Best Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review

Simplicity and accuracy are the two very winning key ingredients that make the GolfBuddy aim V10 an absolute winner among golf GPS devices. The affordably priced aim V10 improves upon the already winning design of the GolfBuddy aim with a bigger viewing screen and faster course recognition and loading.

The GolfBuddy aim V10 at a glance shows you the front, middle and back distances to the green with the numbers continually adjusting as you move through each hole. Accuracy is excellent to within plus or minus yard. Like other GolfBuddy golf GPS devices, its maximum range is 385 yards, which is fine. The tee tells you the distance to the hole, anyway, and most people will need the range only after their initial tee shot on par 4 and par 5 holes.

golf buddy aim v10 review

When you arrive at the golf course and turn it on, the GolfBuddy uses the GPS tracker to locate the golf course and hole that you are about play. The GolfBuddy takes a few moments to sync with the satellite, so it helps to turn on the device when you are unloading your gear and putting on your golfing shoes.


  • Contains 40,000+ courses around the globe.
  • Very simple to use and understand.
  • Free golf course updates.
  • Available in 11 languages with male or female voices.


  • Maximum range is 385 yards.
  • No overhead hole view.
  • No digital scorecard.

As you play through each hole, the GolfBuddy aim V10 automatically updates your exact GPS location and adjusts the yardage indicators. When you exit a green, it automatically advances to the next hole. You only ever need to check it to read distances or look for special views of the green or hazards.

A conveniently placed button on the lower right corner lets you press it to hear the front, back and middle distances in your choice of a male or female voice. If you do not want to hear distances and prefer to simply look at them, the GolfBuddy aim V10 lists the middle distance in large black numerals against a gray background on the LCD screen.

The back and front distances are listed next to the middle distance but in numerals that are only half the height of the middle distance. That enables the aim V10 to stack the two distances in a slightly smaller space.

GolfBuddy lets you update the included golf course mapping data free of charge. A USB connection lets you download updated golf course maps and never charges a fee to do so. If you are about to head out to one of the more than 40,000 included golf courses, you can ensure you have the latest mapping info with a fast and free download.

Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review: General Design and Dimensions

The highly portable GolfBuddy aim V10 is generally square with rounded corners and ha and each side measuring about 1.75 inches. It measures about a half-inch thick and weighs about 1 ounce, which makes it very comfortable on the golf course. The golf mode shows the current time plus the distances to the green and the internal battery’s power level.

The gray LCD viewing screen is easy to read in direct sunlight and measures 1 inch wide by 1 inch tall. Large black numbers contrast nicely against the LCD screen’s gray background to prevent eyestrain. A water-resistant polymer case comes in black, blue, white or rose colors.

Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review: Green and Hazard Views

When you are within 385 yards of the pin, the GolfBuddy aim V10 tells you how far it is to the green. The GPS golf device adjusts the distance information as you take each stroke and advance through each hole. A green view will show how the green is configures and adjusts the approach angle to give you the correct view from where you are standing.

When you are at the tee or making an approach to the green, you can use the hazard view to get the distances to the relevant obstacles that could affect your shot and add strokes to your score. The sand traps, bunkers, layups and water hazards all are indicated so that you can avoid the danger zones and focus on putting the ball in the best location for the lowest score on each hole.

Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review: Shot-Tracker and Distance Calculator

A great feature of the GolfBuddy aim V10 is the shot-distance mode, which measures how far you the ball traveled on a particular shot. You can use the function to check your performance with certain golf clubs and work on those swings the next time that you are at the driving range. The focused practice can help you to shave more strokes off your game when you play the same golf course again and whenever you need to make the swings that you worked on to improve your golfing skills.

Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review: Bluetooth Casting and GolfBuddy App

The GolfBuddy aim V10 supports Bluetooth connectivity to download updated golf course maps free of charge. Bluetooth casting enables you to post your score live and share scores with others who are connected via cloud-based communications. The Bluetooth connectivity also lets you access the GolfBuddy App and update the golf course library and access other GolfBuddy services.

Golf Buddy Aim V10 Review: Rechargeable, Long-Lasting Power Source

An internal rechargeable, 3.8-volt lithium-polymer battery give the GolfBuddy aim V10 plenty of juice for more than two full rounds of regulation golf. The LCD screen shows a battery power-level icon in the upper right corner. It will tell you when you have plenty of power for one or more full rounds of 18-holes on a regulation golf course and when you should recharge it. An included USB cable charges the battery quickly and conveniently. You can use your computer, a USB charging port in your vehicle or an AC wall adapter.

Why Should I buy a GolfBuddy aim V10?

The GolfBuddy aim V10 is a highly versatile and surprisingly affordable improvement on the GolfBuddy GPS golf tracking device. You get truly hands-free capability that only requires the press of a finger if you want to hear the middle, front and back distances to the green. It weighs nearly nothing and carries easily in a pocket, on a hat, on your belt, and affixed to your golf bag.

The accuracy rivals that of the best-made and most expensive laser rangefinders but at a much lower cost that will not scare off most casual and semi-serious golfers. The free map updates ensure that you always have the best possible information, and the auto updating feature lets you get the most exact information at a glance or with a quick listen while on the golf course.

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