How Long Do Golf Balls Last? (and How to Store Them)

How Long Do Golf Balls Last

So you bought some expensive new golf balls, and are worried about how many rounds you can get per ball before changing them out. That’s a valid question, as golf balls can get very expensive if you buy premium balls. But should you worry about their longevity? The answer is no. Golf balls will last … Read more

Is Golf Hard To Learn? Tips for Beginners

Is Golf Hard To Learn

If you’ve ever watched golf, you might think that it looks like a difficult sport. After all, the main objective is to hit a tiny ball hundreds of yards into a 4 ½ inch cup! So is golf a hard sport to learn? The combined requirements of coordination, balance, speed, power, and mental focus make … Read more

Should Golfers Wear Polarized Sunglasses?

Should Golfers Wear Polarized Sunglasses

If you’ve ever owned a pair of polarized sunglasses, you’ll know they can work wonders for reducing glare from the sun. For golfers, this can be very beneficial. However, there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not polarized sunglasses can affect depth perception on the golf course, and thereby negatively impact your game. This has … Read more

3 Iron vs 5 Wood [Which One Is For You?]

3 Iron vs 5 Wood

In terms of club comparisons, this one features two very different clubs with various styles of striking and application on the golf course, with the 3 iron requiring a little more skill to hit successfully than the five wood. The main differences between the 3 iron and the wood are the loft, distances, accuracy, and … Read more

How Much Do Pro Golfers Practice?

How Much Do Pro Golfers Really Practice?

Professional golfers seem to have it all. They get to travel the world, play top golf courses, and they get paid to play golf. Imagine a life where the golf course is your office and you are your own boss.  But… While it can be tempting to glorify the lifestyle of a professional golfer, there’s … Read more

The 18 Best Online Golf Stores: 2023 Ultimate List

Best Online Golf Stores

As a golfer, there’s nothing better than spending hours touring the shelves at your local golf store. It’s the adult version of a kid in Santa’s workshop. However, you and I both know how expensive this game can be. Clubs, membership fees, golf carts, balls, the list goes on… Sometimes the best deals you’ll find … Read more