Best Garmin Approach G10 Review [Clip On GPS]

The Garmin Approach G10 combines the accuracy of a GPS golf device with the portability of wearable technology. 

While it will not double as a pedometer and will not tell you how many calories you might have burned during your round of golf, it does give you very good and useful information that you can use to shoot a better round and improve your handicap.

While you can wear the Garmin Approach G10 golf GPS device, it does not come with a watchband. Instead, a metal clip on the back enables you to slip the Garmin G10 onto your belt, cap or visor, or your golf bag and get. 

If you are considering one, the following Garmin G10 review will help you to decide if it is a good fit for your golf game and worth the relatively affordable purchase price.

Garmin Approach G10

Garmin Approach G10 Review: What the Garmin G10 Does

When you turn on the Garmin Approach G10 golf gps, it uses the GPS system to locate your golf course and the specific hole you are on. 

As you play through the round, it automatically advances to the next hole and gives you the middle, back and front distances to the green from where you are standing or from your bag if you choose to place the unit on your golf bag.

It also give s you manual pin placement that you can use to measure shot distance in it’s compact design.

golf gps device for manual pin placements in a compact pocket sized design

You can choose yards or meters, although the difference is negligible. Four simple buttons do all of the work with two mounted on either side of the unit. 

The two button on the left enable you to scroll up or down with the top button doubling as the power button. The two buttons on the right enable you to either back out of the current view or okay a menu selection.

The Garmin Approach G10 golf gps measures 1.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall by 0.7 inches thick and weighs an ounce. The LCD screen measures 0.9 inches by 0.9 inches and measures 1.3 inches diagonally. 

The four elliptical function buttons are situated with two on either side and are very simple and easy to use.

A sturdy polymer body and LCD screen resist water while fitting comfortably inside your pocket while not in use. 

A compact clip on design allows it to be mounted to the back and lets you slip the GPS golf until onto whatever you like. The unit has a horizontal mounting piece located on top that enables attachment to a lanyard or a carabiner to give you even more options for carrying the highly useful and affordable Garmin Approach G10 golf gps.


  • Simple and affordable GPS course tracking.
  • More than 40,000 regulation golf courses located around the world with Garmin Connect
  • Free Lifetime Course Updates.
  • Legal for R&A and USGA tournament events.
  • Electronic scorecard with stats tracking.
  • Rechargeable battery life is good for more than two rounds, up to 15 hours.


  • No overhead view or hole flyovers.
  • No slope compensation.

An internal lithium-polymer battery gives you up to 15 hours of battery life, which should last for well over two full rounds of golf. An included USB cable lets you charge it from a wall adapter, a computer or a USB charging port in your car.

More than 40,000 Golf Courses Included

The Garmin Approach G10 handheld golf gps comes with course information on more than 40,000 regulation golf courses located around the globe. 

play golf with green view display and free lifetime stat tracking

It does not load a full-color golf course map like many larger GPS units. Instead, it gives you accurate distances to within about a yard of the green, the hazards, and layups.

Because it does not need to load a highly detailed color rendering of a regulation 18-hole golf course, the Garmin G10 golf gps can load quickly and be ready to play when you are. 

The GPS unit gives you a two-dimensional rendering of the green and its general configuration, but it does not provide an overhead view of the hole or a flyover view. That makes it a lot easier to quickly get a good look at the important distance numbers and make the best club and swing choice to put your ball in the sweet spot.

Shows Distances to Hazards and Layups

Few things are more frustrating in golf than to hit the ball well and still have it fall far short of your intended target or land in a water hazard, sand trap or bunker. 

gps device with precise distances on a sunlight readable display

With GPS mode you can toggle to the hazards screen and get the distances to the middle of the relevant sand traps, bunkers, water hazards or the tree line on the hole you are playing and its likely effect on your golf shot. 

You also can get distances to the layups on the golf course, which helps you to account for rising terrain that requires a longer shot to clear the ground and make it to your target.

Highly Useful Green View Feature

When you are about to make the approach shot or tee off on a par 3 hole, the Garmin Approach G10 convenient golf gps provides a green view with a customizable cup placement. The green view shows you how the green is configured while providing the middle, front and back distances to it. You can

A round summary screen will give you a running tally and final score with data for your personal analysis. The round summary tells you the total time to play your round, the fairways hit and greens in regulation. 

You get a running score and total on the first nine holes going out and the back nine holes coming in plus a final score and the number of strokes over or under par.

The included USB cable also enables the Garmin Approach G10 compact golf gps to upload the round summaries online and share it via others. 

The online connection also enables you to download free golf course updates that help to ensure you have the most accurate GPS data while playing your next round of golf at one of the more than 40,000 included with the Approach G10.

Garmin Approach G10 Review: Why Should I Buy a Garmin Approach G10?

The Garmin Approach G10 handheld golf gps is a great tool for getting the kind of fast and accurate range information that you need to make the best club and swing choices and shoot the lowest scores. 

Its accuracy is on par with other GPS devices and rivals that of many of the best laser rangefinders, but at a typically much more affordable price. You get very useful data at a glance that automatically updates as you move across each hole. 

The shot tracker helps you to know how well you are hitting the ball with each club while the digital scorecard helps to break down your round with useful round stats.

No matter if you are an avid golfer or an average golfer, the ease of use and ability to conveniently carry the Garmin Approach G10 with you on just about any regulation golf course you are likely to play anywhere in the world makes it a real winner for most avid golfers.

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