Arccos Caddie Review [Digital Instruction]

The Arccos Caddie system is like having a digital pro golf instructor ready to improve your game in three basic ways. The Arccos system works as a GPS rangefinder while playing on one of the thousands of include golf courses for which maps are provided. You can use your cellphone to run the Arccos Caddie app and obtain very detailed GPS maps of tens of thousands of golf courses around the world.

The system also works as a digital golf bag that records every swing for later analysis by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and GPS technologies in one very cool package. The system enables you to use the Arccos Caddie AI and GPS technologies to The following Arccos Caddie review will help you to understand all that it does for any golfing enthusiast.

Arccos Caddie Review

Golf Course GPS Rangefinder

A review needs to start with the GPS rangefinder function, which is among the best available. So long as you have a current generation iPhone or Android cellphone, you do not need to buy a hardware items. Instead, you download the Arccos Caddie link and load it on your phone. Once it is loaded and running, you have access to tens of thousands of regulation golf courses located around the globe.

When you launch the Arccos app, the Caddie will give you links to maps of the 20 golf courses that are closes to your GPS location. You likely will do that at a specific course, and Arccos says to let the company know if any regulation golf course is not included, and they will add it.

Like other GPS rangefinders, the Arccos Caddie link gives you a color map with overhead views of each hole, various hazards and the green. A digital golf bag tracks up to 14 golf clubs, including the putter, and a digital scorecard tracks each club used, the result and your updated score.


  • Advanced analytics for every shot.
  • Auto loads maps of 20 nearest golf courses.
  • Provides a digital golf bag.
  • Swing analysis tool works great at driving range.
  • Incredibly cool use of 21st century high-tech.


  • Must carry phone in pocket for system to work.
  • Purchase price for entire system

The basic view tells you the front, middle and back distances to the green, and a special pin-placement tool enables you to customize the cup location on each hole to match its location for that day. You get an overheard view of each hole you are playing in high definition and can zoom in for a closer look by using the touchscreen.

Range arcs show the distances to hazards, the fairway and the green with accuracy that is good to within about a yard of the target. You also can use meters if you prefer.

Hazard Views and Green Views

The GPS golf app follows your exact location and enables updates your location as you walk on the course. You can use hazard view to get a good look at sand traps, bunkers, water hazards and the tree line with range distances indicated for each. The angle adjusts based on your approach so that you can see how they are configured and can do a better job of avoiding them.

The green view also adjusts the view based on your angle of approach and shows green’s configuration. Your custom pin placement will help to determine the best way to approach the green and set up your best golf shot. The layup and carry distances are configured so that you can get the plays-like distances as well as the actual distances to the target.

True Caddie Function

Unlike other GPS rangefinders, the Caddie will suggest clubs based on its knowledge of your average distance with each club when you use the optional Swing Sensors. As you play various rounds of golf, the Arccos records the average distance for each swing with the shot-tracking function.

Every time you swing a club on a golf course with the optional Arccos Sensors in place, the GPS system will track the straight distance to the ball when you are ready for the next shot or putt. After you play several courses and the data reaches statistical significance, the Caddie will act like an actual golf caddie by suggesting the appropriate club to cover the distance needed to reach your target based on your average distances with each club.

A good caddie can calculate the shot you are about to make based on the distance, slope, and the wind speed and direction. A great caddie can include the ambient temperature, altitude and humidity level in shot calculations to give you the best possible data. The Arccos Caddie automatically provides those advanced analytics in addition to the

Any Arccos golf review must mention the very cool virtual play feature that lets you practice any included regulation course. That includes many of the world’s most prestigious courses with the knowledge of your average distances for each club helping the Arccos to make it more realistic and fun to practice on a rainy or snowy day away from the course.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Review

The AI aspect of the Arccos Caddie system requires use of the optional Smart Sensors. The sensors show you can buy a package of 14 that you simply screw into the top of your current golf grips, making them Arccos Caddie smart grips. As you install each one, you use the Golf App to record the club onto which it is placed.

The system gives you 14 GPS sensors that are encased in a sturdy polymer and colored green for your drivers and irons with one that is colored black for your putter. You also could buy new grips with the sensors embedded in them, but that requires paying someone to mount the new grips on your club.

Once the sensors are in place and the respective clubs are properly recorded, you just carry your cellphone in your pocket while playing. The Arccos does the rest by recording calculating the shot trajectory and distances for each swing and club used. It also can track the playing conditions for even greater analytical potential.

When you encounter similar playing conditions, the Arccos Caddie can make truly useful club suggestions based on intimate knowledge of your performance under similar golfing circumstances. That kind of performance really elevates the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors review to conclude that is a massively beneficial system that also is incredibly cool and fun to use.

Why Should I buy an Arccos Caddie and Smart Sensors?

The Arccos Golf review fully affirms the Caddie and Smart Sensors are a fantastic combination that enables you to improve your game and shoot lower scores on virtually any course. Instead of investing in costly tech hardware, you just download the Arccos Caddie app after installing the optional Smart Sensors.

Then you let the rangefinder and your continued game enjoyment do the rest while the Across Caddie records your swings and results for each club. After a couple of months of regular golf outings, you should have enough data to get truly beneficial caddie service based on your golf game.

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