Precision Pro NX9 Review | In depth look with FAQ’s

Precision Pro has become one of the top brands in golf rangefinders. This NX9 Rangefinder Review highlights how the this current rangefinder built upon the brand’s prior successes with a great rangefinder that is affordable and accurate. 

The laser range finder generally has become a nearly indispensable tool for any semi-serious golfer. Skilled amateurs and professionals alike can benefit from the fast and accurate distance measurements and scans that fully define a hole’s layout.

precision pro nx9

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The Precision NX7 Pro was a great product that established the brand as a leading provider of high-quality range finders and made a great first rangefinder. 

The Precision NX9 golf rangefinder takes that same basic platform and greatly improves upon it with greater accuracy and speed in delivering distance measurements. 

Recent design improvements also make it a better all-around rangefinder to keep in your bag for your next round of golf.

The NX9 Slope rangefinder uses the same great body design as the NX7 but packs more into it. The entire unit measures about 6 inches long by 4 inches tall and about 2 inches wide. 

It weighs less than 6 ounces and has a very cool ergonomic design. A well-buffered polymer front end absorbs shocks and bumps while protecting the laser and viewing lens.

Two buttons on top do it all and are positioned where your fingers naturally rest over the topside while a soft indent underneath cradles your thumb. 

A rubberized and textured wrap on top and underneath improves the grip and comfort while on the course. A modest indent on each side doubles as a rest for your palm and fingertips.

precision pro nx9 hd is the newest model and the high end option compared to the NX7 pro

NX9 Review General Package

The NX9 rangefinder with a NX9 slope rangefinder feature offers exceptionally fast and accurate distance measuring to help you to improve your golf game. It provides highly accurate readings to within a tenth of a yard with the option to use meters. 

The rangefinder works at a maximum range of 400 yards, which covers the longest possible drive for all but the best of long-drivers.

When the tee already tells you the distance to the green, you only need a rangefinder to locate potential hazards that might upset your golf shot, helping you make your club selection. 

The Precision NX9 HD and its 400-yard range give you lightning-fast readings while making it much easier to ignore background objects. 

A tree that is 420 yards away will not distract the rangefinder’s laser beam and produce a false reading of you are trying to lock onto the pin from about 300 yards away.  The laser will hit the flag and not a tree…

Pro NX9 Rangefinder HD Pros:

  • Exceptional accuracy to within a yard of the pin.
  • Target Acquisition Technology.
  • Free lifetime battery replacement.
  • Two-year warranty and guaranteed trade-in value.
  • Magnetic cart mount built into the unit.
  • Slope feature on some models
  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • 6x magnification

Pro NX9 Rangefinder HD Cons:

  • Maximum range of 400 yards.
  • No included slope adjustment technology on some models

You can get multiple distance readings in a flash and ensure you have the best possible distance readings to make the right club and swing choice to hit your target. 

It takes just a half a second to get highly accurate readings displayed on the bright and clear LCD display. A 6X magnifier gives you a very detailed sight picture while viewing the layout before you.

The best budget golf rangefinder function is very quick and accurate and negates the need for multiple settings that many other rangefinders require. Instead of switching from a scan mode to a pin mode range view and back again, you just use the same feature for each measurement.

precision pro rangefinder review shows the most important thing to lower scores
NX9 with Slope Rangefinder

Pulse Vibration Target-Lock Indicator

When you seek exact distances to the pin and other objects on the course, the Precision Pro NX9 HD prism presents you with the correct distance with a target lock that includes a pulse vibration. 

A quick press of the respective button on top will lock in on the flag or other target and give a quick pulse vibration to tell you the rangefinder is locked in and the distance is correct.

The display will show the distance in your choice of yards or meters with a digital numerals located near the center. 

If you buy the optional NX9 Pro Slope, the slope compensation distance also is included but a bit lower on the viewfinder to keep it separate from the straight distance measurement.

The lightning-fast NX9 delivers the highly accurate readings in a split-second and enables you to take several fast and very accurate readings to fully apprise yourself of the distance. 

The pulse vibration lets even golfers with shaky hands from cold morning air can get a completely accurate reading when using the NX9.

The Precision Pro NX9 HD does not have slope technology included, which makes it compatible with R&A and USGA regulations. It is an ideal golfing tournament tool for taking very rapid measurements and especially for setting up the best approach shot. 

The NX9 Pro Slope function model includes a shut-off feature that enables it to also be tournament-legal by rendering the slope compensation inoperable for the round.

precision pro rangefinders pulse vibration technology makes a great first impression

The R&A and USGA each have determined that straight-distance laser rangefinders are legal for their sanctioned tournaments but allow local tournaments to be more restrictive. Luckily this device as the option to turn off the slope feature. 

But that means a locally organized tournament might ban laser rangefinders altogether, so you need to check in advance to ensure you fully comply with tournament rules if you want to use the Precision Pro NX9 HD or another laser rangefinder.

Optional Precision Pro NX9 Slope Review

The NX9 Pro Slope provides the adaptive slope technology that the NX9 omits to remain unquestionably legal for tournament use. It does raise the cost by about 40 percent, so you really should make sure that you truly need that additional feature before laying out the additional bucks.

The slope reading is a great feature that tells golfers the compensated distance that they need to shoot for to clear the terrain. If the terrain rises, you need to hit a shot that would carry further to account for the elevation change or risk having the ball fall well short of your target.

Likewise, if the elevation is lower at the chosen target, the slope compensation will calculate the carry distance and give you a shorter adjusted distance to hit the ball in order to reach your target. 

That helps to keep you from flying the green or landing in a hazard when making downhill golf shots.

Magnetic Cart Mount

The Precision Pro NX9 non slope is the next generation beyond the very popular Precision Pro NX7. Among the many improvements that the NX9 includes over the NX7 is a magnet feature, a magnetic strip placed inside the rangefinder’s grip. 

The lets you place the rangefinder in a very convenient location on the golf cart post for quick and easy use rather than in the cup holder on your cart. Current owners say they very much appreciate the convenience of simply magnetically affixing the rangefinder to the golf cart for simple retrieval.

NX9 With Carry Case
NX9 With Carry Case

About the only minor complaint is to remember to collect your Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder before you leave after you first round. Many owners report ending the round and forgetting to retrieve the rangefinder due to the ease of placing it out of the way with the magnetic strip. 

Placing it in a more obvious location should help you to collect it at the end of the round instead of leaving it affixed to the golf cart for course staff to find and place among the lost-and-found.

Free Lifetime Battery Replacements

You never will have to buy a new Precision Pro NX9 battery. That is because Precision Pro includes a lifetime of free CR2 batteries to power all of its rangefinder models. 

You just register your Precision Pro NX9 or other model and can receive replacement batteries long before your current ones go bad. The lithium batteries are commonly sold in retail stores so that you do not have to wait for new ones to arrive.

The NX9 does include an auto shutoff feature that turns off the rangefinder after it sits unused for a few seconds. That auto shutoff is especially helpful in saving battery power to make sure you can get through the entire round on the same battery. 

A single lithium battery should provide enough juice for about a dozen or more rounds of golf. Buying disposable batteries at the store can make your results vary a great deal, though. It always pays to have a couple of extras in your golf bag while awaiting more to arrive from Precision Pro.

The accurate NX9 Pro Slope
The accurate NX9 Pro Slope

Should you buy?

The Precision Pro NX9 Slope is a game changer for anyone serious about getting accurate distances and improving their golf game. 

The ability to get fast and accurate readings to the pin, water hazards and traps, and the green with target acquisition make it a lot easier to choose the correct club and swing combination. That leads to improved puts and better approach shots.

If you are considering one, a 90-day money-back guarantee as part of the Precision Care Package could be a deciding factor. That kind of a low risk versus a potentially high reward. 

Precision Pro also offers a guaranteed trade-in allowance that ensures your rangefinder always will hold a resale value. That makes it a lot easier to move up to a newer model as Precision Pro continues its inevitable pace of change along with other makers of laser rangefinders.

Precision Pro NX9 HD FAQ’s

Is the Precision Pro NX9 Waterproof?

Golf is a sport played every season, come rain or shine, which is why it’s important to have the right equipment that does not get easily damaged by the weather elements. 

The precision pro NX9 is not impervious to water which means it is not waterproof, but the solid and sturdy build of the rangefinder allows the equipment to withstand water penetrating through the outer body to a certain degree, making it water-resistant.

Being weather proof does not mean you can leave your rangefinder in a puddle of water and not expect it to get water damage. However, a little rain or drizzle should not interfere with the functionality of the precision pro NX9, as long as you keep it relatively dry.

How Do I Turn Off the Precision Pro Slope?

Whether you want to use this new rangefinder in tournaments or need to determine the distance on a level field, you might need to turn off slope mode. Start by pressing the mode button located at the top near the power button. 

You can see the slope adjusted yardage right below the battery sign and above the pin if you look through the eyepiece. Once you press the mode button, only one reading will be visible on display: the actual yardage. There are two modes – mode 1 (M1 as it appears on the screen) is no slope adjustment, while mode 2 (M2 as it appears on the screen) is with slope adjustment.

adaptive slope technology in this most advanced model is a great rangefinder

Are Precision Pro Rangefinders Good?

The Precision Pro rangefinder brand contains some of the most advanced model range finders that provide the same accuracy as models with higher price points. They are rock solid units with some of the same features as their competitors that accurately measures distance and at a great price.

The easy functionality and sharp LCD screen make it easy for golfers to have accurate information available to them with the press of a button, whether it measures with slope or without. The compact size and easy portability features including magnetic grip and lanyards to ensure you can carry it safely on any golf course.

How Do You Use NX9 Slope?

Turn the NX9 slope rangefinder on by pressing the green button to turn the device on. Look through the eyepiece from where you can view the display screen, and once you find the pin, press the power button again to acquire the pin allowing this good rangefinder to calculate the distance. 

Make sure to check the battery life and distance measurement unit to ensure there is no confusion when evaluating the distance to the pin.

How Do You Change the Distance Measurement Unit?

Depending on your golfing preference, you might want to change the distance measurement unit to make it easier for you to visualize the distance. The Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder has simplified the process for changing modes as there are only two more options available for measurement units. 

When you look through the rangefinder, you can see the letters yd appear on the display when you look through the eyepiece if it’s in yard mode, or you’ll see the letter m appear in the same position if the rangefinder is in meter mode.

If you find that the current setting is not to your liking, simply hold the grey mode selector button for 1-2 seconds. The mode button is located at the top of the Precision Pro NX9 opposite the green power button. 

Pressing and holding the button once will change the distance measurement unit from yards to meters or vice versa. Always check to ensure you’re in the correct mode, or you might face issues when measuring distances.

Battery Questions

What Type of Battery Does the NX9 Use?

The Precision Pro NX9 uses a CR2 3-volt single-charge lithium battery, commonly found at most hardware or drug stores. As these batteries are single charge, they cannot be charged externally using an electrical outlet and must be discarded once they run out.

How Do I Change the Battery in Precision Pro?

As the precision pro NX9 comes with a single-use battery, it needs to be replaced once it runs out. Each battery typically lasts for 10,000 uses, which can last the average golfer approximately an entire year, depending on the frequency of usage. 

You can locate the battery right below the eyepiece of the rangefinder. The battery is protected by a click-in plastic cover made of the same material as the body of the rangefinder featuring the Precision Pro logo right at the top.

When your battery is close to the end, the battery indicator on the top right corner will show that the battery has run down as the black bar that shows battery health will shrink over time you turn the rangefinder on and look through the eyepiece. 

When the battery is finished, open the hard-plastic tab covering the battery chamber and remove the battery from its place. Ensure the new battery is placed in the exact same position as the previous battery with the positive and negative terminals lining up, so the new battery works efficiently. 

Take the plastic cover and clip it into place, so the battery is secured, and you should see the battery level on your rangefinder screen rise meaning you are ready to use your rangefinder once more.

How Do I Get A Replacement Battery from Precision Pro?

Precision Pro has a lifetime free battery replacement policy which applies to every golf rangefinder model. Any person who owns the Precision NX9 can get their battery replaced by filling out a form on the Precision Pro website. 

The form requires basic details such as your name, email, shipping address, product registration ID, and the model number. The free battery replacement is 100% free of charge in the United States as long as it is a Precision Pro product, and it will be shipped in a few days via mail once you have filled out the form.

Different golf regulation bodies have different rules for using rangefinders. The USGA allows players to use rangefinders and bought casual games and tournaments. However, before entering a tournament, you should still check if the tournament committee allows rangefinders to be used according to the local rules.

If the tournament allows the use of distance measuring devices like rangefinders, you can easily switch off the slope mode in the Precision Pro NX9 by pressing the mode button to make the device slope tournament legal.

How Do I Attach A Wrist Strap to My Rangefinder?

Provided the model comes with a lanyard or strap, it should not be easy to make it easier to carry the product.

  • There is an attachment feature at the back of the rangefinder below the eyepiece.
  • Locate the square opening with a thin horizontal metal bar running through the center, which is where you can attach the wrist strap.
  • Take the looped end of the thin wrist strap attachment and pass it under the attachment bar until it comes out the other side.
  • When the strap has crossed the bar, use your fingers to pull the wrist strap attachment cord back out from the top of the attachment bar.
  • Keep pulling the wrist strap attachment cord until it has passed completely through the attachment bar, and the plastic piece prevents you from pulling the cord any further.
  • Pull the wrist strap through the thicker wrist strap attachment called forming a loop and keep pulling the wrist strap tight until the loop decreases in size and fits snugly on the wrist strap attachment bar.
  • You can now safely and securely carry your rangefinder on your wrist without any fear of the product falling or slipping.

How Do I Carry the Rangefinder?

If the rangefinder does not come with a lanyard, it will feature other options allowing you to carry the product. The NX9 rangefinder comes with a magnetic grip for models made after 2020. 

The built-in magnetic cart mount allows golfers to securely attach the Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder to golf carts, steel shafts of golf clubs, or any other metallic substance that the magnetic grip can securely attach to. The strong magnet allows players to easily access the rangefinder without searching for it in their golf bag.

The Precision Pro NX9 HD also comes with a hard-shelled carrying case that can also be used to carry the rangefinder. 

The grey round-edged case features the Precision Pro logo on a black tag. The case can be easily zipped up while ensuring the rangefinder fits tightly.

As an additional security measure, the top of the case has an elastic band that can be stretched over the case opening to prevent the device from falling out if you forget to zip up the case. 

The case comes with multiple attachment features, making it easy to attach to your belt or any other strap making it easy to carry all over the golf course.

What Are the Features of the NX9 Rangefinder?

  • 6x magnification
  • Viewfinder width: 22mm
  • Enhanced LCD Display
  • 400-yard range
  • Magnetic Grip (New for 2020)
  • Yards & Meters function
  • Pulse vibration technology generates a short pulse when target distance is acquired
  • (TAG) Target Acquisition Technology ensures you get measurements to the flag, not what’s behind it
  • The compact design and ergonomic no-slip grip increases steadiness in your hand, reducing vibrations for a steady viewing experience
  • The Water-Resistant and Shock-Proof design will stand up to the rigors of the course

What Is Included in The NX9 Rangefinder Packaging?

  • 1x NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder
  • Premium Packaging
  • 1x Rangefinder Hard-shell Carrying Case
  • 1x Manual/Product Cards
  • 1x Cr2 3-volt battery
  • Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and lanyard

How Will I Know When the Rangefinder Is Ready?

Once you press the power button after identifying the pin through the eyepiece, the rangefinder, when evaluating the distance, will produce a quick vibration after the target acquisition has been completed to let you know that the number on the LCD display is accurate.

Where Is Precision Pro Manufactured?

Precision Pro products are developed at their headquarters in Cincinnati and are subsequently produced in China and the Philippines.  And available for purchase in the US at a great price, almost half the price of some competitors.

Where Should I Store the NX9 Rangefinder?

After you play golf the range finder should be stored in a cool and dry area that should be close to room temperature. 

The precision pro works in cold and wet conditions as it is water-resistant, but prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity can have adverse effects on the product’s performance, including foggy screens resulting in inaccurate readings.

Does the NX9 Rangefinder Come with The Precision Care Package?

Precision Pro as a leader in the rangefinder market places extra focus on customer care, so it provides the precision care package with all rangefinders. The package includes:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t measure up to your expectations
  • Free lifetime battery replacement (this applies for delivery in the United States only)
  • Two-year warranty that covers any manufacturer defect
  • Guaranteed trade-in allowance for a 30% discount when trading in Precision Pro golf products
  • Fast turnaround and no-cost replacement if the rangefinder is not working properly
  • Fast response time to solve any issues with the product
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