How Do You Hit a Golf Shot Low?

Hitting a golf shot low is an extra shot in your armory that saves you in problematic situations. How do you hit a golf shot low?

You must:

  • lean the club forward for less loft
  • keep the speed lower by shortening the swing and
  • Finally, finish with low hands by holding the finish low around your body.

These steps are exactly the opposite of what you do when hitting a high shot. However, they might seem simple, but it is not always easy to go low in an unwanted situation. Practice is a pre-requisite! Let’s discuss further how to hit a golf shot low according to the different conditions!

How Do You Hit a Golf Shot Low?

The majority of the golfers are concerned about achieving maximum distance with their clubs or going as far as possible right in the middle of the fairway to avoid slices.

However, many situations require them to keep their golf shot low to save their day. Therefore, it is important to master the technique of hitting a ball low in golf!

how to hit golf ball low

Let’s discuss the situations in which hitting a golf shot low is the only solution!

Hit Low Shots against the Wind

When it comes to giving golf tips, there are quite a few overwhelming clichés out there. You might have the idea that hitting against strong wind requires strong momentum and maximum speed.

It might sound contradictory, but it is a wrong perception. You need to:

  • Keep your head on the ball.
  • Bend your knees without forcing your momentum.
  • And hit the ball, keeping your hands lower.

Indeed, there are many clichés in the world of golf, and while many have good intentions, few of them will help you improve your game. One tip that can help you achieve more greens in windy conditions is not forcing your swing!

One of the most common mistakes most golfers make while dealing with a headwind on the course is to hit as hard as possible using the same club as usual.

This works negatively and affects the direction of the shot. Hitting the ball hard in the wind causes it to immediately go up in the air and fall short of the target, mostly offline.

So, the right way is to keep our golf shot low when the wind picks up on the course. You can hit a “stinger” to get a piercing ball flight that crosses the wind effectively or make a smoother swing using one more stick, which is a slightly easier method.

Using one more stick means using 5 or 6 iron instead of a 7 iron. You need to:

  • Place your ball a little more towards the back of your starting position
  • Do a smoother swing, keeping the spin and launch low and hit keeping your hands low. This way, the stroke will be less affected by the wind.

Thus, you shouldn’t be trying to hit a home run when it’s windy. Instead, consider using a different club and perform a smoother swing; do not go for a full swing. This way, you can hit a low golf shot that pierces against the wind!

Keep a Low Ball To Avoid a Tree or an Overhanging Branch

Yes! The lower golf shots technique will also be handy in such situations. You may hit an irregular shot that sends your ball into the woods. To get out of there, you might need to use this technique.

how to hit the ball lower

Also, it is normal to hit a stroke lower due to a hanging branch in the trajectory that would interrupt a higher shot towards the green.

If you’ve an obstacle in front of you and you need to make a stroke under it, first you need to assess the situation, take a few deep breaths and evaluate all the possible options available that can get you out of there.

You need to be sure whether you can hit that shot in real or put you at more risk. Is it realistic to hit the ball that low, or you’re trying to fool yourself into thinking it would be “fantastic to pull it off”?

You need to be honest before hitting the stroke! If you believe that a low shot is the best solution, the next thing is to select the appropriate stick. An important factor is to select the loft of the club, the angle. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

The best way is to take a club with a slightly lower angle if there are trees or other obstacles. In a 90m green, where there are no trees, one would prefer a fairway wedge. A 7 or 8 iron won’t work there. You need to replace them with a 5 or a 6 iron, as mentioned above.

The angle of the club also provides you with the trajectory of the ball. Take your iron and lay its blade on the ground with the handle facing up.

Then press down the clubhead with your foot until it is level with the ground. There you can notice the angle that provides you the ball trajectory.

A wiser approach would be to use a club that you think couldn’t lift the ball enough to reach that tree in front of you!


We hope this information must have answered the question, how to hit a golf shot low? These shots can save you from going offline when it’s windy, or there are obstacles in your way towards the green and achieve the target like a pro!

Do not forget to share this with your golfer friends and let us know how it worked for you! Once you learn this technique, you would want to adopt this on the course for good.

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