TecTecTec Vpro500 Rangefinder Review

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TecTecTec Vpro500 Rangefinder Review

The golf laser rangefinder has made significant inroads in the casual golfing industry with a variety of sometimes surprisingly affordable models. A laser rangefinder uses a portable and compact laser unit to deliver nearly instantaneous distance measurements with a very high degree of accuracy. Until recently, the price point of most laser rangefinders did not justify the purchase for most golfers.

Fortunately, recent advancements greatly have reduced the cost while increasing the laser rangefinder’s accuracy and utility on the golf course. The TecTecTec Vpro500 rangefinder is a great example of a very affordable unit that you can use to improve your game with accurate readings without costing a lot of money.
tectectec vpro500

Outstanding Accuracy at an Affordable Price

The TecTecTec Vpro 500 laser rangefinder is a very affordable European offering for golfing enthusiasts in the United States and elsewhere. The competitively priced unit offers highly accurate readings to within a yard of your chosen target with a maximum range of 540 yards. You also can use meters, especially since TecTecTec is in France and naturally uses the metric system.

The laser unit delivers highly accurate distance readings in moments so that you can get a much better idea of what the golf course is throwing at you on a particular golf shot. You can get straight-line distances and use a scan mode that will provide continual readings while you scan the entire hole.

The more information you can get on distances to water hazards, bunkers, the tree line and the rough, the better able you are to choose the best club and swing combination to reach safe locations and set up the best approach shot and short putts that are easy to sink. The Tec Tec Tec rangefinder offers fast and accurate readings displayed on an LCD display viewed through the diopter.

Tec Tec Tec Rangefinder Target Lock Ensures Proper Targeting

Many laser rangefinders struggle to find the exact target you seek. Objects that are in the foreground or background distract many rangefinders, which could result in a false reading. The target-lock technology included in the Tec Tec Tec rangefinder disregard foreground objects and ignores others, like trees and ball washers, that could distract other units.

The target lock enables the rangefinder to more quickly deliver accurate distance measurements to your chosen target. It also helps golfers who might have shaky hands to get an accurate reading with the Vpro500 rangefinder.

Cold mornings, the effects of aging and other issues that might cause golfer to have shaky hands while on the course will not cause the rangefinder to wander. The target lock takes care of that by disregarding objects that are located in the background and the foreground. It zeros in on your target and quickly delivers a highly accurate distance reading that you can count on when making your club selection.


  • Target-lock feature
  • Accuracy to within 1 yard of
    your chosen target.
  • Legal for R&A and
    USGA-sanctioned tournaments.
  • Multicoated lens provides great
    clarity with 6X magnification and a 7-degree field of view.
  • 30-day full refund guarantee.


  • Must buy the Vpro500S for slope compensation function.
  • No rechargeable battery for power source

Pin Seeker Mode Finds the Flag Fast

Nothing can frustrate a good approach shot more than misjudging the distance to the green. The flag marks the cup, which is where you need the ball to wind up to end the hole. But many rangefinders struggle to distinguish the flag from background trees and other objects.

The green generally has a lot of objects around it, like a ball washer and maybe a bench at a nearby tee or background trees. A golf cart might also be in the sight picture and could distract many laser rangefinders when you are trying to gauge your approach shot. The foreground also could put a distracting element that causes the rangefinder to produce an inaccurate measurement.

Instead of struggling to find the flag and locking onto the wrong object, the Tec Tec Tec rangefinder ignores distracting objects and locks in on the flag. When it has the flag locked in, the rangefinder tells you with green brackets that surround the flag in the sight picture.

Excellent Visual Clarity

A 7-degree field of view and 6X magnification produce exceptional clarity at long distances and helps the rangefinder to more quickly deliver accurate readings. The viewing diopter adjusts so that you can finely tune focus and get highly detailed and truly up-close views of the green, hazards and much more while on the golf course.

The better you can see and read the course conditions, the better able you are to make the correct club and swing choices. That can help you to lower your overall score and reduce your handicap over time. With continue practice, you might even be able to become a scratch golfer. No matter the result, the TecTecTec Vpro500 is an exceptionally good tool.

General Vpro500 Rangefinder Design and Dimensions

The Vpro500 rangefinder measures a very compact 2.83 inches tall by 4.09 inches long and 1.61 inches wide and weighs just 6.5 ounces. It has the typical laser rangefinder over-under shotgun design with the laser unit located beneath the viewing lens.

The polymer body has a texturized rubber underlay and overlay to improve grip and comfort. Two buttons on top are situated nearer to the viewing diopter for simple and ergonomic access. The water-resistant case has a slight indent underneath and on each side to enable your thumb to more comfortably cradle the Vpro500 rangefinder during use on the golf course.

Power Source and Included Extras

A disposable CR2 battery that puts out 3 volts of juice powers the TecTecTec Vpro 500 for 10 or more rounds of golf. The disposable batteries are available at many retailers and are very affordable. Using the disposable battery also helps to reduce the rangefinder’s cost and gives you the option of buying rechargeable CR2 batteries and a separate charger to reduce battery costs over time.

The TecTecTec Vpro500 rangefinder also comes with a durable outer case that is waterproof and protects against drops, jolts and generally rough handling. A lanyard for the rangefinder and carabiner for the protective case give you options for carrying it on the golf course.

Why Should I Buy One?

As the TecTecTec VPro500 rangefinder review fully affirms, it is a very affordable laser rangefinder that delivers fast and accurate distance readings from more than 500 yards away. That kind of distance will cover virtually any situation you might encounter on a regulation golf course, where the tees will indicate the total distance to the hole. At 540 yards maximum range, no golfer can hit the ball farther than the rangefinder can read, so it is imminently useful on any golf course.

If you buy a TecTecTec Vpro500 and decide you do not like it, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund. Short of obvious signs of abuse, no questions are asked. The refund is issued quickly and via the same means used to purchase the product. It also comes with a 2-year warranty that helps to correct any issues that might arise. It is a great example of a low-risk, high-reward purchase.

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