Best Rangefinder For The Price

A quality laser rangefinder is a great tool for producing accurate distance readings that help you to avoid hazards and make the best club and swing choices on every shot. When you have accurate distance readings to hazards, the fairway and the green, you can lower your scores with better golf shots. When you can get that in the best rangefinder for the price, then you have a truly great deal literally in the palm of your hand. the following Anyork Golf Rangefinder review affirms it is a strong contender to the title.

best rangefinder for the price

General Features that Make the Rangefinder Rock

The Anyork is a very simple and fun rangefinder that gives you very accurate distance readings to within about a yard of your target. Even better – it delivers accurate readings at up to 1,500 yards distance. That kind of range is far more than you ever will need on a golf course but could prove especially useful in other recreational or even work pursuits.

A viewing diopter rotates to enable you to zoom in on the sight picture with up to 6X magnification. That can be especially helpful when considering the rangefinder works at up to 1,500 yards distance. With that kind of viewing range and zoom capability, the Anyork works just as well away from the golf course as it does on it. About the only thing that could interfere with it is a lot of moisture, which always deflects laser beams and messes up their ability to function.

Anyork Golf Rangefinder Pros:

  • Very simple to use.
  • Slope compensation adjusts for terrain.
  • Uses tournament-legal format with slope turned off.
  • Flag lock when within 350 yards of the cup.
  • Incredibly long range.

Anyork Golf Rangefinder Cons:

best rangefinder for the price
  • About 6 seconds to lock onto flag or pin.
  • No rechargeable battery.

The Anyork gives you selective slope compensation so that you get real distances to the target. That is especially important in golf. If you have an approach shot to a green that is located at a significantly different elevation than the ball’s lie, then a straight distance to the target is misleading.

When the green is at a higher elevation, you need to hit a longer shot to clear the rise and reach your target. A straight line reading to the flag would leave you short of the target. Likewise, when the green is located at a lower elevation, your golf shot will carry more, so the practical distance that you need to cover is less.

The slope compensation takes care of all of that when you play with the slope mode on. But, if you intend to use the rangefinder in an R&A or a USGA-sanctioned tournament, you have to play with the slope function off.

When the slope function is off and legal for tournament play, it operates more like a fast rangefinder. That is great, because you can get fast and accurate readings while ranging each shot and still benefit from the highly accurate and downright good-looking Anyork golf rangefinder.

Flag Lock Inside 350 Yards

When you are within 350 yards of the hole, the Anyork’s flag-lock technology kicks in. The flag lock lets you take a quick reading of the distance to the cup so that you can make the best approach shot. The nearer to the pin that you are, the more carefully you need to choose your club and swing combinations to set up easy putts.

The flag lock handles that very well by focusing on the flag while disregarding nearby objects that could distract many other golf rangefinders. Because the pin and flag are relatively narrow and the green often has background objects nearby, a lot of rangefinders will give false readings.

That is because they pick up a tree or ball washer or maybe even a golf cart instead of the flag. You wind up with a reading that is very inaccurate and could cause you to fly the hole and add strokes to your score. The flag lock takes care of that so that you know you are getting truly accurate distance readings.

The rangefinder also has a pin-seeker that makes it faster to acquire the flag and give you fast and accurate distances to the cup. When the Anyork lock onto the pin, it gives a mild vibration so that you truly feel when the distance to the hole is the most accurate. Then you can concentrate of terrain and reading the green to determine the best ball spin and type of shot to use.

The rangefinder’s 6X magnification capability is especially useful for reading the green on your approach shot. You can get a much better idea of how the ball will react based on the high and low spots and whether the cup is located on an upward or downward slope that will affect ball roll.

best rangefinder for the price

General Design and Dimensions

The Anyork measures 4.17 inches long by 2.83 inches tall by 1.54 inches wide and weighs about 6 ounces with the single disposable CR2 battery installed. The power button and mode button reside on top of the rangefinder where your fingers naturally rest. A textured, rubberized coating on top and on bottom improve grip and comfort while adding a touch welcome bit of style to the ergonomically sized rangefinder.

It fits easily in small hands and never needs more than two fingers to make it work. The small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry inside your pants pocket or hang around your neck from a lanyard. It is water resistant, but you definitely do not want to drop it in a water hazard while retrieving an errant ball.

The Anyork comes with two CR2 batteries but requires just one to run. A good battery should last about three months with regular use, which is a good amount of golfing. It is safe to say you could play most of a summer with just one battery.

If you want to lower your power costs even more, you could by an external charger and rechargeable CR2 batteries. But it always is smart to keep at least one store-bought battery with you for backup.

A power level indicator should help to prevent power outages while on the course. If the battery is getting low and you are uncertain whether there is enough power for a full round, the backup ensures you can make a fast and easy swap on the spot.

Why Should I Buy an Anyork Golf Rangefinder?

The Anyork golf rangefinder review affirms you get excellent accuracy, fast readings and tournament-legal capability from what just might be the best rangefinder for the price. Simplicity of use makes it a very intuitive unit to wield while playing a round of golf. You do not have to put a lot of thought into it when you want to get a fast and accurate distance reading to your target.

When you want accurate range readings, it does so very quickly so that you can avoid the hazards and through as much as possible. The slope compensation and flag lock functions help to ensure you get the correct data, and the tournament-legal feature ensures you can use it anywhere. All of that for a great price definitely makes the Anyork a solid choice as the best rangefinder for the price.

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