Izzo Swami Golf GPS Watch Review

The Izzo Swami Watch is a great example of wearable technology that gives highly detailed information on thousands of regulation golf courses like shot distance measurement. It is unobtrusive, lightweight and conveniently worn on your right or left wrist. With a price that is comparable to many affordable laser rangefinders, the Izzo Swami watch is a great tool for lowering your golfing scores.

The Izzo Watch miniaturizes the popular Izzo Swami 6000 and Izzo Swami 5000 GPS golf caddies that you carry like a cellphone. But instead of carrying a relatively large and bulky mobile GPS device, the Izzo Swami Golf fits on your wrist.

The Izzo watch has very readable range numbers and simplified icons that make it a lot easier to understand what you are looking at and make the best decisions on which club and swing combination you will use for the golf shot.

Izzo Swami Golf GPS watch

More than 38,000 Regulation Golf Course Maps

If you play a lot of regulation golf courses, the Izzo Swami watch likely has it among the more than 38,000 included among the comprehensive Izzo Swami course list. When you arrive at the golf course and switch on the golf mode, the Swami’s GPS tracker automatically detects which golf course you are at and launches the correct map. It even will load the hole you are on and automatically toggles to the next hole when you complete the prior one.


  • Detailed maps of more than 38,000 golf courses.
  • Affordable wearable technology.
  • No fees for use or map upgrades.
  • Hazard mode helps to prevent bad golf shots.
  • Solid battery life


  • Small display size.
  • No color maps.

The Swami golf GPS watch comes with a black and white rectangular LCD display that shows the time and battery power level. It also tells you the hole and its par and provides you with a running score as you enter your strokes on each hole.

The viewing screen measures about an inch wide by about 1.3 inches high and delivers information with a very readable contrasting numbers, letters and icons. That makes it especially easy to read in direct sunlight.

auto course recognition uses auto hold advance to give green accurate distances from fixed points

The black rubber wristband is very comfortable and helps to hold the Izzo Swami watch in exactly the position you prefer so that it will not interfere with your swing but still can provide data at a quick glance. Some might find the watch band is larger than they prefer if they have relatively skinny wrists. Fortunately, very affordable replacements are available at many retail stores on by ordering online.

Front, Middle and Back Distances Provided

When you are ready to tee off or preparing to hit an approach shot to the green, the Izzo Swami Watch tells you the relevant distances that you need to avoid hazards and hit the best ball. While on the tee, the Izzo Swami watch tells you the distance to the front, middle and back of the fairway.

When you have hazards between the tee and the fairway, the Swami shows the distance to the front, middle and at the back of each hazard. Special icons make it easy to distinguish the hazards with a waves icon representing water hazards and kidney-shaped icons representing the sand traps and bunkers. The front, back and middle data makes it a lot easier to choose how to play the hole and avoid the score-killing hazards and rough.

pre loaded hole number from course updates that gives you layup distances for your next shot with the izzo golf

The Swami watch provides similar information on the green so that you can make a great approach shot. The Swami will show you the distances to the front, middle and back of the green. The distances shown include the layup and carry distances so that you can make a better prediction of how the terrain could affect your shot. You can pick the best possible spot to place the ball and set up an easy putt of possibly hole the approach shot and really impress your golfing partners.

Shot Distance Measurement and Digital Scorecard

The Izzo Swami GPS Watch records the exact distance of every golf shot that you take during a round. You can review your round afterward and determine how well you did on each hole and which clubs worked best for you. If you are playing in a group and want to know who hit the longest ball, the Swami will give the exact distance of your longest golf shot. That will settle any disagreements at the 19th hole.

comfortable and modern design handheld device with great battery life and advanced features like scorecard feature and layup distance

An included digital scorecard lets you manually record every golf shot and store them for up to 10 rounds. If you regularly play the same golf course, the Izzo Swami watch can help you to review your recent games and learn where you can improve your scores on particular holes. It also helps you to identify which club and swing combinations need more work the next time you head out to the range for some golfing practice.

Rechargeable Power Source

You do not have to worry about spending money on batteries or swapping out a dead one. The Swami golf GPS watch includes a rechargeable lithium battery provides more than 10 hours of power. That should be enough juice for more than two full rounds of golf on a regulation 18-hole golf course. The Izzo Swami uses an included USB cable to charge the unit from an available USB port in your car, on your computer or with an AC adapter.

Why Should I Buy an Izzo Swami Watch?

The decision on whether or not to buy an IIzzo Swami Golf GPS Watch becomes a lot easier when you assess the purchase price. The watch is incredibly affordable and competes with the best bargain laser rangefinders on the market. You get exceptionally accurate data at a glance and can determine how best to make your next golf shot.

auto hole advance gives distance readings and green distances while in gps mode

It comes with a digital scorecard that makes it a lot easier to verify your score when you get to the 19th hole. The Swami golf GPS watch is legal for tournament use in R&A- and USGA-sanctions events, but you should check with local golf tournament organizers to make sure you are in compliance with tournament rules if you want to use it in a local event.

The Swami GPS golf watch can make your golf outings go faster while helping your score to get better with accurate data and histories of recent outings. You can review your recent outings and determine which parts of your golf game need the most work. With some good practice, you likely could improve your handicap and possibly become a scratch golfer. At the very least, the Swami golf GPS watch is sure to spur friendly conversations.

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