Best Golf Rangefinder under $100 [Low Cost and Accurate]

Looking for the best golf rangefinder under $100? No need to keep looking, we have it detailed here.

Our pick for the best is the BOBLOV. Read on to see why!

The following are four great examples of the best golf rangefinder under $100.

Four Best Golf Rangefinder Under $100

So that you do not fall into a trap due to a less-than-acceptable rangefinder reading, you want a rangefinder that quickly locks on in the flag or other objects for which you want an actual distance reading. The combination of exceptional accuracy and affordability make each of the following four examples strong candidates for the best laser rangefinder under $100.

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Boblov 650Yards Golf Rangefinder Review

The very compact BOBLOV slope golf rangefinder gives you the exact inclination or declination at the hole to ensure you can choose the correct club and swing to hit the ball to where you need it to go. It is very compact and smartly designed while delivering excellent performance. Four separate modes enable you to use the rangefinder for a wide variety of outdoor uses.

Range, Magnification and Accuracy

The BOBLOV golf rangefinder works great at up to 650 yards from the object measured and provides 6X magnification to give you an excellent sight picture while using the rangefinder. Long eye relief lets you wear your sunglasses or prescription glasses while using the rangefinder. You can choose yards or meters, and it is accurate to within one of either. It comes with a padded carrying case and a cleaning cloth.


The flag-lock feature disregards background objects and quickly zeroes in on the flag to give you a very precise measurement. The flag lock works from up to 200 yards from the hole and vibrates for about a second when engaged on the pin. The slope compensation feature gives you a much better idea of whether you need to roll the ball up to the hole of try giving it some backspin.

Because it is illegal to use in tournaments, you can turn it off manually and then back on when you are playing with your buddies. Use during practice rounds to better help you know which clubs to use in particular situations complies with golfing rules and could improve your final score.

Weight and Dimensions

It has a cool anti-slip design with textured upper and lower surfaces that taper inward toward the eyepiece. The battery compartment at the bottom extends low enough to create a hilt that helps to prevent accidental drops if you were to ease your grip while holding it.

Power Source

The BOBLOV is a good golf rangefinder that runs on a 3 volt CR2 battery that comes included. It provides thousands of measurements before you need to replace it. An indicator light will tell you when that time comes, and the battery is widely available in stores that sell commonly used batteries for digital cameras. The rangefinder shuts off after being idle for a few moments in order to conserve the battery.

golf laser rangefinders

Anyork Golf & Hunting Rangefinder Review

The Golf & Hunting Rangefinder with slope adjustment and flag-lock technology comes with an impressive 1,500 yards maximum range. That is more than twice the distance of other rangefinders on the list and affirms it works equally well while mountaineering, hunting or putting up an impressive golf score. When you have long distances to measure, this is the ideal tool.

Range, Magnification and Accuracy

Two modes do all of the work. One mode is tournament-legal and gives continuous readings while scanning the hole and shows straight-line distances to the flagpole and other chosen objects. The second mode gives you slope adjustments to tell you the actual distance to the hole after compensating for elevation changes. The rangefinder is accurate to within a yard or meter of the object from as far away as 1,500 yards. You can choose readings in meters instead of yards.


The Anyork Golf & Hunting Rangefinder has a fast-focus system that gives you continuous readings so that you can scan and know the layout of your next golf hole. The automatic slope adjustment tells the exact inclination and declination distances to the hole based on the rise and fall of the land. The slope function is banned in tournament play, but the rangefinder lets you turn it or off as needed to comply with tournament rules. When you are within 250 yards of the hole, the flag-lock technology vibrates when it acquires the target.

Weight and Dimensions

The Anyork weighs just 6.6 ounces and features a very svelte design. It measures just 1.4 inches wide by 2.74 inches tall by 4 inches in length. The light weight and compact size make is ideal for carrying on the golf course and in the field while doing your other favorite outdoor activities.

Power Source

The rangefinder comes with two CR2 batteries to power it up and has a waterproof case to protect the internal electronics against moisture and damage. When it sits idle for 3 seconds, the rangefinder turns off automatically to preserve battery life. An indicator light says when it is time to change the battery. Each new unit also comes with a durable carrying case, metal clip, lanyard and a cleaning cloth as well as a manual.

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MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

The MiLESEEY Professional rangefinder with slope compensation provides actual time=-of-flight reading with its continuous scan capability. The rangefinder can perform trajectory, speed, distance and angle measurements that deliver the entire picture on the ball’s flight path. Prior to sending it, you scan the hole and get a complete picture of what lay ahead and make the appropriate club and swing combination. You can measure distances to static objects and moving objects alike.

Range, Magnification and Accuracy

You can choose either yards or meter and get highly accurate readings to within half a unit of either measurement at up to 660 yards away. A 7-degree field of angle and multi-coated viewing lens with 6X magnification give you a very clear, bright and detailed view. It also makes the laser more accurate than many costlier rangefinders.


The rangefinder will lock onto the flagpole and disregard background objects when you are within 200 yards of the hole. A nearly instantaneous target-lock technology lets you use the rangefinder to scan the hole and get multiple readings with just a quick look. Separate mode and measurement buttons do all the work with just a touch of the forefinger or ring finger on the hand you are using to hold it.

Weight and Dimensions

The 6-ounce wonder measures just 1.5 inches wide by 4.3 inches long by 2.5 inches tall and is wrapped in a soft rubber lining that improves grip. It comes with a durable and waterproof outer case with a clip to hook it to a belt loop or similar attachment point while golfing, climbing, hunting or other activities.

Power Source

A very affordable CR2 battery provides many hours of reliable power while helping to keep the rangefinder’s weight very low. You need to buy one to get the rangefinder working out of the box. An auto-shutoff mechanism turns the rangefinder off when it sits idle so that the battery will last longer. An internal indicator tells you how the battery is doing while you are using the rangefinder.

affordable rangefinder with golf distance correction

DTAPE DT600 Pro Golf Rangefinder Review

You get a highly accurate reading right away with the slope-adjusted data when you want it. You can shut off the slope-adjustment and without it when you want the rangefinder to qualify for tournament play. A smart-scanning mode lets you scan a wide range of objects, hazards and tree lines to get a good measurement of the hole’s entire layout. Fast multiple readings let you quickly scan the green and get accurate readings of nearby hazards and other objects.

Range, Magnification and Accuracy

You can measure objects up to 656 yards away with 6X magnification to ensure a clear and detailed sight picture. It is accurate to within a half a yard or meter, and you can choose which unit of measurement you want shown. The dioptric adjusts manually to finely tune the image for those who are either far-sighted or near-sighted, and the multi-layered optical lens increases brightness and visual clarity.


The DTAPE Pro Golf Rangefinder with slope reading automatically measures the slope and gives you the adjusted distance based on the how much higher or lower the hole is compared to your position on the course. You can disable the slope function for legal use in tournaments. The rangefinder also has a speed-measuring mode that does not have a lot of use on a course but makes it ideal for hunting and other outdoor pursuits.

Weight and Dimensions

DTAPE DT600 rangefinder measures 1.65 inches wide by 2.83 inches tall by 4.5 inches long and weighs about 6 ounces. The very light weight and palm-sized ergonomic design make it especially comfortable to use and carry while on the course. It comes with a USB cable and a durable external case that is waterproof.

Power Source

You must buy and install a lithium ion battery that is commonly used in other electronics and is relatively affordable and accessible. A power indicator light tells you when the battery is getting low and needs you to replace it, and an auto shutoff helps to preserve battery life while not in use.

What to Look for in the Best Golf Rangefinder Under $100

The best affordable golf rangefinder offers a wide range of functions that make it a truly versatile tool for work or play. No matter which model you choose, it helps to know exactly what you need in a rangefinder and then get one that fits your budget but offers even more than you need. It will be a tool that you can grow into and become better at much more than just golf – although that counts for a great deal.

generally share some common items beyond the ability to use a laser beam to instantly provide accurate information on distances to where you want the ball to go. If the rangefinder does not give you the accurate distance, then you wasted your money on something that does not work as advertised.

Why You Should Buy One

The four best affordable golf rangefinder models listed above represent a revolutionary leap in golfing technology.  The very high-tech laser rangefinder has transformed from a costly tool used mostly by course designers and highly paid professional golfers into one that just about anyone who enjoys the outdoor activities.

Or looking for a watch in the same price range?  Our list of the best golf GPS watches under $100 can help!

Many rangefinders work equally well on the golf course as they do in the field while hunting or engaged in other outdoor activities. The speed rating can measure prey or running athletes alike and give you their actual speed ratings. Mountain climbers could use one to measure angles of ascents and distances while going up and the opposite while climbing down from the summit. Home builders could use one to measure exterior walls and various angles. That kind of versatility makes the best laser rangefinder under $100 a truly great value with a wide range of potential applications while helping you to lower your golfing handicap.

The current generation of affordable rangefinders swings well above its weight while giving you truly remarkable range-finding capability. You can get simple straight-line measurements to comply with the rules of most golf tournaments or use slope compensation to give you an even better idea of the right club and swing for the immediate task at hand.

You also can get one that provides speed readings of moving objects – including a golf ball driven from the tee and traveling hundreds of yards. Whether you want to measure and track the very small or the very large, the current generation of laser rangefinders have a lot to offer to golfers and especially those who enjoy many other outdoor activities.

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