Best Driver for Intermediate Golfer

Choosing the correct driver is essential for golfers of all levels. This is especially true once you no longer consider yourself a beginner and are looking to grow and expand your skillset. It is then that you should place more consideration on the clubs that you purchase.

Once you have perfected your swing and form, you need clubs to complement that. These will be an investment for your golf game and your future in the sport.

Best Driver for Intermediate Golfer

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is a revolutionary driver created with the help of AI to make the best new driver face you can buy. While it may be better suited for low handicappers and mid-level handicappers looking to make that next step in their game, you should undoubtedly consider the Callaway Epic Flash Driver, thanks to its unreal performance.

You don’t need to be a PGA Tour player to appreciate this driver. The Epic Flash is one of the best drivers for intermediate golfers to own. The Callaway Epic Flash Driver has been awarded 20 out of 20 stars in the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List and one of The Best Drivers of 2019 by GolfWRX. That being said, let’s look more into the Callaway Epic Flash and why you should consider it your next driver.


  • Amazing Feel And Sound
  • Jailbreak Technology For More Ball Speed
  • Tons Of Forgiveness
  • Flash Face Technology
  • Variety In The Weight Of Shafts
  • T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • Great Overall Sound And Feel
  • Can Improve Shot Distance


  • Expensive For More Casual Golfers
best driver for intermediate golfer

Flash Face Technology

Callaway engineers have spent time and money creating a five-million-dollar supercomputer to help design the face of this new series of drivers. The face for the Epic Flash was made using AI technology to create an internal mapping of ripples along the inner side of the face. This is then forged from titanium and heated to 1100 degrees F to complete the process.

This process had gone through over 15,000 iterations before finally perfecting the design, and Flash Face was born. These unique innovations produced a driver with incredible ball speed and forgiveness.

Jailbreak Technology

Callaway uses their patented Jailbreak technology in the Epic Flash driver. The technology consists of two internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the crown and sole of the golf club. Jailbreak ensures more impact load on the face for faster ball speed and better off-center shots.

T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver features a new triaxial carbon fabric in its design. The T2C allows weight to transfer from the crown to the head to create high MOI. This will grant better accuracy and distance on off-center shots.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

The Callaway Epic Flash comes with a sliding 16g weight that can be positioned anywhere on the track. This will help to promote a draw, fade, or straighten ball flight.

Titanium Insert

To accommodate the forces from the new ball speed, Callaway has to create a stronger-grade titanium insert for the face. This ensures the club will stand up to the power it can provide.

Best Driver for Intermediate Golfer: Performance

With the Epic Flash, you can expect to see increased ball speed as well as longer drives. Among golfers who have tested the club, improvements of 15-20 yards on well-struck shots were not uncommon. This gain in distance can be attributed to the ball launching higher and faster. Where this club really shines is in the mishits.

You can expect to gain ten or more yards even if you miss the sweet spot on the clubhead. Another perk of the Epic Flash is increased carry distance and roll out to get the most distance from this club. You may also notice it also keeps spin rates stable, translating to consistent, long carry distances.

best driver for intermediate golfer

Feel & Sound

The Epic Flash features a crown with thin stripes of green and gold on a black carbon fiber backdrop. The grip also features a green stripe with white and black accents.  The Epic Flash has a traditional-looking head with a relatively plain black design, including the V-shape to assist with lining up your shot.

The Epic Flash provides a solid feel that gives the promise of high ball speed. Also, the head feels incredibly stable, considering how much feedback you can get from the club. This will help enhance your game considerably since you know what adjustment you can make.

You will also get good audio feedback from the Epic Flash. The overall sound will consist of a middle-of-the-road pitch. Not hollow but not like solid wood. You should find it pleasing overall as it is not too loud.


Here are the specifications and options for the Epic Flash.

Head Volume: 460cc

Lie: 58o

Club Length: 45.5 inches

Adjustability: Loft, Face Angle, and Weight

Shaft Names: Project X Even Flow Green, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, and Project X HZRDUS Smoke

Shaft Types: Graphite

Hand Availability: Left and Right

Golfer: Men’s

Material: Titanium and Carbon

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°

Swing Weight: D3

Shaft Flex: Regular and Stiff

Shaft Weight: 40g to 70g

Grip: Golf Pride New Decade Align Green


The Epic Flash comes with your choice of three shafts. Each shaft is designed for different golf levels and play styles. The shafts come in a variety of weights, from 40g to 70g. For an intermediate golfer, your best option would be Mitsubishi Tensei IV Blue.

Project X Even Flow Green – This shaft will provide you with the highest launch and spin. This can help if you need assistance with getting extra height on the ball.

Mitsubishi Tensei IV Blue – This shaft will provide an excellent spin to height ratio as well as a

mid-high launch and spin rate.

Project X HZRDUS – This stock will best match the clubhead. It comes in 60g and 70g weights, so you can choose which weight works better for you. This stock shaft will also provide the lowest launch and spin.


Each of the three stock shafts comes with a Golf Pride New Decade Align grip with a raised ridge on the back to help with hand alignment, which is a nice touch that can help you feel for the proper grip. The grip features a green stripe with white and black accents to compliment the rest of the club. You should have no trouble keeping the grip in the correct place when you adjust the loft, as both the Epic Flash OptiFit rings are free to rotate independently.


The Epic Flash is not round and compact nor stretched and triangular. The carbon-to-black transition in the crown makes it appear smaller than it is, as does the arc behind the chevron alignment aid. This can be beneficial to helping you hit the sweet spot on the club.

Adjustable Options

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting has been included in the Epic Flash. The Epic Flash has a 16-gram slider on the head that is very simple to use. Slide the weight toward the Draw, and the club becomes more draw-biased.  This will create a noticeable difference in your shot depending on what you are looking to change.

You can have more adjustability in your Epic Flash at the hosel with the Opti-Fit adapter. You can make the adjustment of 1° to +2°. You can use this to get the loft between 9o and 12o, depending on where you need it. The lie angle can also be made more upright to accommodate your swing style.

Why the Epic Flash is a Great Investment

The Epic Flash provides excellent features that any golfer can appreciate. An intermediate player will find that the Flash Face technology will help them hone their game better and assist them when they miss the mark.

Overall this driver is an excellent update by Callaway. They have set the bar pretty high with the Epic Flash, as they tend to do with each new innovative release. Flash Face technology will be around for a while, considering the investment in development, and the innovations it resulted in.

You will be hard-pressed to find another driver that can better meet your expectations. While it may not be cheap, consider this driver as an excellent investment in your golfing future.

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