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The Izzo Swami 6000 review of this golf GPS device improves upon the already great Swami 5000 with a bigger viewing screen, faster processing and better battery life per charge. You get the same great features that have made the Izzo Swami series of GPS devices among the most popular in golf. The following Izzo Swami 6000 review should help you to better understand why.

Izzo Swami 6000 review

What the Izzo Swami 6000 Does

The Swami 6000 comes with more than 38,000 detailed and high-definition color maps of regulation golf course located around the globe. Odds are all of your favorite local 18-hole golf courses are included as well as any you likely would encounter during your national and international travels.

If it is a regulation golf course, it likely is in there. The Swami 6000 automatically updates the golf course maps and does not charge a subscription fee to access the wide range of regulation golf courses provided.


  • More than 38,000 color maps of courses around the globe.
  • R&A and USGA tournament-legal.
  • Extreme accuracy to within about a yard of the target.
  • Relatively long-lasting and rechargeable battery.
  • Internal magnets secure unit to any metal surface.


  • Must manually enter score on included scorecard after exiting prior hole.
  • Only comes in blue.

When you arrive at the golf course and turn on the Izzo Swami 6000, the GPS tracking identifies your location and loads the respective golf course without requiring any inputs from you. It will take a couple of minutes to load the entire golf course map, so it is best to turn on the device when you arrive at the golf course and before you are at the first tee.

Hole Recognition and Green Distances Shown

The Swami 6000 automatically loads the hole you are on with the display showing the hole number and its part on top the middle distance in large black numerals. The golf GPS device also shows the front and back distances to the green, which are listed in significantly smaller numbers above and below the middle marker.

As you move from golf shot to golf shot, the Swami 6000 automatically updates your location on the golf course with the distances also updated. The relevant front, back and middle distances to the green adjust as you get closer to the cup, something you can’t get with the best golf rangefinder.

An included digital scorecard lets you tally the score for each hole after you are at least 60 yards from the green after sinking your putt. The scorecard posts a running par score of plus or minus the number of strokes of even when you are playing par golf. It will tell you the number of greens in regulations and your putting averages so that you can better analyze your game later on when you are at the driving range.

Hazard and Green Views

Separate hazard views and green views tell you all that you need to know to make the best shots and avoid landing in the water or getting stuck in a sand trap or bunker. Each view includes the layup and carry distances to hazards and the green so that you can better judge the effect on your ball and where to stick it on the green for the best chance at an easy putt and to beat par.

You can check the hazard view while at the tee and as you proceed through each hole to set up the best approach to the green. The hazard view will show up to four hazards with range arcs telling you the distance to each from your position. The hazards shown include sand traps, bunkers, water hazards, doglegs, layups and carry locations.

When you are making an approach shot to the green, the green view shows you the green’s shape, the middle, front and back distances to it and the layup and ball carry locations. The Izzo Swami 6000 automatically adjusts the view based on your approach angle so that you can see exactly what is before you.

A quick check of the hazards screen will show you any relevant hazards and danger zones so that you can avoid a penalty stroke or winding up in a sand trap or bunker. That will help you to better judge the best spot to aim for and have the best chance at beating par.

Izzo Swami 6000 Review: Shot Distance Calculator

You can see how well you are hitting various clubs with an included shot distance calculator. After you take a golf shot, you just switch to the shot tracking function. It will record the spot where you swung the ball and where it wound up when you arrive at the lie so that the GPS device knows where the ball landed. It then gives you the straight distance based on the two GPS locations and tells you how far the ball traveled.

The shot distance calculator is a great tool for assessing your performance with various club and swing combinations. It helps you to improve your short game by exposing weaknesses that you can work on while practicing at the driving range. While many laser rangefinders and GPS devices do a great job of telling relevant distances on golf courses, the Swami 6000 goes a step further by

Swami 6000 Dimensions and Power Source

The Swami 6000 gives you a full-color 2-inch LCD display that you can read easily and tells the time of day and battery charge level while on the golf course. The unit measures 2 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall and is an inch thick. It weighs about the same as a comparably sized cellular phone and is made from durable and water-resistant polymer materials.

The Izzo Swami 6000 has built-in magnets that give it a good and firm hold to any convenient metal surface – just like on a golf cart. An included belt clip has a metal base to attract and hold the Swami 6000 while you are moving about or taking your swing.

A rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery gives the Izzo Swami 6000 an estimated 16 hours of electrical power on a single charge. That is plenty for two full rounds of golf and with room for another full round when playing at a reasonably good pace. An included USB cable handles the charging duties from any conveniently located USB port or an AC adapter.

Why Should I Buy an Izzo Swami 6000?

The Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS review does a great job of telling you all the useful data and tools that the Izzo Swami 6000 provides you to make smart decisions to lower your golf score. It is accurate, legal for tournament use and helps you to work on and improve your golf game.

The Swami 6000 is the sixth generation of Izzo Swami golf GPS devices and represents the best of the bunch with truly exceptional performance that makes it nearly unbeatable. Where it really wins over even skeptics is a fantastically affordable price that makes it a great value as well as a truly useful and cool device.

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