Garmin S40 vs S62 [Which One Is For You?]

Both of Garmin’s S40 and S62 golf watch are excellent devices. And honestly either one will be a great selection for anyones game.

But when trying to pick, it’s helpful to hear from others. I have used both and I liked the S62 best. The look of it and the fit were better for me. The data is the very similar between them, but I enjoyed using the S62.

Read on to learn more about my experience with these watches.


Best Choice


Garmin S40

Garmin S62

Screen Size

1.2 inches

1.3 inches


1.44 ounces

6.4 ounces

Preloaded Courses



Green View

Auto Shot Game Tracking

Battery Life in GPS Mode

10 Hours

15 Hours

Battery Life in Smartwatch Mode

10 Days

11 Days

Garmin App Compatable

More information

Garmin Approach S40 vs S62: Approach GPS Watches

The Garmin Approach series consists of a premium lineup of golf GPS equipment in the watch niche. The S40 is the mid-range version of the series, while the S62 is a premium version and has better specs and a wider array of features. If budget is not your biggest concern, the S62 gives you everything you want in a smartwatch and more.

Garmin S40 Watch

In the rest of the article, we want to talk about the specs of both watches. We will also be looking at how these two watches stack up against each other in terms of features. Of course, we will discuss value. Finally, I will give a short review on both. So, for an in-depth comparison, keep reading.

Garmin Approach S40 vs Garmin Approach S62 Specs

When comparing two products from the same series and the same brand, the specifications typically separate the two products and what drives the price between them. Here is a spec sheet that highlights the differences between the specs that we find most important.

It should be expected that the S62 is significantly better in terms of specs than its S40 counterpart. Because the battery life is as long it is, that is not as important as the storage, resolution, and build quality. In all of those aspects, the Garmin S62 golf watch is the clear winner.

Garmin S40 vs Garmin S62 Main Features

Both watches have everything you would expect from the Garmin golf technology, from Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone Android compatibility.

Garmin Watches

Both watches tell you the time and have GPS time sync. You can monitor your health and hydration with both, and you can also track other activities apart from golf, such as running and cycling; however, the Garmin Approach S62 is better suited to non-golf activities than the Approach S40.

What separates the Garmin S62 apart from the S40 in terms of features is things like Virtual Caddie. This feature is especially helpful for new or intermediate golfers. It can make recommendations of what you should do, including what club you should use depending on the course, wind, and distance to the pin.

Garmin S40 And S62 Garmin Approach Golf GPS Watch features:

The approach series is aimed at golfers. That doesn’t mean you need to be a golfer to enjoy the watch. However, if you do play golf, these are the features you can expect to help you and to make your life more convenient:

• Preloaded with over 41,000 gold courses from around the world.

• Pairs with Garmin Approach CT10 for automatic shot tracking.

• Use the Green View feature to analyze the green.

• Track your shots without paired devices.

• Set up virtual tournaments with the Garmin Golf App digital scorecard.

Garmin S62 Approach

Garmin Approach S62 Premium Features That Sets It Apart

The Garmin Approach S62 comes with a higher price tag. Therefore, it should have extra features. Well, this is what you can expect from the Garmin S62:

• Virtual Caddie to assist all of your shots if you want.

• View wind speed and direction in real-time.

• The Playslike gps mode feature can adjust recommendations according to the conditions.

• Use PinPointer for blind shots to a manual pin positioning location.

• Use the Hazard viewer on most golf courses for accurate shot distance over the trouble.

Garmin Approach S40 Value

When compared with smartwatches, like the S20 vs S40 discussion, within the same category, the S40 sits at the right price point. You get everything you expect at that price. Although you are not getting the most premium version, you are still getting a mid-range watch that looks good, feels good, and does what it’s supposed to do, but how much does this cost?

garmin approach s40 golf watches

This puts the price range similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The difference here is that you have all the golfing features with the S40, which makes it more valuable to a specific audience.

Garmin Approach S62 Value

Let me start by saying that the S62 is not a cheap watch, and for good reasons, everything from the build quality, the specs, and the features are all premium. So, if you decide between the S40 and the S62, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Here’s how much the Garmin is 62 costs:

This price point puts this watch amongst the most premium of watches. However, as you would expect, you get all the golfing features with the watch, so you need to keep that in mind when you compare specs and features.

Garmin Approach S40: A Short Review

garmin approach s62 is the best golf watch on the market

Calling this a mid range golf gps watch feels disingenuous to me, at least when you look at the surface. The build quality is premium, and it does what is smartwatch is supposed to do. It helps you get the distance for each shot, has an adequate display size and solid battery life.

However, the Garmin Approach S40 does fall short once you have worn it for a while.

You will start to feel like the storage is limited, and it is at only 64 megabytes. You also have the thought in the back of your mind that its premium counterpart has more features that you could make use of. Wondering if that virtual caddie and view of wind speed and direction could have helped your last round.

If you are on a budget, you cannot go wrong with the Garmin Approach S40 but keep in mind that you will start wondering about the S62 eventually.

Garmin Approach S62: A Short Review

garmin golf gps with fitness tracking

At it’s price you would expect the best, and from the moment you put this watch on, you feel that you got what you paid for. The ceramic build is special, and at no time will you think that the smartwatch is fragile.

The Garmin Approach S62 watch sits up there with some of the best smartwatches available on the market in terms of features and specs. If you are a golfer, even a casual one, this might just be the best smartwatch on the market for you.

The Approach S62 Garmin has it all. Virtual Caddie, step counter, distances to the front of the green, heart rate monitor, manual pin placement distances for green view, a battery life that can spend hours in gps mode. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this, finding that it truly is one of the best golf watches on the market.

Garmin Approach S40 vs Garmin Approach S62 Decision

Now that we have done our comparing of these two devices from the Garmin product line up, our pick of to purchase is the S62. While a slightly more expensive golf watch, the benefits it brings to your golf game are worth it. Tournament play or paddle boarding, its the undisputed king of this debate.

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