What Is The Average Golfer’s 7 Iron Distance?

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A PGA Tour pro golfer has a 7 iron distance between 172-215 yards, while a beginner or a short-hitting golfer hits an average distance of 120 yards with it. Thus, an average golfer has a 7 iron distance up to around 150 yards. In addition, the average distance to hit a 7 iron differs for men, women, seniors, beginners, and pros.

A 7 iron club is classified as a mid-iron. It has a loft that ranges between 29-33 degrees and can be used to hit a variety of golf shots. Golfers usually use it on full shots or when going under or over the trees, reach longer PAR 3’s or chipping. Chipping is a shot that is hit around the green and is hit low with most of it’s travel being on the putting surface.

how far can you hit a 7 iron

Let’s discuss how far an average golfer should hit a 7 iron further, explaining the different factors influencing a golfer’s swing.

How Far Should an Average Golfer Hit a 7 Iron?

There’s no definite answer to this question. It is important that you know yourself. The average distance varies greatly from one player to another. A 7-iron distance from one person can be a 5-iron from another and a 6-iron from a third. 

You should remember that whether you’re a “long” or a “short” hitter does not imply being better or worse. Remember that golf is a sport of precision rather than power or strength. It is much more important to be regular with your hits and distances than to be a “long” hitter and reach great distances with your hits.

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An average male golfer can hit up to 150 yards with a 7 iron while for women golfer, they should hit a 7 iron up to 120 yards. However, this is only a reference, and there is a multitude of factors that can affect the distance of your shots. 

The range of your 7 iron hit can differ depending on your level of play and whether you’re a senior, junior, male or female golfer.

Factors That Influence a Golfer’s Distance

Some key factors influence the distance achieved by a golfer from a specific club. It includes your swing speed, the loft of your iron club, the weather and the distance from the impact to the point of landing, often referred to as the carry distance. 

It depends on your level of play and your swing speed that makes the difference. An average distance hit with a 7 iron by a male golfer is higher than the distance achieved by women or senior golfers. However, sometimes women are very long-hitters and can hit better than beginner males. 

Likewise, it’s different for pros, average hitters and beginners. If there’s a strong wind, your distance gained can be different from what you should achieve with a 7 iron.

All you need to know about Irons!

Golf is a sport with many influential factors making it complicated at times. Surely it has ever happened to you that you choose a club, make the perfect swing, and the ball goes off the green or falls short. Many golfers face this frustration at one time or another.

Irons are considered the heart of the golf bag, making up the majority of the clubs, often used for medium distances. With this type of club, made with iron, you get better control of the ball. 

They are therefore perfect for handling difficult situations, such as tall grass. There are nine different types of iron sticks. Irons 1, 2, 3 and 4 are used for distances up to 190 meters and are the most difficult to use. The 6, 7 and 8 irons reach up to 140 meters, and the 9 iron is used at distances of up to 110 meters.

how far should you hit a 7 iron

Experienced players always equip themselves with irons. But even professionals don’t always come into contact with the center of the face: they sometimes miss the ideal impact zone and are also looking for the distance offered by irons for intermediate players.

Golfers use irons to achieve different golf distances, generally for medium-length shots between 80 to 200 yards. You hit the iron with an effort depending on the length you want to achieve. There is no homogeneous distance from each club.

It is the choice of the club that makes the difference in length. It can be said that there is a distance difference of about 10 meters between the different types of golf clubs. 

A regular set of irons usually consists of five golf clubs with the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9—the higher the number of clubs, the higher the trajectory of the balls and, therefore, shorter. In addition, you can extend the iron set with a 3 iron and a 4 iron, with which you can even greater distances.

Iron clubs are used in many different ways and are suitable for all positions. Unlike the driver, irons focus less on the length and more on precision.  And 7 irons are used in all different styles of golf events, like the golf shamble for example.

Different club heads are particularly forgiving for golf beginners and give good results, even if the golf ball is not hit optimally.

7 Iron Distance Conclusion!

We hope the information above has answered the question, how far should an average golfer hit a 7 iron? The average distance from a 7 iron is different for different golfers and is influenced by several factors. 

All you need to know is your style and your level of play. Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends, and let us know if it worked for you!

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