Best Garmin S62 Review

A Garmin Approach S62 review of its functions shows that this is one incredibly useful golf GPS watch. The very cool and accurate Approach S62 comes loaded with more than 41,000 golf course located around the Earth. If it is an R&A- or USGA-regulation golf course in the United States, you can bet the Garmin S62 has it in the library.

garmin s62 review

The maps of regulation golf courses load automatically when you are at one of them and switch the Approach S62 to golf mode. The GPS device will take a couple of minutes to sync with the appropriate satellite data to determine your exact locate based on GPS coordinates and the respective golf course. You should turn it on prior to reaching your first tee to avoid slowing down the playing pace.

Garmin S62 Review: How the Garmin Approach S62 Works

Once the Garmin S62, which is different than the S60, has the correct golf course map determined and loaded, it will recognize the tee you are at and automatically load the map for that hole. You can get an overhead view with up to four range arcs showing distances to hazards, layups, doglegs and the fairway.

The Approach S62 also will give you the middle distance to the green in large numerals with the back and front and back distances listed above and below in small numbers. The GPS unit shows your exact location and continually updates it as you walk the hole. An overhead view lets you see the water hazards, bunkers, sand traps and other features that might add strokes to your score.


  • More than 41,000 detailed golf course maps.
  • Active green views with manual pin placement.
  • Virtual caddie.
  • Swing tempo mode improves range practice.
  • Free map updates.


  • Relatively costly.
  • Takes a little time to adjust to all that it does.

Before you take your next swing, the Garmin Approach S62 review of the windspeed and direction helps you understand how the ball might travel while in flight. The virtual caddie can give you effective club selection advice. And an included digital scorecard and shot tracker records the exact distances covered on each swing with each respective club and shows your average distance with each.

When you are lining up a golf shot, you can get the GPS distance to your chosen target by using the touchscreen and picking the spot where you want to land the ball. The virtual caddie can tell you which golf club you should use based on your average distance with it versus the distance you need to cover to reach your target.

A green view shows you how it is configured, layups and ball carry locations and any hazards that are protecting the green. The Garmin S62 adjusts the angle of approach so that you get the exact distances ahead of you instead for from some other standardized angle that does you no good.

Garmin S62 Review: Indicates Plays-Like Distances

The Garmin S62 review of terrain characteristics on a hole or green gives you a plays-like distance indicator. It assesses the rise and fall of the terrain and the effect of elevation change from the lie to the target so that you can make the correct adjustments in your club and swing to reach it.

The plays-like indicator is similar to a slope compensation that many laser rangefinders provide golfers. That function also can cause those rangefinders to be declared ineligible for use in R&A and USGA tournaments unless the slope compensation is switched off. Like the optional slope compensation, you can choose to not use the plays-like indicator and ensure the Garmin Approach S62 will not get you disqualified during your next tournament event.

Garmin S62 Review: Maps of 41,000+ Golf Courses

The Garmin Approach S62 comes loaded with a comprehensive list of more than 41,000 courses golf courses located around the globe. The automatic hole recognition loads the next tee when you exit the prior hole’s green so that you always can play a seamless round. You can scan an overhead view and zoom in on hazards, the fairway and other areas to get a closer look at what might affect your shot.

The watch measures about 1.85 inches in diameter, is about a half-inch thick and weighs less than 2 ounces. An internal and rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you enough power for three full rounds of golf on a regulation course with some time leftover in case of slow playing pace. A USB cable charges the battery and comes with the general package.

Garmin S62 Review: Very Helpful Practice Mode

The Garmin S62 review of features shows it gives you a swing tempo function that helps you to get the timing right on each club. Golfers usually spend three times longer doing the backswing than on the downswing. That is because you are accelerating the clubhead down and through the ball at about a 3:1 tempo for a well-hit golf shot.

When you are at the driving range, you can use the swing tempo feature to work with the clubs that cause you the most problems with your swing. The virtual caddie’s average distances per club help you to find your weak spots while the swing tempo training helps you to improve your performance.

That kind of effective practice at the driving range can lead to lower scores on the golf course and a lower handicap. You might even become a scratch golfer.

Garmin S62 Review: Free Garmin Golf App Download

The Garmin Approach S62 also gives you access to the free Garmin Golf App download for your iPhone or Android-powered cellphone. The Garmin Golf App lets you post live scoring updates and communicate with others on the same golf course or located on the other side of the world. You can track your scores and those of your friends no matter where you are on the golf course and share the various averages, longest drive, aces and other fun stats from your game and learn theirs. The Golf App also provides more detailed information on a larger screen while you are playing each golf course loaded into the Garmin golf GPS system.

Garmin Approach S62 Review: Is the Garmin Approach S62 worth buying?

The Garmin Approach S62 is a truly great golf GPS watch that offers class-leading capability in a very convenient and portable package. You just strap on the lightweight golf watch and go about your game. If you are used to wearing a watch, you will not notice the light Approach S62 while playing a round.

You get just about all of the information you could hope to obtain in order to make the best club and swing choices. And when you are away from the golf course, the Approach S62 provides the swing tempo function to improve your performance with particular clubs. The purchase price puts the Garmin Approach S62 in a range that will discourage some golfers, but those who give it a shot likely will love it and see a positive effect on their golf scores.

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