Best Driver for Bad Golfer

A bad golfer is just someone who needs to take the time to learn the various swings and have the right equipment to support learning. It helps greatly to learn the proper ball address and swings that you need for your long- and short-game golfing skills as well as solid putting on the green. It also helps to have the right equipment, and the Callaway Big Bertha always has been possibly the best driver for a bad golfer.

For most golfers, the driver is the club whose use only is exceeded by the putter when playing 18 holes of golf. Given the potential to cover long distances and set up shorter and easier approach shots to the green, the driver is the one club that can make an immediately positive impact in virtually any golfer’s game.

best driver for bad golfer


  • Big and very forgiving sweet spot.
  • Straightens out your bad hits.
  • Draw-bias design is especially helpful for newer golfers.
  • Advanced design but simple to use.


  • Not as beneficial for golfers who tend to hook their drives.
  • Price will discourage many novice golfers.

Callaway first introduced its Big Bertha line of woods and clubs in 1991, and the Big Bertha driver has been wildly popular ever since. It sets the standard that a Big Bertha B21 driver review of the design shows is still at its foundation. You get a large and forgiving driver that straightens out your drives while adding distance.

Callaway describes the driver’s head as “slippery” and says it reduces drag by an impressive 61 percent, which translates into faster and stronger swings. Part of that advanced design is a special “sweeping” sole that catches less air during the downswing. Less friction and a sleeker design adds speed to the swing and distance to the drive.

The 460cc head pushes the legal limit for tournament play which can improve the average driving distance while providing golfers with a very large target with which to contact the ball. Maximized COR helps to transfer more energy to the ball at the moment of impact.

best driver for bad golfer

Best Driver for Bad Golfer: Draw-Bias Design

New golfers have a general problem with putting a natural fade on the ball. that natural fade causes the ball to slice off of the fairway toward the golfer’s dominant hand. So a right-handed golfer tends to push the ball to the right due the natural effects of the swing and the resulting ball spin. A lefty generally pushes the ball to the left for the same reason. The Big Bertha B21 driver helps to take care of that problem.

The Big Bertha B21 driver review of its design shows Callaway closes the face slightly to counteract the natural draw effect most golfers place on the ball. The slightly closed face will produce straighter drives that add distance instance of wasting energy on horizontal movement during flight.

Like the original Big Bertha, the B21 model has a very large and forgiving sweet spot to go along with the draw-bias design. Callaway intends the Big Bertha B21 to put relatively little spin on the ball, which helps you to control bad hits and get longer drives with your same natural swing.

So while bad golfers and most novices generally need to work on their drives, it helps to have a tool like the Big Bertha B21 driver available to work with. You get a very simple product that incorporates a great deal of highly advanced material construction and technology to reduce weight, increase forgiveness and counteract natural draw biases in golfers.

Once you work with the Big Bertha B21 and get a good feel for the 45.75-inch graphite shaft and comfortable grip, you can gain a lot more confidence in your drives and see real results on the golf course.

Lower Center of Gravity and Better Loft

The A.I.-designed clubface really helps to make the Big Bertha B21 possibly the best driver for bad golfers. That is because the specially calibrated titanium clubface relies on artificial intelligence and decades of Callaway data to ensure the best possible design. It gives you an incredibly large and forgiving sweet spot with a clubface that you can finely tune to match your drive characteristics.

That very first Big Bertha driver has nothing on the 2021 edition. The latest model enjoys advanced materials and computer-enhanced design that employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a virtually perfect design. That helps Callaway to capitalize on three decades of Big Bertha driver development and other great advancements over the years to give you a fantastic driver that costs significantly less than many drivers offered by other premium brands.

The Big Bertha B21 review of its design indicates the newest model comes with a much lower center of gravity that does a better job of getting under the ball and preventing you from topping it on a drive. While many newer golfers tend to hit the ball too high at the tee, the Callaway B21 Driver review of the head’s design shows the center of gravity is much lower to prevent topping the ball.

A larger and easier to hit sweet spot with greater spin control makes it much easier to get the clubhead under the ball and get a good solid hit with plenty of loft. That helps to make the Big Bertha B21 a great driver for a bad golfer by making even bad hits not so bad and landing on the fairway a lot more often.

best driver for bad golfer

Advanced Flash Face Design and Materials

The advanced Flash Face is made from very lightweight and incredibly strong titanium, which Callaway says gives the club head a ripple effect that helps it to focus power on the sweet spot. The A.I. programming also reconfigured the height and shape of the club face so that it increases the COR value over the entire club face while lowering the center of gravity.

Callaway says it even specially tuned the clubface to produce the most satisfying sound possible when you make good, solid contact with the ball. The pleasing sound helps to affirm when you make a great drive and helps you to develop a better feel for the driver and greater confidence in your swing. The results will show themselves with longer and straighter drives that enable you to lower your golf scores and improve your golf handicap.

While the clubface design already helps to deliver solid hits and give you plenty of loft, as your game develops the driver can evolve with you. Callaway enables minor adjustments of the loft and clubface so that you can finely tune it for your game. If you need a more open face as you improve your drive and eliminate the natural draw bias, then you can do that.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver review of Specs:

Volume: 460cc
Loft: 9, 10.5 or 12 degrees
Swing Weight: D2
Length: 45.75 inches
Shaft: RCH 55gr Graphite
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Soft

JailBreak Speed Frame Increases Head Speed

Callaway gives the Big Bertha B21 a newly designed Jailbreak Speed Frame that lowers the center of gravity and delivers a more solid hit. The Jailbreak Speed Frame design helps to make the Big Bertha B21 driver ideal for long-distancing driving while maintaining accuracy.

A large and forgiving sweet spot gives you better control of the bad hits that catch too much heel or toe on the ball. Instead of hitting the ball path to the far right or left of your intended target, the big Bertha controls the ball spin and nudges it back toward the target along its flight path. The Jailbreak Speed Frame also improves the driver’s torsional and horizontal stability while enabling it to make much better contact with the ball.

The A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame increases the COR value and MOI effect to make the ball travel faster and farther while maintaining a relatively straight flight path. That gives you more distance on your drives and helps turn low-handicappers into scratch golfers. It helps to transfer the driver’s energy to the ball and give you significantly better results on even bad drives.

Why Should I Buy a Big bertha B21 Driver?

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver review of its features shows that it is the epitome of Big Bertha technology. Three decades of technological development helped Callaway take the original Big Bertha driver and turn it into a leading example of current driver technology.

A new golfer can benefit from the large driver and very forgiving clubface that made the original Big Bertha a huge success. The newest addition greatly reduces weight while increasing COR value and improving the MOI effect on the ball at the tee. That all adds up to a faster and more controlled swing speed on your drives that better transfers energy and control to the ball.

The Big Bertha B21 review of its design shows that even experienced golfers could benefit from its relatively simple design, which gives you a low center of gravity, very large and forgiving clubface, and excellent spin control on the ball. As bad golfers become better golfers, the Big Bertha B21 has enough adjustability to finely tune it and adapt to the owner’s ever-improving game.

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