Best Driver for Average Golfers

Golf is a great sport for players of all ages and skillsets. There is a need to classify players according to their ability so everyone can take part in a fair game. This ability is known as a golf handicap. In this article, we will be looking at the average golfer who is considered a mid-handicapper.

There are many reasons why you can be an average player; it could be because you have just started playing or you’ve been in the game far too long, and your age is catching up with you. Whatever the reason, you have to make sure you get the right equipment, so we will also be diving into a review of the best driver for average golfers.    

Am I An Average Golfer?

Despite the misleading name, a golf handicap is not for only subpar players. It is actually a value that quantifies a golfer’s ability to play the game. A handicap difference is a commonly used term in a match play which refers to the number of strokes a high handicapper receives from a low handicapper. These strokes are determined through player scores in a competition.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) implemented the system to increase transparency and promote fair play. The handicap system rewards players from being limited because of their skill level and promotes a level playing field where every player has an equal chance of winning. In addition, the method of course rating determines the number of strokes every player gets in again.

The rating goes from 1 to 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women. The lower the number, the lower the handicap and the better the player. This means if you have a handicap of 5 while another player has a handicap of 12, you have a lower handicap and are therefore a better player than your opponent. A golfer with a mid-handicap has a score in the range between 11 and 20, and their shooting score is between 85 and 95.

best driver for average golfers

An average or mid-handicap golfer has almost an equal chance of hitting good and bad shots. Therefore, their golf clubs have to be specifically designed to handle a range of shots while providing the highest level of accuracy. Golf equipment manufacturers typically produce equipment according to different skill levels, and some clubs even mentioned the handicap level to make it easier for golfers to choose the appropriate club.

Golf clubs aimed at mid-handicappers are also known as game improvement clubs or super game improvement clubs. They are typically designed with a larger central hitting zone referred to as a sweet spot. This ideal location produces high-impact shots, as increasing the surface area greatly increases the odds of making a good shot. As a result, even mishits travel farther and straighter.

The forgiveness required for mid handicappers depends on the club fitting, which determines your swing. For example, if you are a low handicapper, you might want to add player clubs to your golf bag that are developed specifically for players with solid and consistent strikes. On the other hand, mid handicappers require more forgiveness, which is why they need to consider their options if they are looking for the best driver for average golfers.

Should I Buy Cobra Golf Clubs?

Cobra Golf has been in the golf industry since 1973. It started in 1975 when it launched its first major product – the Baffler, which was a wood club that is still popular to this day and laid the foundation for hybrid clubs that we see in the market today.

Cobra Golf is one of the world’s top manufacturers of golf equipment, consisting of various club ranges and accessories. They were also the first club manufacturers to offer graphite-shafted irons and woods. Additionally, they are also popular in the golf circuit and have been used by famous golfers such as Ian Poulter, Camilo Villegas, and Geoff Ogilvy.

Constant innovation has helped Cobra Golf maintain its spot in the golf industry; they were even the leaders in the oversized iron market at one point. Even after being acquired by Puma AG, the company stay true to its roots and expanded production to produce new designs for recreational players.

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED XB Driver Review

best driver for average golfers


Cobra Golf pays extra attention to innovations in club design which is why the Cobra King Driver is one of the most advanced products in their portfolio. The Cobra RADSPEED Driver got its name from the word radical, which is how Cobra views its weighting strategy, and the word speed put extra focus on the club’s capabilities.

This driver focuses on the radius of gyration, which is the maximum distance from the center of the club head to the center of gravity where weights can be carefully positioned to improve performance. The RADSPEED models are clearly distinguished by the degree of mass displaced from the center of gravity. By pushing large chunks of weight away from the center, the drivers can exhibit different performance levels.

This redistribution of weights is not a modern concept as other golf manufacturers have been moving weight to the edges for a while now. Regardless, the RADSPEED is an innovative piece of equipment that features superior engineering, specifically focusing on models with a low center of gravity.

The RADSPEED focuses on providing the optimum weight with a low center of gravity through its driver series. There are three models in the current 2021 series – RADSPEED, RADSPEED XB, and the RADSPEED XD.


This is made for high-speed players with a lower and fade-biased ball flight. The weight is focused behind the face to provide the club with a  more forward center of gravity which makes it an extremely forgiving driver would result in faster ball speeds and better driving distances.

RADSPEED XB (Xtreme Back)

This driver is made for golfers who need more forgiveness and height on their drives. The weights are position towards the back of the clubhead, which moves the center of gravity towards the rear. This high-performance model is appropriate for a range of golfers with low to high handicaps.

RADSPEED XD (Xtreme Draw)

This model is specifically designed for golfers who want to limit their slice. This model also focuses on forgiveness which is why it has an extra 14 grams of weight at the back of the head.

These drivers have a lot of potential if you’re looking for the best driver for amateurs, but let’s dive into the features first to see exactly what Cobra is offering.


Radial Weighting

Radial weighting refers to the strategic placement of weight relative to gravity allowing the club to provide different speeds, forgiveness levels and optimize flight direction. The club features two weights, one at the front and one in the back, and the distance between these two weights is increased to create the radial weighting, which allows for higher forgiveness and faster ball speeds.

By stacking the mass at the back, you can get a lower center of gravity focused at the club’s rear and a high moment of inertia, more spin, and slower ball speeds. Conversely, if the wait is focused towards the front, the center of gravity is more forward, there is a lower moment of inertia, and you get a lower spin with higher ball speeds.

The radius of gyration is how Cobra defines the Weight adjustments on its RADSPEED models, specifically when more weight is focused further from the center of gravity, making it easier to create different launch conditions as required by the player. Additionally, Cobra Golf allows the weight to be split radially between the front and back, which makes their RADSPEED models very stable and forgiving with a low spin and draw bias.

The weight adjustment allows the RADSPEED driver to focus 74% of the mass in the front with 26% at the back. The alternate setting allows the weight to be split 47% to 53% back and front respectfully; this adjustment allows for higher ball speeds and the lower spin. The weight reallocation varies according to different models. In the case of the RADSPEED XB, the weight is focused more towards the back.

The adjustable XB driver has 20 grams in the back of the clubhead, where 14 grams of the weight is fixed, while 6 grams can be divided according to the golfer’s preference. The front features 8 grams of fixed weight which lower spin and allows balls to cover the most distance in the least amount of time.

CNC Milled Infinity Face

The Cobra RADSPEED XB features an infinity-edge face design that increases the zone of maximum ball speed by expanding the milled area by 95%. The club’s face is shaped using CNC milling, and this process involves using computerized controls to automate the operations of multipoint rotary cutting tools. These tools allow you to get precise results as they remove excess material to get the right shape and size.

Cobra is the only brand that uses CNC milling for their drivers, and each Infinity face takes about 25 minutes to create. They emphasize that the milling process is more accurate and consistent than the traditional hand polishing process used by other competitors.

The RADSPEED Infinity face also features different degrees of vertical roll and horizontal bulge that helps keep off-center shots in the air longer. The face milling pattern also helps with moisture management By redirecting water away from the intended hitting area, improving your shots overall.

The CNC milled face improves the club’s structural integrity and provides the yielder with more reliable speeds, improved accuracy, and launch and spin consistency. In addition, each club produced is closer to the actual design specifications because of the automated milling process, which leaves no room for human error.

Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown

The new thin-ply carbon wrap crown is 30% lighter than previous models that give this model 6 grams of discretionary weight distributed appropriately and repositioned to optimize performance.

T-Bar Speed Chassis

The titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis design features a faint “T” in black paint from the top to the back of the crown. The chassis was added to improve the driver’s strength and allow for better transference of energy to the golf ball. The structure allows the club to maintain its shape during impact while ensuring there is no loss of energy and maximum transference to the ball instead of the head. The structure also improves the club’s sound and feel as it provides a degree of rigidity to the head. This also makes the club feel more powerful and solid with more besides feedback.

The T-Bar Speed Chassis Is also 7 grams lighter than previous models, allowing more weight to be distributed according to the requirements to decrease spin and increase ball speed.

best driver for average golfers

The Look

Cobra has gotten creative with its color schemes; this time, the color of choice is Turbo Yellow. The sleek driver uses yellow to highlight the weight setups on the RADSPEED XB model and black as the primary base color. The driver also comes in an alternative all-American color scheme of red, white, and navy blue known as Matte Peacoat Red.


Club LoftLie AngleAdjustabilityLength with
Length with
Standard Grip
Hand Orientation
57.50°Fixed Back46.00″45.75″F3: D3.5
10.5°58.50°Fixed Back46.00″45.75″F3: D3.5
Riptide: D2.5(Lite), D1.5 (R)
S, R, LiteRH/LH
12°59.50°Fixed Back46.00″45.75″Riptide: D2.5(Lite), D1.5 (R)R, LiteRH/LH

Handicap Range: 5-15

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best driver for mid handicappers, you might want to focus on clubs that are forgiving and have high MOIs to get the right speed to cover the extra distance. The Cobra Golf RADSPEED XB Driver features adjustable weight, giving you an additional level of control. At the same time, the larger head size reduces the chances of mishits without having the drawback of extra weight. The features of this model allow it to be a great way to maintain or improve your game.

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