How To Drive A Golf Ball

‘How To Drive A Golf Ball’? is a question that must have crossed every golfer’s mind because they all want to hit it longer and straighter, with more consistency. When it comes to hitting off the tee, the driver is unique, unlike any other club in the bag. It is much longer and has much less loft than the rest of the clubs.  So, some of the important points that let you hit the driver correctly are:

  • Hit the high tee.
  • Widen your stance.
  • The ball should be on the front foot.
  • Slow down your hands.
  • Bend your shoulders.
  • Take the soft stick.
  • Don’t do the climb too long.

You may still be thinking that the list is long. But, these nine steps are necessary to hit the driver correctly!

Let’s discuss these points step-by-step in detail to give you a clear idea about hitting the driver correctly!

How To Drive A Golf Ball Better?

Let’s be realistic. Most amateur golfers don’t hit the driver very well. You must also be aware that hitting the driver very well is not synonymous with getting a low handicap, but there are a few things more satisfying than impaling your shots from the tee.

Hitting long does not mean that, suddenly, you go on to achieve good results. There are thousands of hard-hitting golfers out there who would not score low!

tips for hitting driver

Let’s understand it further with the differences between driver and other clubs!

Why is Hitting the Driver Different from Irons?

Your driver is a beast very different from any club, be it a 3 wood, an iron or a wedge. Many amateur golfers have great difficulty off the tee because they do not take into account these differences. Once you understand why you need to make these adjustments, it will be much easier to hit it well with the driver.

Let’s start by knowing the three main differences of the driver, what makes it a unique club in the bag.

1. It is much longer

The driver is by far the longest club in the bag. The standard measurement of rod length is usually 45 inches. Some manufacturers even have 46 inches as a standard rod. To give you an idea, the shank of the 5-iron is usually about 38 inches.

It goes without saying. These 7 inches make a big difference in our swing; we are further away from the ball, so we must readjust our angle of attack and position on impact. But just in case, a longer stem and minimal loft further accentuate our mistakes.

With two completely equal swings, you have more room for error with iron than with the driver. This is why it is much easier for you to hit it straight with a 3 wood or 5 wood than with the driver.

2. The ball is hit on top of a tee.

This difference is profound. It is the only club you always play with from a tee. Yes, you can hit it from the ground, but it is not recommended to most amateur golfers.

Why Does Hitting a Driver Off the Tee Matter so Much?

Because the impact position will be different, you want to hit the ball at a downward angle, lifting a chop, with irons, wedges, and even woods.

Instead, with your driver, you need to hit the ball at an upward angle. The main reason for hitting a tee under the ball is to allow the club to approach in an upward sweeping motion. It is something very important for this blow as it directly affects the angle of attack.

Analyze the Angle of Attack

It is about analyzing the alignment of your clubhead at the moment of impact relative to the ground. A shot where you hit the ball perfectly parallel to the ground has an angle of attack of 0 degrees.

On the other hand, a club that hits the ball downward will have a negative angle. In contrast, a club that hits in an upward trajectory will have a positive, just the one you want to have with your driver shot.

Golfers with a 0 handicap (scratch) have an angle of attack with the driver slightly higher than 0, while average golfers (18 handicaps) have an angle of attack with the driver of -2.1 points. Regardless of your level of play, the objective is to hit the shot at an upward angle to get the maximum ball flight, taking it to more distance.

Now that you have seen and understood the differences between hitting a driver with the irons let’s see what adjustments you must make to hit the driver well!

  • Hit the high tee: Keep in mind that you need a high tee to hit a good drive. It is very difficult to hit it with an upward angle if the tee is low.
  • Widen your stance: Since the driver is longer, you need a wider stance to keep you stable throughout the swing movement. It is only necessary to separate the feet a little more than your shoulders.
  • It makes it easier to have an inverted K position at impact and have a full weight transition.
  • Place the ball correctly: Advance the ball to the maximum in your stance. For a right-handed player, the correct position would be at the level of your left ear. It makes it easier to hit it at an upward angle—quite the opposite than if you place yourself with the ball too centered.
  • Slow down your hands a bit: You slightly advance your hands to facilitate a downward impact when you hit the irons and wedges. With drivers, you have to do the opposite. It will help you maintain the club’s loft throughout the swing and prevent creating a backspin on the ball.
  • Bow your shoulders: Leaning your shoulders a little in an upward position is inevitable. Our right hand is lower than the left, so, normally, our right shoulder is lower than the left. It will help us to hit it at an upward angle.
  • Release grip pressure: If you’re like most amateur golfers, take the pressure off a bit. Try to hold the stick as smooth as possible! The general tendency is to tighten the grip stronger than normal, with the driver hitting it harder. This creates tension in the hands, forearms, and the entire body in general. It will be difficult to generate a good movement and maintain a good tempo if you are in tension.
  • Don’t Do the Climb Too Long: The maximum point of rising with the stick parallel to the ground. You should never pass this point.

We hope the information above has answered the questions, ‘how do you hit a golf driver correctly’?

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