Best Driver for Low Handicap (Top 5)

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Professional golfers and low-handicappers have finely tuned swings that enable them to hit the ball harder and drive it farther than most players. Making it vital that they have the best driver for low handicap players. Virtually all of them know exactly what they like and want in a driver, and manufacturers have responded with a wide range of exceptional drivers that meet the needs of the most demanding golfers on the planet.

There was a time when bigger heads on drivers meant high centers of gravity and a greater need for a high launch trajectory. That has changed, and manufacturers of current drivers greatly reduced the size and lowered the centers of gravity so that high loft numbers no longer are the preferred choice of low-handicap golfers.

A couple of decades ago, professional golfers commonly used drivers with lofts of 14 and even 16 degrees, which helps to give the ball a higher trajectory and less roll. Current driver technology has changed all of that by lowering the center of gravity, controlling ball spin and enabling faster swing speeds. Better materials, improved aerodynamics and computer-assisted production have revolutionized the golfing industry.

A good driver for a low-handicapper or scratch golfer now is one that enables greater swing speed, controls ball spin and provides a generous sweet spot – and it usually has a much flatter loft. The following are five of the best golf driver for low handicappers.


best driver for low handicap

TaylorMade SiM Max Driver

TaylorMade uses its swing in motion (SiM) technology to help the SiM Max driver deliver exactly the kind of performance that a scratch golfer needs to compete in and win tournaments and other organized golfing events. It starts with a maximized clubface that is about 8 percent larger than predecessors – but with a lower center of gravity. You get a larger sweet spot, better control of ball spin and a lower trajectory when using lofts in the 7- to 9-degrees range.

What Makes the TaylorMade SiM Max Driver Special

TaylorMade uses a special injection molding system that injects up to 2 grams of resin into the club face. A computer algorithm helps to shave away just enough of the material to maximize the driver’s legal COR value. The COR value refers to the club head’s ability to transfer energy to the ball and is strictly regulated by the USGA and R&A sanctioning bodies.

Because the COR value is so important and in order to ensure their mass-produce drivers pass inspection and are deemed legal for tournament play, most makers of drivers incorporate an intentional 2 percent reduction in COR value. That about 2 percent reduction makes a big different in ball speed by slowing it down.

best driver for low handicap

Twist Face Tech Straightens Out Bad Shots

The TaylorMade driver with its maximized COR value delivers about 2 mph greater ball speed while enabling straighter drives via TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology. The Twist Face is a recent development that counteracts the normal effects of mishits. 

TaylorMade uses special contouring outside of the sweet spot to counteract the natural effects of hitting the ball with too much toe or heel. Instead of a heavy draw or fade causing the ball to miss the fairway and possibly land in a hazard, the Twist Face reduces ball spin and causes the ball to correct its flight path so that you still can hit your target. The Twist Face technology makes it a lot easier to set up high-percentage approach shots and hit more greens in regulation.

Adjustable Speed Pocket

Low-handicap golfers generally have very specific needs from their drivers, and TaylorMade enables you to adjust yours to make it perfect. You get up to 20 grams of adjustable weight that you can adjust within a specially constructed speed pocket. The weights enable you to finely tune the driver’s draw and fade characteristics and adjust the center of gravity to give low-handicap golfers the perfect driver to improve an already very good golf game.

best driver for low handicap

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

The Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max driver is Callaway’s “most forgiving Epic driver ever” and delivers a new frame with an aerodynamic design that gives you a faster downswing and better ball speed.  Making it a great driver for average golfers.

Callaway used its multi-million dollar “supercomputer” to crunch driver data over two decades of Callaway driver production. A combination of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning then created the best possible driver for low-handicappers in the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max driver.

The newly designed driver’s head increases swing speed and gives you a larger and more controllable sweet spot. The 2021 Epic Max is an exceptional driver and deserves consideration as the best driver for distance and forgiveness, which makes it ideal for low-handicappers.

What Makes the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Special

The Epic Max Special gets a redesigned Jailbreak Speed Frame that enhances the torsional and horizontal stability. The new A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame boosts the COR value and MOI effect when the clubface contacts the ball and makes the ball travel faster and farther.

A special Flash Face design gives it a larger sweet spot and optimizes the effects of the new Jailbreak Speed Frame design. Special Flash Face technology in particular helps to make the Epic Max great for long-distancing driving. An especially forgiving sweet spot gives you greater control of the inevitable mishits that get too much heel or toe on the ball.

best driver for low handicap

Instead of hitting the ball path to the far right or left of your intended target, the Epic Max counteracts the effects with lower ball spin. The specially contoured club face counteracts the effects of a mishit and helps to straighten out the drive so that you can make the fairway on bad hits as well as good ones.

The advanced Flash Face is made from exceptionally lightweight and strong titanium, which Callaway says creates a ripple effect through the club head. The A.I. programming also reconfigured the height and shape of the club face so that it increases the COR value over the entire club face.

The result is an average ball speed increase of about 3 mph among European Tour players, Callaway says. Some even saw their drive speeds increase by as much as 6 mph, which clearly adds to the distance. And with the new Flash Face design making the sweet spot much larger, the level of forgiveness on mishits truly is astounding.

best driver for low handicap

Cobra Golf 2021 Radspeed Driver

Cobra Golf recently introduced its three-model lineup of Radspeed drivers with each intended to focus on ball dynamics. Specifically, the drivers address distance, accuracy and forgiveness but with a slightly different focus on each. The Radspeed driver is Cobra Golf’s long-distance driver of the bunch and perfect for low-handicap golfers.

The Radspeed adds distance to a low-handicapper’s already long drives with improved technology that gives the clubhead a larger sweet spot and greater control over ball spin. A 460cc head and aerodynamic design help to give you the best swing speed. And the clubface does a great job of controlling mishits so that you push the ball and draw it far off of the fairway

Cobra says the newly designed head is much more compact and has a lower center of gravity that helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the ball at the MOI. A thinly wrapped carbon crown reduces weight while increasing stiffness and helps to lower the center of gravity while also giving you a more forgiving clubface.

What Makes the Cobra Golf 2021 Radspeed Driver Special

Cobra Golf’s Radial Mass Positioning technology enables scratch golfers and low-handicappers to finely tune the driver head to deliver the exact characteristics desired at the tee. The radial mass positioning places a discretionary amount of weight at the clubhead’s extremities and enables owners to adjust that weight for the ideal results.

best driver for low handicap

A 32-gram front radial weight is positioned low in the sole and just behind the face to help create a solid hitting surface and very forgiving sweet spot. Another 14 grams is positioned at the back of the head to give the club much greater vertical impact stability and a higher degree of playability that formerly was missing from drivers that do a better job of controlling ball spin.

Those who want a driver that gives them more ball spin and roll on the fairway can reposition the mass and obtain the desired effect. You can adjust the mass to reduce ball spin, create a more forgiving clubface or go for maximum distance with maximized COR value.

A 9-degree loft is the lowest offered on the Radspeed, but that is perfect for low-handicappers. You can get a relatively low and flat trajectory that gives the ball greater flight distance off of the tee. A lower trajectory also helps to deal with windy conditions and prevent the ball from hanging in the wind and traveling where you do not want it to go.

best driver for low handicap

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

A new Jailbreak Speed Frame design helps to make the Callaway Golf 202 Mavrik Max driver ideal for long-distancing driving while maintaining accuracy. A large and forgiving sweet spot gives you better control of the bad hits that catch too much heel or toe on the ball. Instead of hitting the ball path to the far right or left of your intended target, the Mavrik Max controls the ball spin and nudges it back toward the target along its flight path.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame also improves the driver’s torsional and horizontal stability while enabling it to make much better contact with the ball. The A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame increases the COR value and MOI effect to make the ball travel faster and farther while maintaining a relatively straight flight path. That gives you more distance on your drives and helps turn low-handicappers into scratch golfers.

What Makes the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver Special

Another outstanding feature on the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max is its specially contoured club face. The computer-aided design counteracts the effects of a mishit and helps to straighten out the drive so that you can make the fairway on bad hits as well as good ones.

best driver for low handicap

The advanced Flash Face is made from very lightweight and incredibly strong titanium, which Callaway says gives the club head a ripple effect that helps it to focus power on the sweet spot. The A.I. programming also reconfigured the height and shape of the club face so that it increases the COR value over the entire club face while lowering the center of gravity.

The Mavrik Max also comes with two adjustable weights that enable owners to better tune the fade and draw characteristics to better match their drives. A 14-gram weight is positioned near the rear of the driver’s head to maximize forgiveness. You can move that weight to the heel to give the driver more of a draw bias that can counteract a natural fade that you might have in your drives.

Even the FS2C titanium used to build the clubface helps to make it an ideal tool for low-handicappers. The FS2S titanium is 6 grams lighter than standard titanium that normally would be used in the clubface. The lighter and stronger titanium helps you to speed up your downswing while making the driver more forgiving on contact. You get a longer and faster driver with a bit more ball roll to add some distance on the fairway.

best driver for low handicap

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver

TaylorMade’s SiM 2 Max driver is specifically designed to counteract the natural fade that virtually all golfers have due to the effect of the swing and resulting ball spin after the MOI. Research from TaylorMade shows a natural fade that matches the dominant hand due to the swing motion of either a right-handed or a left-handed golfer. TaylorMade concluded that better spin control helps to counteract the natural effects of the golfer’s swing on the driver.

The TaylorMade SiM 2 Max driver produces less spin while helping to counteract the natural fade bias that most golfers have in their swing. The longer shafts on drivers and the larger mass that accompanies the 460cc driver head on the TaylorMade driver and those of many top competitors puts even more English on the ball via increased ball spin. TaylorMade takes care of that with a newly designed head and club face that helps to straighten out the drives while maximizing COR value for tournament play.

What Makes the TaylorMade SiM 2 Max-D Special

The design and construction of the SiM 2 Max makes it a very forgiving driver that greatly increases the distance on drives. The driver gives owners up to 20 grams of weight that they can adjust and shift within the club to fine tune draw and fade characteristics. If you have a big problem with either draw or fade off of the drive, the SiM 2 Max helps you to straighten it out.

The SiM 2 Max driver also comes with TaylorMade’s new Twist Face and Hammerhead technologies that enable longer and straighter drives. the Twist Face gives you a much larger sweet spot and helps to control ball spin more by using a specially contoured face that offsets the normal results of getting too much toe or heel on the ball. 

best driver for low handicap

You get much straighter and longer drives – even when you normally would push the ball off of the fairway. Straighter drives from your mishits at the tee means you make the fairway more often and get better approach shots to the green.

The Hammerhead technology also helps to maximize the club heads COR value while adding speed to the ball after the MOI. TaylorMade uses a special injection molding system that inserts resin and then removes just enough to provide a maximized COR value that still meets the requirements for R&A and USGA tournament play.

Virtually all mass-produced drivers have lower COR values than the SiM 2 Max driver, which means the ball is traveling slower and does not go as far as when driving the ball with the TaylorMade driver. TaylorMade says the SiM 2 Max driver gives golfers about 2 mph more ball speed while reducing ball spin and counteracting mishits. That all adds up to longer and straighter drives that can help low-handicappers to become scratch golfers.

Why Should I Buy One of the Best Driver for Low Handicap Players?

If you are a low-handicap golfer, then you know how important it is to have exactly the right equipment for exactly the right purpose. A low-handicapper already has a strong game and could benefit from more finely tuned gear that better matches his or her golf game. The best driver for low handicap golfers generally is the one that enables them to finely tune the face, weight and spin characteristics to produce exactly the correct driver.

All five of the drivers listed above give their owners ample ability to finely tune them with wight adjustments and positions that greatly affect draw and fade characteristics. They also can adjust for ball spin and loft so that you can get the most consistent results with longer and straighter drives that make scratch golfers out of low-handicappers.

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