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Golf is a sport that requires hours to complete a single game which is ideal for senior citizens and retired professionals who have time on their hands. The activity also does not require excessive physical exertion as you can easily take a golf cart to the location of your next hit.

However, if you’ve been playing golf for a long time, there might be some changes you need to incorporate to adjust your technique, along with buying different golf clubs that can improve your game. If you’re looking for the best driver for a senior golfer, continue reading for our Wilson D7 driver review.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver Overview

The Wilson Staff D7 driver was released as part of the 2019 release, which included a driver, fairway wood, and hybrid club to expand their footprint in the golf equipment industry after being constants in the iron market. Additionally, all models of the 2019 series featured Wilson’s RE-AKT technology, which helps deliver incredible ball speeds by using a combination of game-enhancing techniques.

best driver for a senior golfer

The RE-AKT technology features the Superlight Design and Reactive Face Technology, optimizing clubhead speeds and increasing ball speeds resulting in longer distance shots. Wilson has placed a lot of effort in distance optimization, and game improvement as even the D in D7 stands for distance. In addition, the Dynamic Launch Control is also featured in this model, which helps the ball attain optimum launch conditions according to the skill of different golf players.

The simple driver does not feature any extensive sole wight or hosel adjustability options. Instead, the model comes with three lofts and shaft flexes, resulting in limited combinations for players, but the resulting combinations cater to a range of players at a reasonable price point. Apart from using specialized technology, the D7 driver uses advanced materials with an efficient design to create a driver that offers superior performance.

The D7 driver was created by designing the head shape while considering which structure would appeal to golfers. After the shape was decided, the entire 25 grams of weight were removed from the head so the head could be strategically weighted to provide improved performance and sound quality while improving ball flight with the Dynamic Launch Control.

The [K]omposite Crown provides a great sound and feel to players because of the layer of Dupont Kevlar, which maintains sound quality. In addition, the lightweight design of both the driver and, specifically, the crown has been designed to reduce the clubhead’s weight. The Dynamic Launch Control adjusts the weight in locations where it can be more effective in improving performance, while the design allows balls to achieve greater speeds and cover maximum distances off the tee.

best driver for a senior golfer

The driver features a UST Mamiya Helium shaft that is lightweight and extreme stable; the shafts options are available in A-flex (45 grams), R-flex (46 grams), and S-flex (57 grams). The grip on the shaft is a Wilson Staff microlite Grip which makes for easy control. The Wilson Staff D7 Driver is a high spin model that can help golfers achieve impressive carrying distances with sufficient forgiveness.

Best Driver For A Senior Golfer: Features


The D7 is a good-looking driver with its sleek black crown with a matte and gloss finish featuring royal blue and silver accents. The premium driver also has an exposed carbon fiber weave and a silver Wilson Staff logo with the driver and company name on the crown. The driver head is round in shape while being oversized, which gives it a large and commanding feel and enhances the player’s confidence. The sole is simple, with no visible weights or adjustment tracks and slots.

Feel and Sound

The Wilson Staff D7 driver has a highly balanced but lightweight feel because of the 192-gram head and 46-gram UST Mamiya Helium shaft, which both flow seamlessly together, allowing for a smooth swing. The driver’s solid feel is enhanced with the model’s distinctive sound, which can be defined as a high-pitched metallic sound with moderate volume. The feedback on this club is also minimal because of the three-piece sandwiched Kevlar [K]omposite Crown with woven carbon fibers, which absorbs vibrations providing a sharper sound.

Superlight Design

The driver is made of advanced materials combined with a simplified design that results in a clubhead weight of 192 grams. The lightweight model allows you to achieve maximum distances through fast swings, resulting in greater ball speeds while maintaining control through the microlite Grip feature. In addition, the driver sets the condition for easy launches with swift swings allowing you to add some extra distance along with the increased speed.  

[K]composite Crown

The crown is made up of three layers where a layer of Dupont Kevlar is located between two layers of woven carbon fiber responsible for neutralizing vibrations and the sharp and crisp sound of the driver. The Kevlar layer improves sound quality by acting as a sound dampener to improve sound quality. The lightweight crown’s design was achieved by removing excess weight from the club’s head to enhance the driver’s sound.

Dynamic Launch Control

The driver was designed to optimize weight placement, and the Dynamic Launch Control offers three loft options for different swinging speeds. The 9 degrees loft’s weight is positioned at the front of the head close to the toe for a lower launch and spin and specifically for players with faster swing speeds. 

The 10.5 degrees loft has weights in the midsole region which is appropriate for moderate to fast swing speeds. Finally, the 13 degrees is weighted towards the heel in the back, and it has a draw bias which provides the highest launch conditions and is perfect for players with slow to moderate swing speeds.



9, 10.5, 13



Stock Shaft

UST Mamiya Helium


Senior, Regular, Stiff

Golf and Age

Every sport gets more complicated with age, even if you have more experience. For example, if you consider golf, you need to keep updating your stance and swing according to your fitness level switch inevitably decreases as you age. As a result, movements such as golf swings and aligning the club with the ball become harder with back pain, rigid limbs, week knees, and old injuries.

As you age, your physique, bones, muscles, and body change, which reduces your strength and limits flexibility, affecting your ease of movement and making it difficult to place the ball on the tee. Your swing needs to be adjusted to factor in the limited flexibility that prevents you from turning your driver all the way behind your head and can’t put your entire back into the swing. Senior golfers should focus more on their follow-through instead of trying to get higher momentum on swings. 

Focusing on follow through reduces chances of mishits without compromising on the distance covered, and it can be increased by widening your stance, making it easier to turn your hip which helps you adjust your weight, so energy is not lost when the ball is played.

As a senior golfer, you might want to grip your club harder, allowing you to have more control over the energy transference to the ball. If you suffer from stiffness, you can prevent any swaying by turning your foot out, which can help improve your backswing. 

Flexing your knees can also make it easier for you to swing your hips, and by placing the ball slightly away from where you are standing, you can achieve an improved backswing. The limitations in mobility make it difficult to achieve the perfect modern swing, which is why you need to adapt the swing to your game and capability. 

At the same time, you should be conscious of the fact that as you age, you’re bad golfing habits, including posture and technique, can become more ingrained and require adjustable golf clubs to improve performance  

best driver for a senior golfer

What to Look for When Buying a Driver for Senior Golfers?

The main problem areas for senior golfers are reduced swing speeds and limited distance covered by launched balls. The driver is an essential club in every golf bag as it sets up your entire game, which is why there should be a balance between the most common requirements of forgiveness, accuracy, and distance covered, so let’s see what precisely senior golfers require from a driver.


Forgiveness is an essential factor to consider when buying a driver, as if the club has a larger sweet spot, it can lead to fewer mishits. It might also be beneficial to get a club that has a reasonably sized head and is easy to hit to compensate for any off-center heads.   


Your speed naturally decreases as you get older, leading to less powerful shorts, making it difficult for the ball to travel as far. Test out drivers with technological advancements before selecting a club that can help cover longer distances.


Standard loft on drivers is usually between 9 to 10.5 degrees, but it might be beneficial for you to look for drivers with a few extra degrees of loft. The extra loft can help improve your launch angles and help you hit higher shots that cover longer distances even if you have a slower swing speed.


Many clubs available in the market have a degree of adjustability as it makes it easier to customize the club to your personal preferences. As a senior golfer, you might be set in your ways and require minor adjustments of weight or loft to fine-tune your swing.

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex is the degree to which the shaft bends when you swing the driver. There are different flex abilities ranging from stiff to senior flex. Senior flex was specifically developed for golfers who usually drive the ball between 180 to 200 yards. The senior flex is beneficial for golfers with a slower swing, thereby improving launch conditions.  

Why Should I Buy a Wilson?

Wilson has been in the sporting industry for over a century, and they are major players in the golf equipment manufacturing industry. Wilson Staff is Wilson Golf’s premium golf brand that provides equipment and accessories for professionals on tour and serious players. The company has more than 60 major wins in professional golf tournaments, making it one of the most prominent golf brands throughout history.

With major wins in every decade, Wilson has a line-up of professional golfers who swear by their products. Initially, the company distinguished itself through its irons which were in high demand but recently, they have been making their mark in other golf clubs. So let’s take a closer look at the Wilson Staff D7 Driver.

Final Thoughts

The D7 driver has some great features, even if it is not as adjustable as some drivers in the market. If you’re a senior golfer, you can greatly benefit from the lightweight driver and the senior flex UST Mamiya Helium shaft with the 13-degree loft option that can allow you to compete with golfers half your age.

This simple, no-fluff driver offers optimum overall forgiveness throughout the club’s face while focusing on helping you achieve higher trajectory shots that cover maximum distances. In addition, the higher loft and extra draw bias can help you improve your game substantially, as the driver was built to improve swing speeds in the form of an attractive black and blue driver with a great feel and sound. The driver can ultimately become a staple in the golf bag of senior players who have issues with ball speeds and carrying distances.

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