Callaway X Hot Irons Reviews – A Quick Look

Balls and drivers have always featured prominently in the distance debate, but recently more golfers have been looking to make distance gains from irons. When the Callaway X Hot Irons was released in January 2013, it was claimed that they were up to 10 yards longer than the Razr X.

The X Hot irons are rock solid, providing the forgiveness and playability we have come to expect from Callaway while offering significant improvements in responsiveness and feel. Nothing about these irons can in any way be described as inferior. A complete golf set should possess the hot irons by Callaway X for making your high loft or moderate to short-distance shots perfect.

They have been on the market for less than six months and incorporate most of the latest technological advancements in golf club materials and design. Here’s a Golfer’s Overview on X Hot irons.

Callaway X-Hot Irons Set – Specifications & Features

The Callaway X Hot Irons are just awesome and perfect for any beginner golfer seeking forgiveness in his or her shots.

The irons are quite strong and quite helpful for accuracy and distance in your shot. The irons are smooth at impact and can even lend you distance on the slight mishits.

Callaway X hot Irons is definitely a great set of irons for learners looking to improvise on distance and accuracy.

Deep Cutaway Design

Callaway X Hot Irons took their industry-leading undercut cavity and used it to create the longest driver on+ the market.

This deeper cavity helps achieve higher ball speeds than you would get from any other irons on the market.

One thing you will notice about these irons is their weight. They have heavy club heads, which provide the coveted high trajectory and low center of gravity.

Feel Management Technology

Callaway used this technology to fine-tune the acoustic properties of the Callaway X Hot Iron while providing a crisp, dynamic feel and better playability.

These irons are quite new and a little bit heavier than other products on the market so for many players, it may take a while to get used to using them.

But with the Feel Management Technology, getting used to the irons is a whole lot easier.

In fact, having tried the Callaway X Hot Irons for a very short time, quite a few golfers have trouble adjusting back to the golf clubs they were previously using.

Speed Frame Face Technology

Finally, Callaway decided to incorporate this speed frame face technology into its irons.

Callaway drivers are renowned for their efficiency in energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball which produces vastly superior distance and increases launch angle.

Available flex and shaft material you can either choose the X Hot graphite shaft or the True temper Speed Step one on purchase. Graphite shafts are available in Light, Stiff and regular flex while the steel ones are only offered in Stiff and Regular flex.

Last thoughts on the Callaway X Hot Irons. There is nothing not to love about these irons. Most people have trouble going back to other iron sets after trying the X Hot clubs.

The Callaway X Hot Irons is absolutely worth your time and attention if you are looking for an upgrade, and will certainly help you improve your game as they offer incredible feel and forgiveness on shots that are hit off-center.

Callaway X Hot Irons – Pros & Cons



  • Playability

  • Accuracy/Forgiveness

  • Low Spin on the Long Irons

  • Project X Flight Shafts

  • Distance Control

  • Spined Grip For Consistent Gripping’s

  • Predictable

  • Lack of Feedback

  • Would like just a little bit more head weight

  • Everyone wants to hit them

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Callaway X Hot Irons Any Good?

The Callaway X Hot Irons are amazing and ideal for any rookie golfer looking for more forgiveness in their shots. The irons are powerful and can assist you to achieve greater accuracy and range in your shots. The irons have a smooth impact and might even help you gain distance on mishits.

What Are The Most Forgiving Callaway Irons?

The X Series Irons are the latest addition to Callaway’s most forgiving sets. They won’t give you huge distance increases, but they will help you strike the ball straighter, which is crucial if you’re a novice or a high handicapper seeking more pleasure and regularity on the golf course.

Is The Callaway X20 A Forgiving Set Of Irons?

The ability to forgive. The Callaway X20 Irons don’t have as many forgiving characteristics as other irons, but they can strike the ball hard and far. The weight is moved to the edge of the clubhead thanks to the extreme notch weighting feature. This improves stability and prevents the iron from twitching as a result of the collision.

Is The Callaway X20 A Forged Or A Cast Iron?

Despite its cast club structure, the X20 Tour has everything a low-handicap player might want. Callaway’s perimeter weighting system is stable, allowing you to hit very solid, straight shots, while the extended sweet spot provides the reviews you require to correct off-center smashes.

What Are The Finest Callaway Irons For 2022?

Callaway Mavrik Max is the top option for beginners in 2022, thanks to their outstanding forgiveness on off-center strikes and simple launch. The basic Mavrik irons from Callaway are suitable for players with a mid handicap.

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