How Much Does it Cost to Golf at Augusta?

How Much Does it Cost to Golf at Augusta? Augusta National Golf Club is one of the best and most steeped golf clubs in America, with an initiation cost of around $ 40,000. However, according to Forbes, the initiation fee is much closer to par, ranging from $250,000-$500,000. Playing at the Augusta National Golf Club is every golfer’s dream. Let’s discuss what it takes to become one of those luckiest golfers who golf at Augusta!

Augusta Members: Who are they and How and How Much Does it Cost to Be?

The Augusta National Club (Georgia, USA), which organizes the Masters Tournament, strives to maintain the privacy of its approximately 300 members- a select group that includes some of the richest and most powerful persons in the world.

Golfing at Augusta National

Those responsible for this club make it clear on their website that “membership in Augusta National Golf Club is by invitation only. There is no application process”. So what does it take to be one of those allowed to play on golf’s holiest turf?

Being a great player or golf fan is not necessary for taking part in golf. In fact, the champions of the Master Tournament, despite receiving the prestigious green jacket, do not become members of the Augusta club.

Augusta is Closed from May to October!

It is perhaps the most important detail to have the perfect field. Augusta National closes six months a year. For your reference, the golf courses that host the big ones (Us Open, The Open Championship and PGA Championship) usually close a  month before at least.

Although the preparations of the greats often take a process many years in advance, no golf course in the world hosts a great every year except for Augusta National. The Masters is the only big one ever held at Augusta National.

How Much Does it Cost to Golf at Augusta?

Having significant economic capital is not an essential condition to enter either. In 2009, Golf World magazine published an article called Inside Augusta National Club in which a member of the club revealed that the initiation fees were between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000—an undoubtedly high figure but far from the six-figure sums that other elite clubs usually collect.

Membership costs less than $ 100,000!

Despite what many people think, Augusta National is not the most expensive golf course in the world to join. Right now, there are golf clubs well above that $ 100,000 figure.

The difficult thing is to be a member, and it is not worth paying the fee. It is a private club that invites people they think are appropriate to be members.

Thus, despite everything, being a millionaire helps. Some of the richest members of this club are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Among the golf legends who have been a part of Augusta Masters include Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.

Conditions to be a Member of Augusta

  • The two conditions that tend to be repeated among Augusta National Club members is age: a report by USA Today found that the average age of the members surveyed was around 70 years.
  • And the other condition is power: only the creme-de-la-creme of the corporate and public world is awarded the honor of being a member of Augusta.

There is no official list of the 300 members of Augusta. Still, the media publishes yearly lists of some of its members, including CEOs, directors of private equity companies, media moguls, government officials, and former sports stars.

How to play at Augusta National?

A few years back, a survey showed the result of ranking the 50 things people would do before they die. It is no less curious than swimming with dolphins was in the first place, and 43rd place was playing at the Augusta National. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to hit the ball on the tee at hole 1 of the Augusta National than to dive with dolphins.

Golfing at the site of the Masters

Here are a few of the ways to play at Augusta:

  1. Qualify to play the Masters. As obvious as it is unlikely, you have to be a professional player to be in the top 50 of the World Ranking or meet some of these qualification criteria (PGA Tour tournament winner, etc.). If you are an amateur, you should win the British Amateur, US Amateur (or be second), winner of the Asian Pacific Amateur, the Latin American Amateur Championship or the Mid’s Amateur. In addition, later, the best amateurs in the world also got that option. The best 72 got the right to play the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, whereas the 30 best that cut play the last round at Augusta National.
  2. Being a member, the club does not accept applications. Members are by invitation only.
  3. That one of the 300 club members, their identities are not public)
  4. Be on the golf team of nearby universities such as Augusta State, Georgia Tech. Augusta National gives them facilities so that they can enjoy their exclusive club some days of the year.
  5. Working either on the Augusta National field (as a caddy) or as a tournament volunteer (Augusta Masters) gives you the ability to play one day a year on the field.
  6. Covering the Masters as an accredited journalist gives you the chance to enter a raffle to play Augusta National on Monday.
  7. Have a Masters winner invite you, and you can play with him one round the Sunday before the tournament.
  8. Each year Emory, Queen’s, Western Ontario, and Georgia Tech universities select four graduates for a Bobby Jones scholarship at St. Andrews. If you are one of the lucky four, you will also have the chance to play at Augusta National.
  9. Become a member of Augusta Country Club. When a game needs to be filled in at Augusta National, members from the neighboring field have priority and are often offered that possibility.

We hope the information above has answered the question, how much does it cost to golf at Augusta. Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends who dream of golfing at Augusta!

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