinder review

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Best Overall – Boblov 650 Slope Golf Rangefinder

The Boblov slope golf rangefinder provides the kind of information that gets gives golfing tournament organizers fits. The rangefinder can tell you the exact inclination or declination at the hole so that you can pick the best club and swing to hit the ball to where you need it.

If the hole is located on a rise, the ball needs to follow a higher and longer trajectory to clear the terrain and make it to the green. If hole is lower than your position, the rangefinder will adjust the distance so that you do not fly the hole and wind up in a sand trap, water hazard, tree line or the rough.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Range, Magnification and Accuracy

The Boblov works great at up to 650 yards from the object measured and provides 6X magnification to give you an excellent sight picture while using the rangefinder. The adjustable eyepiece lets you finely tune the image for the best clarity. You can choose to measure in yards or meters with accuracy to within one unit to the target.

You get four modes for a wide variety of outdoor uses. Boblov rangefinder instructions say the flag-lock function ignores objects in the background and focuses on the flag to give you the correct measurement. The rangefinder vibrates to tell you when the flag lock is working and the range it correct when you are withing 200 yards or meters of the cup.

Slope compensation will tell you the practical distance that you need to shoot for to reach your green or other preferred target. It will tell you the angle up or down to the flag and what the adjusted distance is to reach it without falling short or flying the green.

When the terrain rises, a straight-line measurement to the cup will not tell you how far you really need to send the ball. When the terrain goes lower, so does the Boblov by reducing the practical distance and compensating for the additional distance the ball will carry due to the lower elevation at the cup..

The light and compact rangefinder weighs less than 7 ounces and measures about 4.5 inches by 3 inches by 1.6 inches wide. The ergonomic package is easy to carry in your golf bag and use quickly while taking fast readings on the range.

Boblov Golf Rangefinder Review: Power Source

The Boblov 650 runs on a 3 volt CR2 battery that comes included. It provides thousands of measurements before you need to replace it. An indicator light will tell you when that time comes, and the battery is widely available in stores that sell commonly used batteries for digital cameras. The rangefinder shuts off after being idle for a few moments in order to conserve the battery.
boblov rangefinder review

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Best Budget Option – Boblov K600AG

The Boblov K600AG is a dedicated slope adjusting rangefinder that you can use during tournament play by shutting off the compensation feature. The rangefinder is designed to give you very quick and accurate angle-compensating calculations that tell you exactly how you need to hit the ball to get it where you want it based on the relative elevation.

When the area you are trying to target with the ball is situated at a slightly higher elevation, even a couple of degrees rise in the local terrain will cause you ball to fall short if you go by a straight line measurement to the pin. You need to place the ball on a trajectory that normally could carry it further than the straight distance to the pin because the land literally rises up to meet it.

Likewise, if you are trying to place the golf ball in a spot that is located significantly lower than your ball’s lie, then the straight line distance reading will cause your ball to fly over the target. That could lead to bigger problems, like landing in a water hazard, sand trap or the tree line.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Tournament-Legal Function

You can use the K600AG in tournament play by shutting off the slope compensation and just using it to get quick and accurate distance readings at up to 650 years. The rangefinder is accurate to within a yard or meter of your chosen target. You can switch from yards to meters based on your playing preference and local standards. If the course is laid out in meters instead of yards, then using a corresponding meters reading could help with general communication and even sharing the rangefinder with other players.

You can use a fast scanning mode during tournament play that will tell you various distances to traps, hazards, the green, rough and other objects and obstacles to avoid. The programming automatically disregards background objects and others in the foreground so that the laser can pinpoint the target and give you the kind of fast and accurate readings that you need to lower your score and speed up your game at the same time.

It even has a speed mode that will tell you how fast an object is moving at up to 300 kph, which is about 186 mph. That is plenty of speed to track a baseball, runner, bicyclist or someone engaged in some other endeavor in which speed is an essential element.

Boblov Golf Rangefinder Review: Compact and Comfortable Design

The Boblov K600AG has a very comfortable design that improves upon the generally standardized rangefinder with a gently protruding hood that helps to shield the viewing lens from the overhead sun. A rubberized overlay with textured top and bottom help to keep the lightweight and very portable rangefinder comfortably and securely with either hand that you choose to hold it.

The rangefinder weighs about 6.5 ounces and measures just over 4 inches ling by about 3 inches high by about 1.6 inches wide. Your fingers naturally rest upon two mode buttons located on top that lets you cycle through to get exactly the reading you need to make your best golf shot.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Affordable Power

A single CR2 battery that comes included with the rangefinder provides plenty of juice to give  you lots of rounds of golf between battery changes. A fresh CR2 battery will support 5,000 readings and between 10 and 20 rounds of golf. The number of rounds is based on a full 18-hole course, so you can get even more outings when playing nine holes.
boblov rangefinder review

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Best Boblov Rangefinder Under $100 – Boblov LF600

The Boblov line continues to impress with incredibly affordable rangefinders that pack a lot of great features inside. The LF600 is a great example of a fantastic buy that costs less than $100 and outperforms most that cost many times more. You get accurate readings up to 650 yards or meters away and with only one unit of error. When you are within 200 yards of the hole, the flag lock works in just a second and gives you the exact distance in a straight line to the cup.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Full-Time Slope Compensation

The Boblov LF600 is not legal for tournament use. That is because it has a full-time slope compensation that does not shut off. If you want the tournament-legal version, the LF600G does not include the slope compensation technology so that you can use it in any organized golfing event that allows use of standard rangefinders. The slope compensation is so effective that it levels the playing field to a certain degree by helping golfer with less experience make shots that even professionals find impressive.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Exceptionally Fast Speed Readings

If you are a racing enthusiast or have any general need for measuring the speed of objects or people, the included speed function is a great tool. You can use it to measure speeds of up to 186 mph, which is about 300 kph in metric units.

About the only thing you could not measure at that rate of speed would be an aircraft or the fastest racing cars and motorcycles in the world. Just about anything else is fair game and will track quickly and accurately with the built-in speed mode. If you have a kid who wants to develop a pitching arm, the Boblov LF600 is an ideal tool for telling you how fast the ball is traveling.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Power Source

A rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery gives the rangefinder all the juice you could want with an included USB cable enabling fast charges between golfing rounds. The outlet adapter lets you charge it quickly from any traditional electrical outlet while the USB cable enables you to charge it from a USB port on your car, golf cart or computer. That helps you to save money on disposable batteries while always knowing you have a fully charges rangefinder at the ready.
boblov rangefinder review

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Best Under $150 – Boblov LF600AG

The Boblov LF600AG offers up to 650 yards or meters of range with accuracy within one of either unit. That is plenty of accuracy to perform any range measurement that you might need while on the course or practicing at the range. You get 6X magnification and an adjustable eyepiece that help you to finely tune the image for the best possibly clarity and focus.

The laser system delivers an accurate reading in less than a second and will give you continuous distance readings when you use the include scan mode. You can get a quick and continuous reading of where the nearest and furthest sand traps are located, how far away the rough is and whether or not any water hazards might want to claim your ball. Once you know where the fairway is located versus the objects you want to avoid, you can lay up the ball much  more nicely and set up a great approach shot.

The slope compensation feature likewise improves your game by making it possible to hit the green more often and get easier putts for lower scores and more birdy and eagle opportunities. When the terrain rises to the hole, the rangefinder will tell you the angle to within 1 degree of accuracy and then give you the compensating data so that you can do a truly accurate swing. Instead of falling short of the green or overshooting it, you can put your ball where it needs to go more consistently.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Flag Lock and Pin-Sensing

Few things are more frustrating on a golf course than getting a false reading from your rangefinder. The included flag-lock and pin-sensor technologies disregard other objects and enable the Boblov LF600AG to focus on the flag and cup so that you get a truly accurate reading. It will ignore trees in the background as well as objects that are up closer and deliver a true straight-line distance to the hole.

Boblov Rangefinder Review: Smart Design and Comfortable Package

The Boblov LF600AG is one of the coolest looking of the bunch with a very smart ergonomic design that makes holding it downright effortless no matter which hand you use. A slight indent on top naturally rests your ring finger within it while your middle and fore fingers rest on the two mode buttons on top. Another indent underneath gives your thumb a secure position while making the already svelte rangefinder even easier to hole.

The entire package measure just over 4 inches long by about 3 inches tall about 1.6 inches wide. It weighs about 6.5 ounces and comes with a lanyard and durable carrying case to help protect it against bumps and jolts. The polymer case is waterproof and includes rubberized and textured overlays to make it more comfortable and secure to hold.

Boblov Golf Rangefinder Review: Power Source

You get a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with the Boblov LF600AG and a USB cable to charge it. You can charge the battery from an electrical outlet, car charging port or a laptop computer and ensure you have plenty of power to complete your next round of golf and likely many more. Each charge generally is good for up to 20 rounds of golf while playing a full 18 holes. LCD display will tell you when the battery is getting low and needs recharging as well as its current charge level.

Why You Should Buy a Boblov Rangefinder

The best Boblov rangefinder models listed above represent a great leap forward in golfing technology. The very high-tech laser rangefinder has transformed from a costly tool used mostly by golf course designers and highly paid professional golfers into one that just about anyone who enjoys the outdoor activities.

Many Boblov rangefinders work equally well on the golf course as they do in the field while hunting or engaged in other outdoor activities. The speed rating can measure prey or running athletes alike and give you their actual speed ratings. Mountain climbers could use one to measure angles of ascents and distances while going up and the opposite while climbing down from the summit. Homebuilders could use one to measure exterior walls and various angles. That kind of versatility makes the best Boblov rangefinder a truly great value with a wide range of potential applications while helping you to lower your golfing handicap.

The current generation of Boblov rangefinders gives you truly remarkable range-finding capability. You can get simple straight-line measurements to comply with the rules of most golf tournaments or use slope compensation to give you an even better idea of the right club and swing for the immediate task at hand.

You also can get one that provides speed readings of moving objects – including a golf ball driven from the tee and traveling hundreds of yards. Whether you want to measure and track the very small or the very large, the current generation of laser rangefinders have a lot to offer to golfers and especially those who enjoy many other outdoor activities.

They are ideal tools for improving your game and helping you to enjoy your next round of golf. The nominal cost of a Boblov rangefinder versus the significant impact it can have on your game makes it possible to truly derive more pleasure and enjoyment from your regular golf outings. If you golf competitively, you can use most of them in tournament play by switching off the slope function and sticking with fast scans and straight-line distances.

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