Best Rangefinder for Golf and Hunting

A golf rangefinder is especially great when it is accurate, fast at range scanning, and very affordable. And when you can use it for more than golfing, then the rangefinder becomes a nearly invaluable tool that really turns it into an outstanding value. A lot of golfers also are hunters, and the best rangefinder for golf and hunting is an especially invaluable tool for them.

You can use the rangefinder on the golf course to improve your shots with accurate distance readings. And you can use it in the field while tracking game and setting up a humane kill shot. For those reasons and many more, the AIRSSON is the best rangefinder for hunting and golf. The following information tells you why.

best rangefinder for golf and hunting

AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder Pros:

  • Highly accurate to within a yard of the target.
  • Flag lock and slope compensation for realistic distances.
  • Rechargeable battery lowers ownership costs.
  • Impact-resistant ABS case protects against drops.
  • Incredibly affordable.

AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder Cons:

  • Smooth plastic shell could become slick in damp conditions.
  • Plastic badge protrudes into left palm when holding with left hand.

AIRSSON Review of Features

The AIRSSON truly is possibly the best rangefinder for golf and hunting with its many great features that are included. You get accuracy to within about a yard of your chosen target at up to 650 yards away. You can do quick range readings that take about a half-second to zero in on your target and tell you the distance to the object to within a yard of accuracy.

best rangefinder for golf and hunting

That kind of accuracy with a maximum range of 650 yards will cover the distance from the tee to the green on any golf course and certainly will cover the realistic shooting ability of all but the best military sharpshooters. So the AIRSSON definitely will give you the kind of accuracy that you need, whether you are swinging a golf club or aiming a rifle.

The closer you get to the green, the more useful the AIRSSON gets. An included slope compensation function adjusts distances based on the elevation change, if any, to the flag. It also has a mode that tells you height based on the slope compensation, and a speed-reading function that can tell you how fast objects are moving.

The AIRSSON does what many much more expensive rangefinders do but for a fraction of the price. It also works very well away from the golf course as a hunting aid or a construction tool that accurately measures height and distances. It even tells you how fast things are moving, which you could use in a wide variety of activities.

General Design and Dimensions

You get what has become the traditionally designed rangefinder with the AIRSSON. It has a viewing lens stacked on top of the laser mechanism and configured in an oval, much like a double-barrel shotgun with an over-under barrel configuration.

The AIRSSON is very light and compact and features a typically ergonomic design used in current rangefinders You have a slight indent on the bottom and separate power and mode buttons on top. Its small size and light weight makes it very portable. You easily could carry it in the pocket of your golf pants or in the pocket of a hunting vest.

The rangefinder measures 3.7 inches long by 2.6 inches tall by 1.2 inches wide and weighs about 5 ounces. It has a durable ABS body that resists water and fogging and will not break if you drop it, according to AIRSSON. The viewing diopter lets you zoom in with the up-to six-times magnification.

An internal 500 mA lithium battery charges quickly via a USB cable connection to either a USB charging port of an AC adapter. A red light tells you it is charging while a green light lets you know it is fully charged and ready for a couple of rounds of golf.

What Makes the AIRSSON Ideal for Hunting

If you like to spend weekends in the woods hunting game as much as playing golf, then the AIRSSON is an especially great item to have. It will tell you the compensated distances to targets if you are hunting from a tree stand. That will help you to nail the target instead of having your shot fall short. Bowhunters in particular will find that feature especially useful.

best rangefinder for golf and hunting

If you have game silhouetted against the horizon on a rise, the slope compensation will tell you the actual distance to the game instead of the straight-line distance. If you normally carry binoculars while in the field, you can ditch them and use the AIRSSON instead and get even more information while still obtaining a great view of your game.

Sighting Your Firearms

Whether you are planning on taking game that requires long shots or hunting at relatively close range with a shotgun, the AIRSSON is an ideal tool for sighting your firearm to for the best possible accuracy. The rangefinder will dial in your preferred distance to the target and lets you adjust the scope or iron sights to make target acquisition fast and simple. When you are in the field, fast and simple is the best way to go.

Ranging the Field

A good hunter takes the time to learn the distances to various objects within the realistic range in which he or she intends to take game. The ranging capabilities of the AIRSSON let you find the distances to cover and various objects so that you know the range in advance when a trophy buck or other prey ambles into your chosen kill zone.

Tracking Game

If you have game visibly moving through your hunting zone, you could use the AIRSSON to determine its speed as well as range. If you are hunting from a tree stand, the AIRSSON will provide the compensated distance to your target based on the angle to it.

The 6X magnification also lets you get a good close look without having to raise your rifle toward game. And if you are bowhunting, you can get a better view of the game before it enters your preferred range for humane kills.

Why Should I Buy an AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder?

Excellent accuracy and a massively affordable price are the two best reasons to buy an AIRSSON golf rangefinder. The AIRSSON makes a very strong case as the best rangefinder for hunting and golf with its compact size, light weight, high degree of accuracy and slope compensation features.

The AIRSSON is a very simple but effective design that does just about everything you could want a golf rangefinder to do. The purchase price makes it among the most affordable anywhere, to its band-for-the-buck value is incredibly high and virtually unbeatable.

The rangefinder gives you one of the very rare things in life, which is a very low risk versus a very high reward situation. For $100, you could buy one and still have plenty of money left over to play 18 holes at a many quality golf courses.

The bang-for-the-buck value goes even higher if you are a hunter. You can use the AIRSSON to help sight in your hunting rifles. It works great for ranging the field. And when a big buck wanders into your hunting zone, you cab track its speed and distance to set up a humane shot. Lots of states with plentiful golf courses also have lots of deer hunters and others who enjoy putting food on the table the traditional way.

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