Best Budget Rangefinder 2021: VYtoov Golf Rangefinder Review

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Best Budget Rangefinder: VYtoov Golf Rangefinder with Slope 

How would you like to improve your golf game ten-fold? You can do that with the VYtoov Golf Rangefinder with Slope. This is a rechargeable laser rangefinder that is equipped with a 6X magnification range, speed, scanning, flag-lock vibration, and a pin model specifically for golfers.

So, what does this Vytoov Golf Rangefinder do? It is a tool that assists golfers of any skill level in estimating distances to either the next hole or other significant points along the golf course. The VYtoov does this by measuring the distance to well-known points throughout the golf course you are on. This tool is thought to be the most accurate rangefinder in existence.

Is this considered cheating? Not at all says the United States Golf Association (USGA). As long as you are using the laser rangefinders, you are okay. In contrast, the tools that are used to measure the elevation down or up are NOT permitted in official golf games.  And this one gives you that advantage of measuring without significant cost as our best budget rangefinder.

Best Budget Rangefinder

List of Features for the Best Budger Rangefinder: VYtoov Golf Rangefinder

  • Flag-lock Vibration – this feature gives the golfer a pulse that vibrates once the tool has fixated onto the next flag
  • Continuous scan – enables golfers to monitor the distances of separate targets all at the same time. As he or she moves onto other targets, the distances recorded on the LCD screen will change
  • Slope tech – the VYtoov rangefinder comes with a slope technology feature
  • IS legal in tournaments – as determined by the USGA, this tool is able to be used legally during tournaments
  • Accuracy and Fast Focus – this tool features a 6X Magnification. It can obtain a range measurement from 3 to 800 yards with approximate 1-yard accuracy. As it locks onto the flag, it calculates the yardage quickly and easily
  • It is rechargeable – the VYtoov comes with a USB-C charge cable and a 750mAh battery made of Lithium built into it. When the time comes to recharge this tool, a reminder will appear on the display screen

What Are the Advantages of This Tool?

As was stated earlier, this is the most accurate rangefinder on the market today, and it is absolutely legal to be used in any golf game including tournaments.  And the cost!  It of course wouldn’t be our recommendation for best budget rangefinder if the cost wasn’t an advantage!

The whole idea of the VYtoov is to take less time in determining the distance to the next hole or to other parts of the golf course.

The laser rangefinder tools are thought to be the most popular option within the golfing community and the VYtoov is the best budget rangefinders you can buy.

It is not necessary to download new maps. This is handy when you come upon a golf course you are not familiar with and do not have a lot of time to study it.

You do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee with the VYtoov. The fee you pay when you initially purchase it is the only cost.

State-of-the-art technology is similar in nature to what you would find in an autofocus camera.

The sensor within the rangefinder detects the target and sends a signal to the device.

It is small and lightweight and easily fits into the palm of your hand

Due to its advanced technology, the VYtoov rangefinder is unbelievably quick. It enables the golfer to locate his or her next hole in a jiffy.

Many players use this as a training tool to assist them in learning how to gauge distances on the course better.

Customer Reviews of the VYtoov Rangefinder with Slope

This unit works better than the more expensive ones I had previously used. The slope adjustment feature is phenomenal. Many of the greens on golf courses are elevated. The VYtoov enables me to overcome that and also to play my best golf games ever.

A golfer of 36 years initially hesitated to use this device on the fear that it might be considered cheating. He learned otherwise and of how well it performed and enabled other golfers to improve their game. He finally gave in and bought one and is thrilled with the level of success he has achieved.

A young lady golfer had never used a rangefinder before and had to teach herself how to operate it. She found it easy to learn and incredibly accurate in its performance. Its petite size made carrying it effortlessly, and it even came with a handy carrying case. This customer simply loves the tool!

I bought this device for my husband as a gift. He is an avid golfer and the price of the unit was affordable. He absolutely loves it! He says it is easy to use and an extremely nice product.

Does the VYtoov Rangefinder with Slope Improve Your Game?

The consensus amongst golfers, both amateurs and professionals, is yes it definitely does improve their game. It absolutely is the most accurate rangefinder they have ever used. Plus it saved them so much time on the course, as well as the effort of wandering around the course aimlessly trying to find that correct yardage.

When this tool is used, there is no need to consult a yardage book or constantly be on the lookout for the markers. It allows you to avoid hazards and blind spots on the course. One previously unthought-of advantage of this device is the ability of the player to use the right club at the right time. This allows him or her to gain the best ball trajectory no matter what the actual distance to the hole is.

Best Budget Rangefinder Parting Thoughts

Any golfer can make use of the VYtoov Rangefinder tool, making it one of the best budget rangefinders available now. Whether you are a world-class professional or a hobbyist who just enjoys a few rounds with their buddies periodically, this handy device will improve your game. It is highly recommended by anyone who has ever tried it.

So, where can you buy this product? Amazon is a great place to locate it. It is a popular item, especially during the peak golf season. Therefore, if you want one, you are strongly advised to order it as soon as possible. Enjoy all your golf games with the VYtoov Rangefinder!

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