Titleist Pro V1 Vs Pro V1x For Mid To High Handicappers

The golf balls that have captured the essence of the PGA tours since the beginning of this century and still ruling it are Titleist Prov1 and ProV1X. When the sultry voice of Jim Nantz in a Titleist commercial says that it is the number one golf ball it is enough to explain the ball’s expertise.


Softer Feel

Longer Distance


Titleist Pro V1

Titelist Pro V1X

Longer Distance with Consistent Flight

Low Long Game Spin and High Trajectory

Increased Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control

Softer Feel

Softer Around the Green

Longer Distance

More information

An estimated 60% or more Golf pros use either of the two in PGA tours. When the foremost choice for legends like Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth for putting and bombing Titleist golf balls spending millions of dollars in it, it is no surprise that any average player would also like to use the same ones.

Like Cindy or Claudia in the ’80-’90s or Brooklyn or Kate in present times beauty, as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. The hottest debates that occur across all the golf crosses since this decade has always been about ProV1x v/s ProV1. Each one has something that catches the eyes of the golfers.

It all depends upon your choice of weapon as per which ProV suits your better. Like a heavyweight boxing match at the MGM grand, the battle between these legendary golf balls can also go beyond 12 rounds.

So to help you out on which ball to select we are at your service:

Titleist ProV1 Golf Ball Review



  • Penetrating Trajectory.

  • Good Feel.

  • Consistent in wind.

  • Some golfers found it too soft.

Titleist ProV1 Key Features:

For many years all together the softcover was a bolt on the ProV1. The precious distance of the tee suffered due to this, especially on their iron shots. The shorter irons suffered even more due to the winds.

The Titleist reviewed these complaints and worked on them and finally solved this by changing the core for ProV1 in 2017.  The new next-generation 2.0 ZG core process is placed below an ionomeric casing layer. Upon which a soft urethane elastomer cover is placed. 

This revolutionary design without sacrificing the feel on greenside shots and spin give the required power to the Golfers.

The ball is designed in such a way that it creates a lower launch. Now players without fearing their shots of being coming up short or climbing the stairs can handle their shots into the wind.

With the motto of providing the golfer with more consistent flight, the ProV1 come with the spherical 352 tetrahedral dimple design which is a new one


For many years the Pro V1X was Marsha and Pro V1 was Jan Brady when it was about distance. While Jan was idling around the house worrying about her worries, Marsha was dating the quarterback. The recent Pro V1 can be called Jan’s revenge because now the gap is narrowing.

The Pro V1 has compressions that are 8-10 ticks lower than Pro V1X, yet when it comes to overall distance the difference was not even noticeable to players who are blessed with a high ball flight. The Pro V1 is really rocking when it comes to long balls.


The Pro V1 is like the Ferrari of the Golf balls, it has the style and speed both. It has a reputation of pigeon with a parachute when it comes to landing. But like too much good is not always good and Pro V1 is no exception. It has a spin problem when it comes to thundering at 120 mph.

This earns it ‘a burial in bunkers’ reputation which even gives the shots a short lifespan. But this new Pro V1 has improved a lot in the acceptable spin.

Short Game Performance

The short game performance of Pro V1 is excellent. The Golfball feels amazing coming off the blade of the putter, and you can very well feel the delicate pitch with a soft cover over a bunker. This gives you an awesome feeling as a golfer just like reliving your joyful youth.


Well the Pro V1 is a tough one. You can enjoy multiple rounds with this beauty until you go clanking it off ball washer and cart paths. And also of course if you don’t land it in lakes.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball Review



  • Very high launch.

  • Tough in the wind.

  • Great Distance for a tour-caliber ball.

  • Too soft as compared to other high-end tour caliber golf balls.

Titleist Pro V1x Key Features

The Pro V1x is made of a Dual-core ZG process made to deliver great distance on every shot. The amazing stop and drop feel around the greens are given by the Urethane elastomer cover. It consists of 328 tetrahedral dimple design which is imbibed in it since inception.

The only difference in this design was introduced in 2017 is the dimples are now constructed more precisely. The Titleist statement in this design was that this enhancement increases the ball’s distance and consistency related to distance and line.


The Pro V1x is considered the longest ball among the tour caliber options. This claim is well backed by the launch monitor and Trackman’s numbers. It easily gets you a few yards extra off the tee.


Well, spin is the area where this beauty is not up to the mark, not bad but not great also. There is enough spin, but not most. Although the ball matches with all the other counterparts in the game.  But spin is not in the mind of anybody buying ProV1x. The only flip side is the lower spin rate would result in shots ballooning.

Short Game Performance

The short game performance of ProV1x is fine. It is harder and louder than the ProV1. On lag putts and long chips, it makes a noticeable sound. But what makes it stand out is the consistency.


It is durable for long and tough usage. Hit it as hard as you like, it won’t get hurt.

Titleist Pro V1 versus Pro V1x

If you ask me it is like making a selection between a Lamborghini and Ferrari. Or more like choosing your favorite child. Well fine, not that dramatic though!!!

The ProV1 is perfect for golfers who are looking for a soft feel in the short game dept. Also if you are a high ball hitter off the tee and want to launch a bit lower than ProV1 is made for you. But if you hit low then ProV1x is the answer to your problem.

If you take pride in hitting the 17th hole in the 173 yards with your 8-iron, or like to brag about it to your friends then you should definitely try the ProV1x. The company claims that the ProV1 gets less spin from tee to garden, hence if you are having trouble with your shots overdosing at revolutions as shown by your local launch monitor, then you should definitely try the ProV1.

Then you can just lay back and see your shots landing in the fairway that too on the green.

With the introduction of AVX ball in 2018 Titleist has made this question even tougher.

Are the ProV1x and ProV1x better than the other Tour balls out there?

Well, the truth is that the market is full of great golf balls. At the inception of ProV1, there was indeed a great difference and gap between other golf balls and Titleist, wherein the superiority of the former was unmatched. But now the situation is different, many manufacturers are making balls that match the quality of ProV1 now.

If compared, ProV1 can be compared to TaylorMade’s TP5 and ProV1x can be compared to TaylorMade’s TP5x. Bridgestone and Callaway also make the same quality golf balls.

You have to ask Jason Day and Justin Thomas for knowing how the manufacturer’s balls rate each other? And let us know also. It all depends on how much one gets paid to say what. The truth of the matter is that it is impossible that one can go wrong with a tour caliber Titleist ball.

The players love these balls and there is a good solid reason for that.


In brief, the ProV1 is an excellent golf ball. The same can be stated for the ProV1x. If you don’t have a power problem then I would suggest that you stick with the good old ProV1 to get that increased feel around the green. If the main shots in your bag are Phil Michelson’s Esque flops, then the ProV1 is the best choice for you.

But if your style west Texan knockdown the ProV1x would certainly help you to get an extra one or two yard of carrying. Just try the both working back towards the tee and starting the green just as the Titleist suggests, and you would see the magic happening to your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use Pro V1 Or Pro V1x?

If you prefer a softer feeling, especially in the small game sector, go for the Pro V1. If you usually hit a high ball off the golf course and don’t bother releasing it a little lower, the Pro V1 is the answer. On the other hand, the Pro V1x will surely aid the low-ball hitter.

What Are The Differences Between Pro V1 Vs. Pro V1x?

The Pro V1x golf ball was debuted alongside the second-generation Pro V1 in 2003, and players instantly noticed the difference between the 2 balls: the 4-piece Pro V1x spins slower than the 3-piece Pro V1.

What Is The Longest Titleist Ball?

Pro V1, Pro V1x, and AVX are all within 4-6 yards of each other, according to extensive research. A player is expected to hit a maximum of 14 drives in any given round. As a result of this, and the reality that none of their three premium balls travels any further than the others.

Which Premium Performance Golf Ball To Choose?

The Titleist AVX and Pro V1, Pro V1x, are excellent performance golf balls that can assist any golfer, not just low handicap tournament players, provided the appropriate ball is chosen.

How Can The Spin Pro V1 vs Pro V1x Be Compared?

Titleist’s intensive research shows that Pro V1, Pro V1x, have a low spin off the driver, with only a minor variance in spin between them. The most significant change is on the scoring shots, which indicate lower driver spin for range and higher spin on the scoring strokes for better control.

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