How Do You Hit a Driver Straight Every Time?

How do you hit a driver straight every time? There’s no definitive answer, but a combination of some tips and techniques that you must follow if you want your drivers hit straight every time, landing your ball in the middle of the fairways. Remember:

  1. Strike location is the most important element in hitting your driver straight down the fairway. Hitting in the middle of your clubface helps you get the optimal ball flight direction and hit it dead straight. It is also important that your clubface is aiming right towards the path.
  2. The second most important element in hitting your driver straight is the swing path, the direction your club takes through the shot. With a nice square clubface, you can get the desired swing direction and hit your driver super straight. It’s worth practicing. Many golfers, even the best players, are more inclined hitting ball from the inside while others swing from across the ball. Both are wrong since they cause curvature.
  3. And lastly, aiming at the target is key for hitting the driver straight. For this, you need to stand behind the golf ball, pick a target close to the ball, such as a leaf, align perfectly parallel to that leaf and hit the golf ball arrow straight with all the elements discussed above.

Although hitting a driver straight requires practice, these insights will help you hit your fairways straighter with a driver every time.

Let’s discuss this further, along with some more tips concerning your posture and grip!

How Do You Hit a Driver Straight Every Time?

Regardless of their level of play, every golfer on the planet wants to know how to hit their drivers straighter frequently. It is difficult, even for good players, to hit long, straight drives in the middle of the fairway consistently that set up a perfect second shot, lowering your handicap score.

However, there are some tips that allow you to hit fairways straight with your drivers more often.

golf swing tips driver straight

First of all, remember that for a dead straight shot with a driver, you must know your equipment well, know how to position your body and the ball, master the swing movement and keep a cool head in all situations.

Although drivers are meant to achieve maximum distance on the course, this shouldn’t be your only concern. To lengthen the average length of your strokes with this club and raise your level of stroke, you need to be more precise and aim to hit the ball straight.

Hold the Grip by Exerting Adequate Pressure with Your Hands!

If you think that a hard grip and hitting the ball hard is the best way to go straight, you are wrong. Even pros make that mistake.

A good golfer should hold his grip like he would hold a bird in his hand without crushing it and letting it slip away. It is called a neutral grip that is not too strong or too weak. You must avoid any tension in your hands when typing.

You can practice this by exerting different pressures on the grip during a workout. Notice when your punches lose force when the grip is too loose or too tight.

If you are right-handed, squeeze the grip with your left hand and cover your fingers by the right hand. Wrap the left hand’s fingers around the grip and apply the palm to it so that the thumb is on its upper part.

Do the same with the other hand, but place the little finger of the right hand between the index and middle fingers of the left hand and the base of the right thumb on the phalanges of the left thumb. You can also interlock the little finger of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand.

Perform a Clean Swing

Know how to balance your swing

You should have at least two swings: one for powerful shots and one for maximum control. Not all strokes are played at full power.

You need to protect some by water features and bunkers and therefore attack them from the right or the left with a fade or a draw. However, for a straighter shot, hit it from behind the wall, aligning perfectly parallel to the target you aim, in the middle of the clubface.

  • For a powerful shot, place your head and club shaft slightly behind the ball and spread your feet a little further.
  • For a controlled shot, bring your feet together, place the ball a little further back, and use a slower club motion on the downswing.

Bring the club back (backswing) very carefully, as this is often where the outcome is decided!

Shift your body weight onto the back leg to gain strength during the backswing. You might tend to do a very fast backward movement to give power to your shot, which is a mistake.

golf tips driving straight

Avoid this so as not to break the alignment of the arms during your swing. An alignment parallel to your ball, or a close target if you’ve chosen, such as a leaf, enables you to go straight down the fairway.

  • Keep the driver’s head along the ground as long as possible, brushing against the grass to avoid crashing into the ground every fourth time.
  • Bring the club back in a uniform motion and pause at the top position before throwing it forward. You should have the impression that the clubhead is levitating before starting the downswing phase. It allows you to balance the gravity.

Calmly start the descent phase

The clubhead should gradually gain speed and be in the acceleration phase as the ball passes through. Your whole body should contribute to the back movement, which you have to perform without haste.

You must keep your head still (with your eyes fixed on the ball) during the downswing. You might be tempted to watch where your ball is going too early, which is a mistake.

Keep the angle the front hand makes with the shaft the same as it passes through the ball. Do not try to straighten the back of your hand in an attempt to raise the ball.

The angle that the clubhead makes with the vertical (loft) must generate the angle of the launch of the ball and its trajectory. The front hand (the left hand for right-handed people) should make most of its whipping motion before impact.

Finish the movement over your left shoulder (for right-handed people). Don’t straighten your head too early to see where your ball is going. If you have performed your swing motion correctly with the driver, the ball should follow the path you intended to give it.

Our Final Thoughts!

We hope the information above has answered the question, ‘How do you hit a driver straight every time? For a clean, dead straight drive down the fairway, aim your target properly, hit in the middle of your clubface and straight down the swing path.

Although it’s worth practice, keeping these tips in your mind will help you hit with your driver directly!

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