At What Age Should You Play the Senior Tees?

Playing the senior tees can be a hard decision to make. It means moving up to an “easier” distance, which can come with some emotional feelings of getting older.

But knowing that it helps keep the game competitive for all ages together might help!

The average age that players start using the senior golf tees is around 55 years old.

Although that is not a hard and fast rule, read on for our thoughts on it all.

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The new handicap index system has diminished the age criterion, allowing every golfer to play the senior tees regardless of age or gender.

And actually, the biggest reason to move up to the senior tees is because you have lost distance as you aged and need to keep your tee shots in a relevant distance.

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How old do you have to be to play from the senior golf tees?

Today, there’s no set age for a golfer to start playing golf from the senior tee or decide which tee box to play for their tee shots but the handicap and the driving distance.

For example, a pro golfer who plays with the back/Champions tee box (0 to 7.0 handicaps) cannot switch to senior tees in a competition. Otherwise, it would be unfair.

A senior golfer's lower body when finishing a golf swing.

To explain it further, let’s discuss what tees are and the age rule concerning playing the senior golfer tees in golf.

Senior Tee Age -How Old To Hit From Senior Tees

The entry-level age to play senior tees is 55 years, and the benchmark age is 70 years.  

Moving up or making a leap on the golf course may be one of the most intimidating factors, especially when you have no idea which tee box to start playing golf from. 

Initially, the age rule determined the start option for golfers when they move from the practicing area to the real golf course. Today, a golfer’s playing skills decide from which tee box they wish to play, and no rule determines a player’s starting base.

Golfers from 0 (scratch golfers) to 7.9 handicaps fall in Category A and usually play blue, gold or black; those with handicaps over 8.0 play from Senior (white) and beginners with a high handicap from a forward tee box (green or yellow). 

The idea is to become color blind to determine which tee box to start from. Many fields do not have these color combinations but use thematic names for different tee boxes.

most golf courses have senior tee boxes

Senior Tees

Now players can switch to senior tee boxes any time they want but based on their handicap and the driving distance. But, can a player move up to senior tee box from a back tee box and compete against someone with a higher handicap in a competition?

The answer is ‘NO.’  This would clearly result in unfair competition. A professional player who plays the back (black, blue or gold) tee box has a comparative advantage against a player with a higher handicap player with a senior tee. 

However, a player can switch from front (red) tees to senior tees if they’re sure they can hit the ball from a farther distance.

PGA Rules For Senior Tees

The Senior PGA Tour is a little different than the local senior tees. Most Senior PGA events are only about 200-400 yards shorter than the regular PGA Tour courses. So basically still playing at championship level lengths just slightly shorter.

Lots different than your local course where the senior tees are moved way up!

What Color Are The Senior Tees In Golf

The tee is that small wooden device, usually colored, that is nailed into the grass, and that serves as a base to place the ball high on the ground. With this, you are able to hit the ball from the bottom up in the long strokes.

You can find long, short, and medium tees in different colors that correspond to the level of your play. Your level improves with the time that determines which set of tees you should use. 

Golf courses tend to have 3 to 5 sets of tee box options, usually following a color system. The basic three sets are the back (black), the middle (white tees) and the front (red) tees for pro, average and amateur golfers, respectively. These colors correspond to the different yardages, with the back being the most distant from the green and the front the shortest. 

Long grass from a golf hazard

Thus, it is now the driving distance that determines which tee box a golfer should play with.

In the three sets of options (black, white and red), it is easy for you to make a decision:

  • Back Tees/Championship/black: these are for pro golfers, mostly men, with the lower handicaps.
  • Middle Tees/Good Golfers/white: These are for average male golfers with middle to higher handicaps and for seniors and women with low-handicap and long-hitting skills.
  • Forward tees/red: These are for beginners of all types and seniors, and women with middle and high handicaps.

Thus, a senior tee box is somewhat between the middle and the forward tee box. The above criteria make it easier for you to decide whether to play with a senior tee or not. 

Sometimes, there are more than these three sets, where they have Champion (black), Middle (blue), Seniors (White) and Forward (red, green or yellow) tees.

How to Choose the Tee When There are More than Three Sets?

More than three sets of tees make it difficult for a golfer to decide which tee to play. But you can do this by considering the yards from which the professionals play.

golf course with senior tees

The average field length on the PGA Tour is between 7,200 and 7,300 yards; it is 6,200 and 6,600 yards on the LPGA Tour, and 6,500 to 6,800 yards on the Champions Tour (+50 years).

A low handicap or a pro golfer can feel free to play from the back tees. Women and seniors with low handicaps can play with the set of tees that are 250 and 500 yards less than the LPGA and Champions touring averages, respectively. 

The distance decreases as the handicap increases. For example, an average intermediate handicap golfer should go for the set of tees placed around 500-1,000 yards less than pros, whereas, for high-handicap players, the right tees are 1,000 to 1,500 yards less than pros.

Many beginners try to play from white or blue tees, and no rules stop them from doing it. But, they should only go for the furthest tees if they are sure that they can hit the golf ball with at least a little precision. 

The rule of thumb is that if you have a problem reaching the green on a par 3, or from 2 to par 4, do not play tees that are too long and go for a shorter and easy one. Don’t be guilty. In addition, playing from the furthest can result in frustration and slow play.

Avg. driveRecommended Tees
300 yards7,150-7,400 yards
275 yards6,700-6,900 yards
250 yards6,200-6,400 yards
225 yards5,800-6,000 yards
200 yards5,200-5,400 yards
175 yards4,400-4,600 yards
150 yards3,500-3,700 yards
125 yards2,800-3,000 yards
100 yards2,100-2,300 yards


We hope this article has cleared your doubts about how old to play from senior tees in golf. As stated earlier the entry-level age to play senior tees is 55 years, and the benchmark age is 70 years. 

However, it can vary since age is no more a criterion to decide which tee you should play with but the playing skills. Your handicap and the driving distance determine whether you can play with the senior tees or not. You cannot switch to senior tees during competitions if you’re a pro, regardless of your age or gender. 

Playing The Senior Tee’s FAQ’s

At what age do senior golfers typically move up to the forward tees?

Senior golfers typically move up to the forward tees when they feel that they would benefit from the shorter yardage and easier play. Age is not necessarily the determining factor, but rather playing ability and clubhead speed with each of your golf clubs.

What is the difference between the blue and championship tees?

The blue tees are the traditional tees for men’s play, while the championship tees are further back and have longer yardage. The championship tees are typically used for professional events like the PGA Tour.

Can golfers play from different tees during the same round?

Yes, golfers can play from multiple tees during the same round. It is important to choose the appropriate tees based on playing ability to ensure a fair playing field. Unless they are playing in an event, that would require them to play the same color set as all other players.

What is the advantage of playing from the forward set of tees?

Playing from the forward set of tees provides shorter yardage and easier play, which can make the game more fun and enjoyable, particularly for senior players.

How does playing from the forward tees affect a golfer’s second shot?

Playing from the forward tees typically results in a shorter second shot, which can be an advantage for golfers with a stronger short game and fairway woods.

What are the lady’s tees?

The lady golfers tees are the tees designated for women’s play, typically located closer to the hole and with shorter yardage. These ladies tees are usually the closest or front tees.

What is the advantage of playing from the regular tees?

Playing from the regular tees provides an appropriate challenge for most golfers, with yardage that is not too long or too short. This can make the game more enjoyable for a regular foursome.

How does playing from the black tees affect a golfer’s game?

Playing from the black tees provides the longest yardage and the greatest challenge for even the most skilled golfers. It is typically reserved for professional and championship play.

How do golfers keep track of their score when playing from different tees?

Golfers should keep track of their score for each hole, regardless of the tee placement. This allows them to compare their score to par and monitor their progress throughout the entire round.

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