5 Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

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The golf rangefinder once was something that only the very wealthy had more to use as toys rather than golfing tools, and course designers used early rangefinders to help lay out their next great design. Nowadays, though, the best cheap rangefinders compete very well with the high-priced alternatives like the best golf rangefinders sold by big-name brands that really do not do anything any better than those listed below. The cost barrier is gone and the performance is great enough to make even casual golfers and others take a serious look at the most affordable models.

Current rangefinders generally offer a tournament-legal mode and at least one more that is banned in tournament play. That function the slope-angle compensation tool included with just about every modern rangefinder no matter its price range. Yet others add more bells and whistles that make them capable of doing much more than measuring distances and calculating golf shots.

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Ultimately, the best budget golf rangefinders give you a quick and accurate reading to the flag while ignoring background objects and others that might be in the foreground. They also enable you to quickly scan the course to locate distances to hazards versus where you want to place the ball to set up your next shot or an easy putt.

The following five rangefinders represent the best value among the current generation of laser-enabled rangefinders. Their surprisingly affordable purchase prices and generally excellent build quality make them outstanding tools for giving you exactly the information you need to make smarter club and swing selection and lower your score.
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1. Best Budget Golf Rangefinders: Gogogo Sport Vpro 650

While it is a truly great golfing rangefinder, the Gogogo Sport Vpro 650 does so much more that it truly is one of the absolutely best cheap rangefinders around. “Cheap” only refers to the vastly affordable purchase price and not the build quality, which is very high-tech and first-rate.

The Gogogo Sport Vpro 650 is one of the smallest and lightest on the market, which makes it a great candidate for the best golf rangefinders that you could buy. It measures just 1.57 inches wide by 4.17 inches long by 2.8 inches tall and weighs a scant 6.5 ounces. It uses a disposable CR2 battery that helps to keep the initial purchase price low and lets you choose to buy rechargeable external batteries and a charger or just buy affordable disposable batteries.

flag locking mode

The ergonomically designed rangefinder has a soft indent underneath where you thumb naturally rests while the fingers wrap around the top and ret on the two mode buttons on top. That makes it incredibly easy to cycle through the four modes and use the rangefinder for whatever the particular purpose might be.

The many functions include angle measurement and slope switch technology that helps you to reach the hole with the correct club and swing combination. Instead of falling short on uphill or downhill shots that are at a higher elevation or downhill to the hole, the slope feature corrects that and tells you the practical distance you need to shoot for to make the green and set up an easy putt.

If you work in the construction industry, you likely would find the height and angle feature to be a great tool. It can tell you the relative height of an object, like a wall under construction or a roof that workers are installing, simply by measuring the angle and using the laser to pinpoint the top of the target.

The speed reading feature helps hunters and athletes involved in racing or other events that put a premium on speed. It will record speeds as high as 300 km per hour, which is about 186 mph and faster than most people ever would travel on land. Hunters could use the technology to improve their stalking and ambush tactics and have more successful hunts.

No matter what the purpose might be, the Gogogo Sport Vpro 650 and its 650-yard range provide a lot of great features that make it among the best cheap rangefinders around.  Making it the top of our best budget golf rangefinders list.

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2. Best Budget Golf Rangefinders: Profey 1500

While it might be a great candidate for best budget rangefinder with slope, the extreme range offered by the Profey 1500 firmly ranks it among the best values on the market. The Profey beats most other affordable golf rangefinders with an incredible 1,500 yards or meters of range. The accuracy is perfectly acceptable to within either a yard or meter of the target, depending on which unit of measurement you choose.

precise distance

The efficient design includes an adjustable eyepiece that helps you to finely tune the image for the best possible clarity. A 7-degree field of view gives you a very wide sight picture of your intended target, and two different scan modes let you get the layout before you take your next shot.

A general scan mode is legal for tournament play and will tell you the straight distance to wherever you are aiming the rangefinder. The additional golf slope mode will tell you the angle of rise or fall and the practical distance that your golf shot needs to cover to reach the green or a favorable lie on the fairway. The slope-adjustment mode is banned in tournament play because it takes the guesswork out of elevation changes and their effect on your gold shot.

The Profey 1500 measures 4.2 inches long by 2.9 inches high by 1.65 inches wide and weighs a very light 6.6 ounces. The exceptionally light rangefinder is very comfortable to hold and use with two function buttons located on top to switch modes and lock in on the flag and pin when you want it to do so. The included flag-lock function works when you are within 350 yards of the hole and disregards background and foreground objects to quickly lock onto the flag and give you a reliably accurate reading on the distance to the hole.

An internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives the rangefinder plenty of electrical power for several rounds of golf. An included USB cable enables easy charge via an outlet adapter or a USB charging port in your car or on your computer. So that you can get the maximum use out of each charge, the Profey 1500 automatically shuts off after it sits idle for five seconds.

It measures distance and can be legal for tournament play and is an excellent golf gps. All this makes the Profey the 2nd best affordable golf rangefinder on our list.  

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3. Best Budget Golf Rangefinders: ACPOTEL 650

It truly is hard to beat the massive value that the ACPOTEL 650 delivers with up to 650 yards of range-finding excellence with accuracy to within a half a yard of the target. The rangefinder has a digital LCD display, 22 mm objective lends and a 6-degree field of view to give you a very clear and full picture of your next golf shot.

You can use standard tournament mode that gives you straight-line distances and enables you to scan the course to locate hazards, obstacles, the fairway and the green. Another mode tells you the angle up or down to the target and gives you compensating information so that you can get the ball to the target area. The slope compensation is banned in tournament play, but you still can use the rangefinder by keeping it in Mode 1.

The rangefinder also have flag-lock and pin-seeker functions that quickly zero in on the flag and ignore nearby objects so that the rangefinder can give you fast and accurate data on the true distance to the hole.

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A 22mm objective lens and adjustable viewing lens give you a wide, bright and clear view of the target area with a 6-degree viewing angle. The multicoated viewing lens helps to clarify the image, which you see on an LCD screen with the relevant rangefinder data superimposed on the viewing surface. You can the best of both worlds and can see very clearly exactly what it takes to get your ball to your aiming point.

A CR2 battery delivers all of the power and ensures the cost is low to continue using the rangefinder while replacing the disposable batteries as needed. You also can use external rechargeable CR2 batteries that help to reduce your ownership costs even more with one of the best cheap rangefinders on the market.  Making this our 3rd option on the list of the best budget golf rangefinders.
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4. Best Budget Golf Rangefinders: Gogogo Sport Vpro 900

The Gogogo Sport Vpro offers great accuracy to within a yard from up to 900 yards away and comes in a very simple and ergonomically designed package. It weighs about 6.5 ounces and is just over 4 inches long by 2.8 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. A single button on top enables you to switch modes and lock onto the flag to get the most accurate range-finding readings.

An indent for the thumb underneath and separate indents for each finger on top intuitively rest your middle finger over the single button on top. You can cycle through the modes, lock onto the flag and get accurate readings in just a couple of seconds. An anti-slip rubberized grip help to keep it steady no matter the weather conditions.

The flag-lock function works within 170 yards of the hole and gives a quick vibration when it is locked in on the pin. You can get either the straight distance to the pin or use the slope compensation to learn the practical distance that you need to shoot for to get the ball to the hole. A speed mode tells you how fast things are moving.

What you see is what you get with the Gogogo Sport Vpro 900, and you get a lot. A generously large 25mm objective lens with a 7-degree field of view, 16mm eyepiece and 6X magnification enable you to see things up close even then they are 900 yards away. An LCD digital display gives you a great viewing image while the multi-coated lens reduces glare while improving the clarity and contrast.

The Distance Measure & Normal Scan mode makes the rangefinder legal for tournament play. It gives you the measurements in a straight line to a yard of the target. You can use either yards or meters as the unit of measurement, and it takes between a half to a full second to deliver an accurate reading at up to 900 years. The flag lock works when the hole is no more than 170 yards away.

The Angle and Slop mode provides up to 45 degrees of inclining or declining angle to the target. the slop adjustment tells you the practical distance you will have to swing for to clear any rising terrain and get the ball to the hole. If the hole is located lower than you, the slope compensation adjusts the distance so that you do not fly the hole.

The speed mode is surprisingly useful with speed readings of up to 186 miles per hour or 300 kilometers per hour when using metric units. That makes it highly useful for more than golfing purposes and could prove very useful for racing enthusiasts.

An internal and rechargeable 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery provides the juice with a USB cable enabling recharges from wall outlets or USB ports. The internal rechargeable saves you money on battery costs while making it one of the best budget golf rangefinder deals around.
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5. Best Budget Golf Rangefinders: Jiehome SW-M800

A range of up to 800 yards or meters and legal mode for tournament play make the Jiehome SW-M800 another great candidate for the best budget golf rangefinder. You get four modes that do everything from tournament-legal functions to slope compensation and speed readings. Exceptional accuracy will tell you to within a tenth of a yard or meter just how far it is to the pin or other target. That level of accuracy outperforms rangefinders that cost hundreds of dollars more but do not have any more range or features.

Mode 1 is for tournaments and give you straight-line distances to your target plus continuous scan and flag lock. You can scan the range, get quick readings to different objects and have a better idea of the hole’s layout. The flag lock works at up to 320 yards from the hole while the pin-seeker locks in within 200 yards of the pin. Accuracy is within your choice of a yard or meter to the target and help you to quickly read distances to hazards, the rough and the tree line surrounding any hole you might play.

Mode 2 offers fast scans and provide the slope compensation that tells you which club and swing combination will work best for your intentions. That powerful laser quickly reports accurate distances to a variety of objects while disregarding foreground objects and background distractions. When you are trying to land a shot on the green or avoid an elevated sand trap, the slope compensation can help you do that by giving you the practical distance that you need to hit the ball versus the straight-line distance to your target.

Likewise, if you are trying to land on a fairway located at the bottom of a hill and a water hazard lay just beyond it, you need to ensure you do not fly the fairway and land in the drink. That would add strokes to your score and frustration to your golf outing that the slope compensation can help you to avoid. That great feature is why tournaments ban its use.

The other two modes include a speed mode that tells you how fast objects are traveling at up to 300 kph, which translates to a maximum speed of about 186 mph. Only a NASCAR or superbike race will render that kind of speed-reading capability generally useless. For most practical people, it would be very useful. A baseball pitcher could track pitch speeds, for example. The potential uses are many.

The final mode is one that homebuilders and others who deal with large and tall objects would find most useful. You could stand outside a three-story building and measure its exact height using the rangefinder and its slope-angle compensation in the fourth mode.

The Jiehome SW-M800 package comes with a USB cable, durable carrying case, lanyard and a lens cloth to keep it clean. A rubberized and textured outer layer helps to keep it comfortably and securely in your hand while taking range readings. The waterproof design lets you use it in damp playing conditions and will withstand an accidental drop in a pond or cooler if you can get it out right away.  Making this our final best budget golf rangefinder on the list.

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders: Why You Should Buy One

While it is great to stay informed on the latest developments in truly affordable golfing technology, like laser rangefinders, there is no substitute for owning one and seeing just how fun and cool they are to use on the golf course or while practicing at the driving range. Many brands make affordable models that hold up very well and offer exceptional user value. Competing Bolblov rangefinders are great alternatives among the best cheap rangefinders with many similar attributes as those listed above.

For many golfers, the deciding factor on which one to buy is the potential for technical support in case something goes wrong. Many models offer warranties that last up to two years and can help to ensure the buyers of their respective rangefinders get a truly goof value from their purchase. They also want to ensure a satisfying experience, and accurate distances once they hit the course.  All of these options will satisfy each of those requirements for a nice low cost.

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder Buyer’s Guide


If you are not that experienced with buying golf equipment and high-tech devices, then a buyer’s guide always comes in handy. Even if you have had a few range finders, the question remains – do you really know all about what this type of product should feature?


It is not only the price, brand, and range that determine the quality, but also a few other factors that are related to the build, as well as the software that the rangefinder uses. Thus, in order to help you, we will present to you five of the most critical features that you should keep in mind when looking for the best golf rangefinder!


#1: Distance Measuring


The first thing that matters is the range that it provides. Now, while the range is different from product to product and mostly depends on the price that you are paying, you shouldn’t look for models that are below 400 yards of overall range and 180 yards of flag-lock.


If you ask us, the ideal choice would be a rangefinder that covers 600 yards and above, such as the professional-grade Bushnell!


#2: Exact Distance


The next important feature is how accurate a rangefinder is. Whether it includes a slope or not doesn’t matter if the margin of error is too high – thus, look for a model that doesn’t have a margin for error that is greater than 1 yard.


Finding one at an affordable price shouldn’t be an issue, and, if it features a reliable app that has loaded hole layouts from international golf courses, then even better!


#3: Slope Feature


While slope technology is not important if you are playing on a flat surface, getting an estimated distance on a sloped course is something that can be done with a proper rangefinder. Thus, look for ones that feature an accurate user-friendly slope technology, but make sure it still allows the option for it to be turned off for tournament-legal play.  Those that have these features are some of the best golf rangefinders on the market today.


#4: Water Resistant


Much like with any product, the build quality does matter. Finding a rangefinder that can efficiently work even when it rains is extremely important if you are hoping to one day become a professional golf player.


#5: Pulse Vibration Technology


The vibration feature is usually a part of jolt technology. This feature alerts you when the target is properly locked in, thus reducing your effort and the chance that you restart the process because you think that the rangefinder didn’t get it right.


Best Budget Golf Rangefinder FAQs


How does a good golf rangefinder work?


A golf rangefinder is a high-tech device that works by sending beams of light to a target location – this way, it measures the amount of time, as well as the estimated distance, that you have to reach the target. It can also alert you that the target is locked in through a chirp or vibration, depending on the jolt technology and specific model.


How do you carry most golf rangefinders?


Well, your best bet is to invest in a sturdy case that you will be able to put in your golf bag. Chances are, the best golf rangefinders already come with a carry-on accessory.


How do you calibrate a traditional rangefinder?


You can accomplish this by assessing whether you need to turn on the slope feature or not, choosing the specific target (whether it is a flag or a hole), and following the additional instructions featured in the user’s guide of laser rangefinders.


How accurate are the best budget rangefinders?


This all depends on the specific model. Still, all the aforementioned models are accurate up to +/- 1 yard, which means that you can use this with pure confidence, even in a professional tournament where the estimated distance can make or break your shot.


Are rangefinders with slope legal?


Well, while rangefinders are legal, using the slope calculation is usually not allowed. That is why many models come with a switch-off feature, which allows you to successfully use the rangefinder as long as it doesn’t measure the incline/decline.

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