How Do You Hit a Fade?

A fade is one of the most controllable ball flights that moves the ball slightly left-to-right for right-handed golfers and right-to-left for left-handers. It is a controlled shot, and hitting it is a desired skill. But how do you hit a fade? Like any golf shot, you need practice to master this technique, and many golfers can hit fade shots naturally. However, as a general rule, you need to:

  • keep your grip weaker than normal, rotating your left and right hands slightly counterclockwise
  • point your body to the left of the target, keeping the clubface aimed at the target
  • Proceed with a normal swing, slightly weaker than usual and aim a little left to the intended target
  • You can either proceed with a slightly open clubface or a changed swing path with an outside-to-in motion

Let’s discuss the above steps in detail and a lot more about the fade shots!

What is a Fade Shot?

Fade is a controlled shot that can solve a complicated situation. Golfers usually look for straight shots, in which the ball hardly deviates from its position. However, different factors may require an open trajectory, in which the ball has to deviate to one side. This is the fade shot in which the aim is to hit the ball so that it turns from left to right or right to left for right-handers and left-handers, respectively.

The ball takes a little deviated trajectory to the left to take the opposite trajectory to the right for a right-handed player. For a left-handed player, the ball’s trajectory would be the other way around.

What happens is that the ball makes a parabola from left to right. If you control this trajectory, you can overcome obstacles that prevent you from executing a straight shot.

To obtain a fade, you must point the clubface at the target, aligning the body slightly to the left; what marks the swing line is your own body.

If the shot is correct, you will probably perceive that the body’s turn is a little less than the one you make in a flat shot. This will give the ball a spectacular effect.

The Importance of Arms in Spin Shots Like Fade

The fade shot, just like draw, must be very controlled from the beginning of the backswing. The position and tension of the arms will be key so that the ball’s trajectory is the one you want.

If the arms are tense at the moment of striking, the blow will tend to come out straight, and you cannot point it towards one of the sides. A strong hit achieves more distance in terms of force since fade is used for long trajectories. However, the swing should be weaker than normal. 

Let’s discuss some tips that you can use to hit a successful fade shot!

How Do You Hit a Fade Shot?

Some golfers can hit a fade naturally, but many end up hitting a big slice, a nightmare of every golfer, where the ball goes left-to-right too quickly.  Following some simple tips can help you hit a successful fade.

We Want the Ball to Go to the Left!

That is to say to the left of the line, which goes from the ball to the target. Of course, the angle between the target line and the strike line will only be a few degrees. As a result, your focus should be on the axis of the strike line and no longer towards the target!

Strike the Ball From Outside -> Inside

  • Place the ball in the part of the magic arc of a circle and hit from a low point to send the ball to the left.
  • With the driver, to hit while going up, the ball must be 15 cm to the right of the sternum and in front of the sternum with a wood 3.
  • As everyone has their height and body structure, you have to practice finding the best place to place their ball.

Turn the Ball to the Right to Return to the Target!

Four things will help:

The Grip

  • Keep your grip a little weaker than normal and rotate your top hand (left hand for right-handers and right hand for left-handers) a little counterclockwise. It should be rotated enough to get the club back to square at impact.
  • Also rotate your bottom hand (right for the right handers and left for the left-handers) slightly in the same direction as the top hand.
  • Do not place your bottom hand too far onto the club as it can cause a big slice.

The Posture

Once you’ve achieved the right grip, point your body to the left of the target to hit a fade and the club face should also aim at the place where you want your ball to land.

  • Keep your feet parallel to the target line that goes from the ball to the target
  • Keep your shoulders aligned parallel to the line which goes towards the focus, in the direction of the club’s release
  • Aim slightly left to the intended target when hitting a fade to let the ball go slightly left to right.

The Clubface’s Orientation and the Swing

The face should be noticeably closed in the hands, which takes it to square to release direction when it is behind the ball.

  • Open your clubface a little, rotating the club toe slightly away from the ball. A small rotation is enough to make the difference here.
  • If opening the clubface is not your thing, try changing your swing path by swinging slightly across your target line. Try to achieve a little outside-to-in motion in your swing, making your club hit the ball and move left through impact for right-handers.

The Finish

It is imperative to lead it to the end. We then find ourselves in the alignment of the feet, belt buckle facing the target!

We hope that the information above has answered the question, how do you hit a fade? Do not forget to share this with your golfer friends, and let us know how these tips worked for you!

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