Raythor Golf Rangefinder Review

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Raythor Golf Rangefinder Review

The Raythor Golf Rangefinder epitomizes the term “laser-precision” with industry-leading accuracy in a very affordable rangefinder. The Raythor Golf Rangefinder provides very exact distances at up to 1,000 yards from the target. Special pin- and flag-lock technology ensure you can get the exact distance to the hole quickly without interference from other nearby objects. A quick vibration lets you know the target is acquired and the distance is genuine.
Raythor Golf Rangefinder Review

Raythor Golf Rangefinder Review: Dimensions and construction

The Raythor Golf Rangefinder uses the now-universal design for rangefinders that generally is perfect. Whether you hold it with your right or left hand, your fingers naturally rest on two control buttons on top of the rangefinder’s elliptically shaped body. The waterproof polymer body is a svelte 1.5 inches by 2.7 inches by about 4 inches in length, which makes it a perfect fit in just about any adult’s hand.

Raythor tech specs show the rangefinder weighs less than 7 ounces, which is ideal for use on a hot and humid day on the links. Nothing indicates the lenses are fog-proof despite its waterproof build, but most people do not play golf in foggy conditions.

Raythor Golf Rangefinder Review

Exceptionally Accurate Rangefinder

Raythor tech specs say this rangefinder is the industry’s most accurate with distances measured to within a tenth of a yard or meter. Many competing brands rightfully point to their respective models as being very accurate when indicating an error margin of half a yard. The Raythor Golf Rangefinder is many times more accurate, which translates into even greater accuracy with other measurements.


  • Outstanding accuracy to withing a tenth of a yard.
  • Range of up to 1,000 yards or meters.
  • Nearest-target and fast-scanning modes.
  • Legal for tournament use with the slope switch turned off.
  • It even gives you speed readings.


  • Low-voltage battery requires recharges more frequently but still delivers enough for more than a full round of golf.
  • Could use a more durable carrying case.

Advanced Targeting Technology

Raythor Rangefinder tech gives you advanced target-acquisition capability that makes it possible to quickly scan a hole and get accurate distance readings on various objects. It uses near-target technology to disregard background objects and ensure you get the right distance to the correct target. The continuous scan function delivers fast and accurate results that give you the full picture of the situation before you.

Three Modes Include a Speed Reading

Raythor Golf Rangefinder instructions show the rangefinder does three very distinct things via its three modes. Mode 1 gives you the straight-line distance to the target and is the mode you uses for legal tournament play. It also works great for scanning the hole and getting various distances to water hazards, sand traps, trees and other objects that might come into play.

Mode 2 does just about everything by telling you the straight-line distance, elevation angle and slope compensation, which is why the mode is banned in tournaments. You can turn it off and use just Mode 1 for competitive golf with the fully legal rangefinder.

Mode 3 tells you the speed of moving objects, which mostly works best for other uses away from the golf course. If you have kids who run track, race bicycles or maybe are baseball pitchers, the speed mode might prove especially useful for your needs.

Slope-Switch Technology Improves Your Score

Raythor Golf Rangefinder instructions clearly show the advantage of the slope-switch technology contained within the affordable and extremely accurate rangefinder. A golf shot is not like a rifle shot. Although the straight distance might be 178 yards, the ball must travel in an arc and cover even more distance to get to travel that distance, which leads to the problem of hole elevation.

If the hole is located at a higher elevation than the ball’s lie, then the straight distance measurement does not tell you how far you need to hit the ball. A shot that travels 175 yards on level ground would fall well short of the green if the terrain has any kind of elevation to it or overshoot the hole if it is located at a lower elevation. You need to adjust your swing to ensure you can clear the actual terrain and make it to the pin.

The Raythor rangefinder’s slope-switch technology will tell you the angle of the elevation and adjusted distance that you will need to hit the ball to get to the green. It tells you the effective distance so that you can choose the correct club and swing for the golf shot, which is why you cannot use the slope function during tournament play. Fortunately, you can turn off that feature and still use the rangefinder in golfing competitions.

Raythor Golf Rangefinder Review

How to use Raythor Golf Rangefinder Flag-Lock and Pin-Finding Functions

Raythor Golf Rangefinder instructions shows you can use the flag-lock and pin-sensor features when you are within 250 yards of the hole. When the flag lock acquires the target, the rangefinder vibrates gently for a moment so that you instantly know the exact distance to cover. The pin sensor takes into account the different objects normally found around the green and enables the rangefinder to quickly acquire the pin and tell you the precise distance to the hole.

Small, Rechargeable Battery

An internal 3.7-volt rechargeable battery delivers ample power for a couple of rounds of golf while keeping the rangefinder’s weight low and size small. Current owners report getting enough power for about two rounds of golf or several hours of practice between charges. The recharge time is relatively quick and likely can provide enough juice while driving to the range or golf course.

An included USB cable lets you power it up from an electrical outlet or any USB port, so most people can charge it in the car or from a laptop or other portable device. A golf cart with a USB port also would keep it charged while playing one or more rounds of golf.

Should You Buy One?

More than one Raythor Golf Rangefinder review from users indicates that it is a truly great product with class-leading accuracy at a very affordable price. It comes with a one-year warranty that you can extend to two years. Raythor also provides full technical support for as long as you own the rangefinder. You get a lot of bang for the buck with a rangefinder that pretty much does everything you possibly could want done from current rangefinder technology.

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