Tectectec VPRO500 vs VPRO500s [Slope or Non Slope]

French company TecTecTec has been making a name for itself in the world of precision optics like golf rangefinders and GPS watches since being launched in 2014. They have successfully positioned themselves as a strong contender in an ever-more competitive market.

The main (and only) difference between the Tectectec VPRO500 vs VPRO500s is that the 500S has the slope adjustment function included, which gives you greater accuracy with elevated shot distances, and the 500S is slightly more expensive than the 500 due to the added feature.

Let’s look at these two rangefinders in more detail and unlock their features. If you have never looked at a TecTecTec golf rangefinder until now, you may well find yourself hopping onto Amazon and ordering one after this.

TecTecTec VPRO 500 And VPRO 500S – Product Specs

Since the two are essentially identical, they have the same specifications aside from the slope adjustment, which is only featured on the 500S.

These rangefinders come with 6X magnification and operate at distances to a maximum of 540 yards which is on the better side of distances for rangefinders. Most rangefinders in the lower price brackets operate at a maximum of around 400 yards and up to 600 yards as you get further up the scale.

So at 540 yards, you certainly aren’t going to hit it further than Bryson, so you have more than enough range power to operate on pretty much any course or hole you are playing.

Remember that, unlike golf GPS watches, rangefinders don’t have the courses pre-loaded, so you can simply point-and-shoot at any target you need distance for on the course.

At just 6,5oz and using a lithium CR-2 battery which is supplied, both units should last the full golf season or 40-50 rounds, and this is according to the TecTecTec website FAQ’s

Each unit comes with a premium protective case, carry strap, and cleaning cloth, so load up the battery and let’s hit the course!

As per the ruling of the USGA in 2016, allowing rangefinders without the need to apply Local Rules, rangefinders, and other GPS devices that fall into the category of Distance Measuring Devices (DMD’s) are permitted for use in tournament play.

However, the ruling in 2016 allowed DMD’s that featured slope adjustment or elevation assistance to be used but with those features either turned off or deactivated remains in force, so the 500S would not be tournament legal unless the slope adjustment feature were disabled.

tectectec vpro500 vs vpro500s each give exact distance measurements for your golf game

You may only use your golf rangefinder for assessing yardages to targets and other points on the course as and when you need to. You should also check with the Committee or the course rules as to whether these devices are permitted at all.

For the most part, golf courses worldwide allow the use of GPS watches, rangefinders, and other GPS devices on the course for casual play and competition, provided they meet the USGA rules for features allowed.

Golf Laser Rangefinder – Features

The TecTecTec VPRO500 and VPRO500S have top-class features, including First Target Priority Mode, Pinseeker Mode, Advanced PinSensor Technology , Scan and Distant Target Mode, and Slope Mode, which is on the 500S Only.

How Accurate Are The TecTecTec Golf Rangefinders

Handheld laser range finders are very accurate, more so than their GPS watch or handheld GPS devices, and these are no different with accuracy to just 1 yard! The more advanced models like the DLX are accurate to 1/3 yard!

Regardless of the level of golf you play at, whether casual weekend and in the double-figure handicap index range or single figure plus, the accuracy of these units is more than sufficient!

First Target Priority & PinSensor Technology

This is the mode for the primary use of the rangefinder, and that confirms the distance to the pin. Rangefinders work by shooting a laser beam at the target and then using electronic algorithms to measure the time it takes to beam to bounce back , they determine the accurate distance to the target.

tectectec vpro500 does not have slope mode or slope measurement feature for hitting uphill

This is important because to work effectively, the flagstick needs some reflective surface to bounce the laser beam back, and there are times when some flags don’t have a specific reflective surface, so you end up trying to find a surface close to the pin to gauge distance.

TecTecTec solves this problem using their Advanced Pinseeker Technology. This allows the golf rangefinder to zone in on either basic or ‘unadorned’ flagsticks to give you still the proper yardage.

What Is First Target Priority

With either the TecTecTec VPRO500 or VPRO 500S, you never have to worry about whether your TecTecTec rangefinder will be effective if the golf flags aren’t set up with reflective tape for pin sensor technology, but you can put that worry to rest as they most certainly will be.

First Target Priority essentially focuses the golf rangefinder on the pin. It ignores other visual targets like trees or hazards, so you only get accurate measurements to the pin yardage and not yardages from other obstacles close to the pin or appear on the line of sight.

One of the features that seems obsolete in more rangefinders these days is the target lock technology, and like many other modern rangefinders, neither model has this included. This feature usually produced a sound or a vibration to the user when the golf rangefinder had locked on target.

This function is achieved with both models when you get your distance reading to the flag – this indicates that the golf rangefinder has received the return signal and has calibrated the distance.

Golf Rangefinder Continuous Scan Mode

Another useful feature packed into these superb value-for-money rangefinders is the scan mode. With some rangefinders, you need to stop and point at the specific target you need a distance for.

With TecTecTec’s Scan mode called ProScan, you need to scan the golf rangefinder across the terrain, and the yardages to each different point will be shown on the display. This is a useful feature for quickly scanning a hole from the tee without holding up play.

tectectec vpro500 vs vpro500s both use pin seeker technology and continuous scan mode to measure distances

Simply running your viewfinder across the hole will give you yardages to all the targets you find. This can assist with strategy play on that specific hole, especially where you have doglegs and potential lay-up areas.

TecTecTec VPRO500 vs VPRO500S – Distance Target Priority Mode

With First Target Priority Mode, the golf rangefinder will zero in on the flagstick only. Still, if you need to ascertain yardages to other targets, such as hazards like bunkers, water, or tree lines, you can switch to Distance Target Priority Mode at the touch of a button.

This is another very useful feature in both models and allows you to get accurate readings to non-priority targets on the golf course such as front, middle, and back of the green and background obstructions.

TecTecTec Makes Operation Simple And Clean

One of the features of this rangefinder is the buttons used to operate it. They are large enough and well-spaced so finding them once you get used to the layout becomes instinctive.

Since it only has one button to use and cycles through the functions as you press it, you can easily select the mode you need on each shot and find yardages to every conceivable point and object on the hole you are playing.

This is another reason why TecTecTec has found great favor with golfers of all levels, as they have made a determined effort to simplify operation while still providing accuracy and durability.

What Is The Magnification On The TecTecTec VPRO500 and VPRO500S

Each model has a 6X magnification which is a middle to better magnification than the more basic models. Typically, rangefinders have between 4x and 7x magnification, but it may become difficult to stablise the image at the higher levels.

laser rangefinder that displays distance measurement after continuous scan mode and target lock technology

Neither model comes with an image stabilizer which is one of the few downsides of these rangefinders. Unless you are taking are tripod or have a very steady hand, you may find that the magnification at that level may only be utilized occasionally.

Here’s a trick though, use the cart steering wheel or roof or even a standing club or tree to steady yourself when looking long range using the magnification.

Another useful feature is that the rangefinder doesn’t detract from the yardages when it’s raining, and these units are built so that water drops don’t interfere with yardage readings.

If you tend to play in areas that are likely to have some rain during the playing season but not thunderstorm intensity that will stop play, then this feature will be appreciated by those that play in the wet.

Is The Optical Clarity Good On The VPRO Series

Unlike cheaper rangefinders, the optics on both the TecTecTec VPRO500 and VPRO500S is very good, with at least one lens having multiple coatings to produce crisp, clear images, and they both have high-quality lenses.

With the adjustable focus to bring your target into pristine focus, TecTecTec has over-delivered on the lens and image quality. This is yet another reason these units have grown in stature in this market over the last few years.

Are The VPRO’s Waterproof

If you are talking submersible, then no, and very few (if any) rangefinders would have that level of waterproofing. The battery compartment is well sealed and designed to keep the electronics dry in the rain.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder and VPRO500S are well sealed against rain but should be kept dry when not used. Bearing in mind that the PinSensor technology is designed to operate in the rain, it would stand to reason that the water protection on these units is quite substantial.

As a general rule, though, rangefinders should always be kept dry and undercover when not in use to reduce the risk of any water damage during play or storage.

Can The Slope Mode Feature Be Turned Off

If you remember earlier, it is not permitted under the rules of golf to use a rangefinder or any other DMD that offers slope or elevation adjustment readings in tournaments. You cannot deactivate the feature when in slope or angle adjustment MODE.

But, you can use the VPRO500S in the other mode settings that don’t add the angle adjustment to the yardage reading. Remember that using the angle adjustment feature in the competition will get you disqualified if you are found out – so rather, don’t risk it and stick with the legal modes.

Can You Use These Rangefinders Elsewhere

The beauty about laser rangefinders over GPS watches is that you can use them in other disciplines where accurate distances are critical such as target shooting and hunting. So if you do participate in other sports in the golf off-season, your investment in one of these units is well made.

Which Rangefinder Do I Choose

Since the two models are identical and the price difference is only about $40-$50, picking the slop version, the VPRO500S, would seem to be the sensible option. Even though you may not use the slope in competition, you can use it in casual play.

If you are the weekend or casual golfer that plays their home club most of the time, using the Slop function during non-competitive play will give you yardage data that you can make a note of and then apply during competition- no law prevents that!

Even if you are playing at higher levels and on different courses, you can still record slope data for later application should you find yourself playing competition at any of those courses.


TecTecTec provides a one-year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, both the TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder and VPRO500S are very tempting for any golfer to add to their bag. They provide great accuracy, functionality, and longevity at very good prices.

Superb value with exceptional features is the cornerstones for TecTecTec’s ongoing success. With hundreds of top-class reviews on Amazon, you can see why this company makes big inroads into the golfing universe.

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