Best Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Caddytek golf laser rangefinder isn’t the cheapest rangefinder on the market nor the one of the most expensive rangefinders yet it is certainly worthy of your attention, especially if you play golf to shoot the lowest possible score rather than to get outside and have fun with friends. If you are even slightly competitive at golf, you need a rangefinder in your bag.

The Caddytek Caddyview V2 rangefinder is certainly worthy of your consideration. If your budget for a golf rangefinder is such that you are looking for the best value laser rangefinder, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at this Caddytek creation.

 Featuring FlagSeeking technology and a range of 5 yards to 800 yards, the Caddytek golf laser rangefinder has considerable appeal. Let’s take a closer look at whether the Caddytek rangefinder is worth the money.

caddytek golf laser rangefinder

The Basics of the CaddyView

The Caddytek golf laser rangefinder is also referred to as the CaddyView V2 or CaddyView for short. This amazing little piece of technology is highlighted by its FlagSeeking ability that gauges the distance to the pin while simultaneously ignoring objects near and behind the green, whether they are trees, shrubs or other golfers.

caddytek caddyview v2 rangefinder review shows it is a great golf rangefinder with all the features

The CaddyView is designed with 6x magnification, weighs under 8 ounces and has a waterproof design. The device is accurate within one yard across the entirety of its range from five yards all the way up to a whopping 800 yards.

The device even features a scan mode that makes it easy to scan the surrounding landscape to obtain several readings. It is also worth noting the Caddytek Caddyview V2 rangefinder meets the guidelines established by the USGA as well as the standards as detailed by the R&A Rules of Golf.

Why Golfers are so Excited for the CaddyView

The CaddyView V2 has received a warm reception from golfers across the globe as it makes it that much easier to pinpoint the precise distance to the pin with impressive accuracy. Even if there are half a dozen distractions behind the green, the CaddyView will still work without flaw.

caddytek caddyview v2 rangefinder reivew shows it has slope compensation and non slope functionality making it a no brainer

Golfers are raving about the device’s uber-powerful magnification capability (6x), making it that much easier to range targets upwards of 800 yards. This range is presented in a clear and intuitive manner on the screen, making it that much easier to hit the perfect shot.

What About the CaddyView’s Ergonomics?

Hold the Caddytek Caddyview V2 rangefinder in your hands and you will agree it is well-designed. This is an ergonomically comfortable device that can be held without weighing down the hands. The rangefinder is small enough to be placed in a golf back pocket or car glovebox with ample room to spare.

Caddytek Caddyview V2 Rangefinder Review – Accuracy

Those who have tried the CaddyView insist it is quite accurate. You can take several dozen readings and find the CaddyView proves accurate within a single yard every single time without exception. This accuracy is all the more fulfilling considering the fact that it merely takes five seconds to get the rangefinder operating, lock on the flag with it’s flagseeking technology in scan mode and gauge the distance.

caddytek caddyview v2 rangefinder is a good rangefinder for tournament play utilizing pin seeking technology

Are There any Flaws With the Device?

Though there are a couple valid criticisms of the Caddytek Caddyview V2 rangefinder, this golf rangefinder is still quite impressive. Some golfers complain that the device lacks the caddytek rangefinder jolt feature that provides additional confirmation after the flagstick is picked up by the device.

A handful of golfers have also complained that the silver hue on the rangefinder’s exterior looks dull and cheap. Certain golfers have complained that the device lacks anti-glare protection along the lens. 

Others have complained that the device turns itself off too quickly, shutting down after 10 seconds of inactivity. It must be noted the device is designed this way to preserve the battery life. The lack of a rechargeable battery is certainly a legitimate concern. Furthermore, it is not possible to turn off the slope mode with a single click of a button.

However, these are somewhat minor complaints considering the fact that the CaddyView is affordably priced. Keep in mind, most other rangefinders in the CaddyView’s price range are made with comparably cheap plastic parts and buttons that feel as though they will break after a couple months of use. The same cannot be said of the comparably upscale Caddytek Caddyview V2 rangefinder.

Does It Stand the Test of Time?

Those who have had the CaddyView in their bag since it hit the market are quick to testify it still functions without flaw after hundreds of rounds of golf. The device holds up well to the rain, the blazing hot sun and excessive humidity. In fact, you can drop the CaddyView onto the course grass or leave it in your hot car for hours and it will likely continue to function without a problem.

caddytek caddyview v2 rangefinder review showing it as a great value and good deal

Slope Compensation

The CaddyView’s slope technology is one of its primary features. In short, this feature serves as a distance calculator. Turn the slope compensation mode on and you will be able to look through the viewfinder to see the distance to the pin considering the slope ahead, regardless of whether it is a significant decline or incline.

This is quite the useful feature as it makes golfers aware of the club that is best for the upcoming shot even if the upcoming slope is not clear to the naked eye. Put your faith in the CaddyView golf laser rangefinder for slope compensation and you won’t be let down. This device shows the slope degree and true distance in accordance with slope degree to perfection.

Furthermore, if you play in tournaments, you can deactivate the slope by simply sliding the plastic cover across the plate.

Battery Life

The CaddyView relies on one 3 volt battery for its power. The length of the battery life hinges on the type and quality of battery you use with the device. In general, the CaddyView will function to perfection without delays or other battery-related issues across 10+ rounds of golf and still have some juice remaining.

Ease of Use

If you are concerned about the user experience design of the CaddyView, don’t fret! The user experience designers who worked on this device deserve their props. The CaddyView is easy to use in all regards. In fact, you will find this device is intuitive from the moment you unbox it.

range finder with slope compensate distance ability shown on the lcd technology

Add in the rapid feedback after hitting the target in question and the CaddyView proves even more intuitive and fulfilling. The Flag Seeking mode operates point and click style to obtain yardage in regard to your current position. There is also an easy to use seek mode in which you hold down the power button to obtain several yardages from one object to another.

This is a quick and easy way to obtain the distance to the flag and the distance to other targets such as a bunker alongside the green. The icing on the metaphorical cake is the clear picture through scope. This scope permits changing focus with ease. Changing from non slope compensation to slope compensation as discussed above is also quite easy.

slope function and flagseeking tech at a great price

CaddyView V2 Rangefinder Review Conclusion

The CaddyView golf laser rangefinder is worth the money and then some. Buy this rangefinder and you will be more than impressed with its design, performance and longevity, especially compared to other more expensive units.

No matter if you hit the ball 1 yard, bomb it 250 yards off the tee, or just want to push the limits with lasering something 800 yards away. The CaddyView can do it all.

The CaddyView Rangefinder Review shows it is deserving of a score of 8.5 out of 10 and would be a great piece of new gear for you next round.

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