Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope – Top 5 Recommendations

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Given the growth in the rangefinder market, we decided to provide comprehensive reviews and recommendations of the best golf rangefinder with slope for your game and budget.

We update our list of products as new models come out so you have the latest information to make your purchase.

With all the ads and manufacturers in the industry, we’ll cut to the best bang for the buck and give you our recommendation.   

Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope Reviews

Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder with Measurement

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable rangefinder that can work both on courses that are completely flat, as well as those that have a couple of slopes, the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder is an ideal choice.

Not only does it feature a user-friendly design that is highlighted by a couple of handy features, including the Birdie alert sound, but the product also has great customer service that stands behind this product. Overall, for anyone who is on a tighter budget and is looking to get optimal support out of a rangefinder, this is one of the best golf rangefinders with slope.

best golf rangefinder with slope


As we have suggested above, the Callaway brand is one of the market leaders when it comes to golf rangefinders. First, it is highlighted by pin acquisition technology that will allow you to accurately lock on to a target, even when you are 300 yards away from it.

Due to the 6x magnifying effect that it comes with, it is able to work at a range of up to 1,000 yards.

The main highlight of this product has to be the aforementioned slope feature – inclines and declines on the golf course are taken into account when calculating distance, which means that you will get a better estimate than you would with a rangefinder that doesn’t include a slope.

Now, looking at the design, this product features a soft, sleek casing that is perfect for carrying around. Along with that, you are getting a transport case and a soft cloth to keep the rangefinder in optimal shape.

Using this product is as simple as pressing the lock button once you have registered the target hole, as well as reading the distance estimate on the LCD display.

Bearing this in mind, the Callaway model is really suitable for beginners. Another cool feature is the helpful Birdie sound that will let you know once the product has locked on to the specific target.

Additionally, this rangefinder can work with hundreds of different courses around the globe. Possibly the absolute best thing about this model is that you can scan and lock numerous points at a single time, a feature that helped put it on this list of best golf rangefinder with slope!

Apart from certain design flaws, and the fact that it may not be as consistent above the 800-yard range, there is not much room for complaining. Overall, you are looking at a product that is supported by a 2-year warranty and is a great long-term investment towards your golf potential!


  • Affordable
  • Great with inclines/declines
  • Easy-to-use
  • Multiple targets
  • Chirp alert


  • Not as sturdy
  • Lacking an app

Bozily Golf 1200 Yards Rangefinder

Moving on with our list of the best golf rangefinder with slope offers, we present you with a product that probably holds the most value compared to the features that it comes with. With a distance range of up to 1,200 yards and a high-definition camera that should precisely read the distance estimate, this Bozily product is a perfect choice if you are a beginner and you are looking to enroll in some tournaments!

best golf rangefinder with slope


To begin, we love the fact that this rangefinder is tournament-eligible, and that, with a range of up to 1,200 yards, you will really be able to kick your performance up a notch. Highlighted by a sleek and sturdy design (my favorite looking item on this list of best golf rangefinder with slope thanks to the blue framing the black), this rangefinder allows four different scan modes depending on the kind of terrain that is in front of you and behind the target.

Also, there is a mode that focuses on horizontal and vertical distances, as well as the Speed scan mode that should take into account the accuracy, distance, tee-ball direction, etc. Bearing this in mind, this model is not only good for golf but for things such as hunting and bird watching, as well.

Featuring a maximum flag range of 250 yards, and a margin for error of +/- 1 yard, this product really will allow for optimal performance. As we have mentioned above, the 6x magnification, along with a 7-degree field angle, contributes to an accurate reading.

Now, apart from the performance that this rangefinder allows, we love the design of it – sitting at 107 x 74 x 42 mm, it is ergonomic, sleek, and water-resistant. However, we have to say that, while you are getting a 2-year warranty on all the parts of this product, including the laser and jolt, the customer service is not top-notch.  

Other than that, considering the quality of the rangefinder itself, as well as the included accessories, such as the lanyard, cleaning cloth, carabiner, and a USB port for charging, it really is a great value offer.


  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Up to 120 yards
  • Precise laser
  • Compact and sturdy


  • Not for high hills
  • Customer service

TecTecTec Laser VRPro500S Rangefinder

Among the many different brands that deal with rangefinders, the TecTecTec certainly is one of the best. Apart from the fact that this is a professional-grade model, the VRPro500S is highlighted by an ergonomic and sleek design that any beginner will find to be very user-friendly. Thus, if you are starting out and you need a reliable rangefinder to support your shots, this is the right choice!

best golf rangefinder with slope


The VRPro500S is a model that has been upgraded a couple of times, and it seems the 2019 version is their best golf rangefinder with slope up until now. The main difference is the improved measurement range, as now it can read up to 540 yards in front of you.

Considering the 6x clear monocular, you will be getting a clear view even when looking at an area with incline/decline surfaces or foliage. Bearing this in mind, while it doesn’t feature a jolt like the aforementioned model, you should still have an easy time locking the target and getting a precise estimate of the upcoming distance.

Additionally, the build of this product is quite sturdy, and, since it is waterproof, you shouldn’t have an issue using it, even when the weather conditions are not that suitable for a game of golf. If something is wrong with the external design or the laser, there is customer service and a 2-year warranty that will take care of your issue.

Overall, we do see the VRPro500S as a great value product that any golfer can have a lot of fun with!


  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Sturdy
  • Customer service
  • Horizontal/slope distance


  • Doesn’t feature jolt
  • Not consistent above 300 yards

WoSports Golf Rangefinder

While not as reputable as the Callaway brand, the WoSports brand has done a great job manufacturing a reliable rangefinder at an extremely affordable price. Thus, if you don’t have much money to spend, but you still want to get the benefits of a solid rangefinder, this model is something that we would recommend.


First, we would have to compliment the elegant and sleek white design. While certainly not as sturdy as the aforementioned products, this one does come with a battery cover that you will not have to worry about. Now, looking at the performance, it can lock on to a flag up to 180 yards away, while the overall range that it covers is up to 650 yards.

This is quite good for a rangefinder of this price, and, as it offers a few modes (M2, M3), you will be able to adjust it according to the course that you are playing on. Also, it offers both yard and meter estimates, and the only thing you need to do in order to change it is to hold the “MODE” button for around 3 seconds.

Aside from all that, since the WoSports models are made for hunting and bird viewing, as well, they can work even when it gets foggy and rainy.

Additionally, there is an 18-month warranty that should cover any of the design-related or software-related issues. Now, this product doesn’t do great with steep declines and high hills, but it will still give you a fine estimate that should help you get to the target!  And is still solid enough to make our best golf rangefinder with slope list!


  • Great price
  • Up to 650 yards
  • Few different modes
  • Good warranty policy
  • Sleek design


  • Not too sturdy
  • Not perfect for high hills, steep declines

Golf Buddy LR7S Rangefinder

At the end of our list of the best golf rangefinder with slope, the Golf Buddy LR7S is a great choice if you are playing on a course that features a lot of slopes. It is perfect for steep declines and high hills, which is vital in this case.

best golf rangefinder with slope


First and foremost, the customer service of the Golf Buddy line of rangefinders that stands behind this product is reliable and will allow you to become informed on how to use this product, as well as how to send in the model for a teeprecision-20nt in case there are any built-in defects.

The main highlight of this rangefinder is the slope adjustment that you can turn on and off depending on the terrain that you are playing on. Additionally, there are a couple of modes that you can change, including the range distance finder and flag lock range mode. The margin of error is +/- 1 yard.

One of the best things about this product is that it can remember the last used settings, and this will reduce your effort when it comes to adjusting the rangefinder. Also, there is a vibration feature that will alert you once the target is successfully locked in. Overall, it is a great choice for both recreational and professional golf players!


  • checkEasy-to-use
  • Few scanning modes
  • Slope adjustment
  • Saves last-used settings
  • Customer service is excellent


  • Slope-off mode not as consistent
  • Could be stronger


Investing in a product such as a rangefinder may not help you with your shot technique, but it will certainly allow you to have a better idea of how strong and in what direction you should hit the ball. Our favorite is the affordable and reliable Bozily rangefinder  that can cover a range of up to 1,200 yards. Earning it the Tee Precision title Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope.  Still, the other four models do hold great value, and, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference! There are also some other options that made our 2021 Best Golf Rangefinders list.

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