Where to Aim Golf Rangefinder?

So, where to aim golf rangefinder? You should always aim at the flag or at a target that you are needing to know the distance to. That is the whole point of these devices – to measure the distance between you and the target so that you will know how strong to shoot. However, as you might have noticed, the whole process is not as simple as aiming at the flag. There are a few things that you should consider and that you should practice at home before you step on the golf course. Also, note that the process of measuring might also be a lot easier if you have a more expensive device. A golf rangefinder is a very useful device that most professional golfers use. It provides exact distances that you can either use that moment or log in a yardage book for future rounds. It works in the same way that most other laser devices do. Basically, it fires a laser beam at a target and measures the time the beam needs to reflect and come back to the device. Depending on the measured time, it can very precisely calculate the distance between you and the target.

Types of Rangefinders

There are various types of golf rangefinders, and they usually only differ by features that they provide. The rule of thumb is that the more features a device provides, the more expensive it will be. Some golf rangefinders can also calculate distances on uneven grounds; however, they are not legal in most tournaments worldwide. In addition to the rangefinders, there are also various types of golf GPS units, like the Izzo Swami 5000, that give you accurate readings on your distances. In some tournaments, you might get banned, while in others, there will be devices that automatically disable this feature. Similar devices are also used in hunting and are known as hunting rangefinders.

Features of a Rangefinder

In order to explain how to use a golf rangefinder and where to aim, we should first analyze a few features that it provides and that are included in the process. First, you should know how to look through it properly. You should check where the eye touches the device. The fact is that some rangefinders require a very short distance between your eye and the device. Also, you should always use only one eye and hold your hand as steady as possible for the proper view. Besides that, you should also know how to search for the target properly. It is recommended that you always search for the target with a bare eye first, and then use the rangefinder. Note that some expensive golf rangefinders can also scan and measure the distance all around you. It will allow you to see the distance between the target and other obstacles, too. Another great idea is to use a tripod, instead of holding the device in your hands. The fact is that you need as much stability as you can get, so a tripod can be the best solution. However, if you can’t find the right tripod, you can use both of your hands. You will have to practice on the field so that you can use it without a problem when the game starts. Another thing that you should practice is how to find the flag, and this is also the main idea behind a golf rangefinder. However, some rangefinders come with a sensor that will vibrate when it looks at the flag, which is a very nice and useful feature. It also looks a bit futuristic. On the other hand, some of the best budget rangefinders will target the farthest object. The best way to practice using this device is to use it on a flag that is not distant. As you get better, you can gradually increase the distance until you master it and are ready to step on the field.
Where to aim Golf Rangefinder

Slope Function

We have already mentioned golf rangefinders that come with a slope function. They can be pretty interesting and useful, since they can measure the distance on uneven terrains. It will save you from lots of calculations that you would have to do on your own. Although these devices are great and very useful, they are not allowed in all tournaments. Another fact is that more and more tournaments nowadays are starting to ban people who use these devices. Not all tournaments will ban you, but some will have special devices that will interfere with your rangefinder and will disable the slope function. In some cases, it might interfere with the whole device, so that it will be useless during the game. On the other hand, if you are not a professional player and play mostly with friends, this can be both a useful and interesting feature to help you improve your score. Also, note that it doesn’t mean that no-slope rangefinders are bad. The main feature of both types of rangefinders is to measure the distance between you and the target. All of the rest are just added features that might help, but will also drastically affect the price.

Conclusion: Where to Aim Golf Rangefinder

It may seem unfair, but that’s how it is. So grab a good rangefinder, aim at the flag, and up your game’s accuracy and handicap.
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