Best TecTecTec Golf Watch Review

Wearable fitness technology is proving to be a highly motivating factor in the purchase behaviors of many active people, including golfers. Recent advancement in GPS golf watch technology has made it possible to get exceptionally accurate golf course distance readings at a glance. A great example is the TecTecTec ULT-G golf GPS watch, which delivers a heck of a lot of value in a very light and compact golf watch.

The watch is a much easier to use option than the traditional golf rangefinder as it is wearable.

The GPS tracking works as you walk the course and continually updates your location and relevant distances. If you are riding in a cart, it will adjust the distances to your exact spot the moment you stop. It will take a few seconds to regain the bearings, but you will have the info by the time you reach your ball.

tectectec golf watch review

TecTecTec Golf Watch: More than 38,000 Regulation Golf Courses Included

The TecTecTec Golf GPS app gives you access to more than 38,000 golf courses located around the globe. Extremely accurate GPS data tells you the distances to the green and various hazards on the golf course with accuracy to within a yard of your target. It only takes seconds to load the relevant golf course data, which you can access via the menu function.


  • Fast info at a glance.
  • High-contrast and very readable display.
  • Legal for tournament play.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Very affordable.


  • No hole overview or flyovers.
  • No electronic scorecard function.

The GPS golf watch does not show an actual map of the golf course. Instead, it delivers all of the relevant distance data and in a manner that is fast and very convenient. A quick glance at the watch on either wrist will tell you all that you need to know on your approach shot to the green, and the menu lets you toggle through to the hazards screen to get the distances to any relevant hazards.

The TecTecTec Golf GPS app does not charge a subscription fee and automatically updates golf course information. The Bluetooth-compatible watch can get free updates that ensure each of the more than 38,000 included golf courses has accurate mapping so that the GPS unit will give you exceptionally accurate and correct data.

TecTecTec Golf Watch: Automatic Golf Course Recognition

The TecTecTec Golf GPS app loads easily when you arrive at one of the more than 38,000 golf courses included in the TecTecTec digital library. Because you are not loading an entire golf course map that shows each hole on the GPS golf watch, you do not have to wait several minutes to get started. The watch automatically recognizes your golf course location based on the GPS coordinates and loads it for you once you activate the satellite button.

When you arrive at either the 1st or 9th hole to start your round, the watch loads the hole for you and gives you the relevant distances to the green. As you proceed through your round, the GPS golf watch automatically advances to the next hole after you exit the prior green.

You can use the menu function to find the relevant hazards data. The simple design makes it incredibly easy to read in bright sunlight with a backlit screen. You will not have to search for shade or shield the watch to read the data. A fast and simple glance and a quick check of relevant hazards into should give you all the relevant data to make a great golf shot.

TecTecTec Golf Watch: General Design and Layout

Simplicity is the key to the entire design and layout of the TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS watch. The watch face is round and set into a black polymer case with three function buttons on the right and two more on the left. The function button on the upper left turns on the GPS unit while the button on the lower left loads a user menu.

The three buttons on the right enable you to scroll up or down on menu by using the top or bottom buttons. The middle button selects the input that you choose. With five buttons in total and each doing just one thing, learning how to use the TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS watch is a snap. It is very intuitive and almost impossible to confuse the buttons and which does what.

A high-contrast black-on-gray LCD digital display has a flag icon with the respective hole number shown in the upper left corner and the hole’s par indicated in the lower left corner. The remaining info tells you the front, back and middle distances to the green from your current position. The middle distance is shown in prominently large numerals in the center of the display with the back distance listed in the upper right and the front distance.

That simple setup enables you to accurately judge approach shots when you are withing range of the green. You also can use the menu button to find the distances to sand traps, water hazards, bunkers and the tree line so that you get a good idea of where you can send the ball and which areas you need to avoid. Once you know the relatively safe range, you can make better choices about your club and swing combination and stand a much better chance of beating par on each hole.

TecTecTec Golf Watch Power Source

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides all of the power that you need for more than two full rounds of golf. The TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS watch is supposed to have enough power for up to 2.5 rounds of 18-hole golf, which ensures you can get in two full rounds on days when the playing pace is agonizingly slow.

Charging the GPS golf watch is a snap with an included USB cable that includes an AC adapter. You can use any convenient USB charging port to power the watch, including those included in most current production automobiles.

Why Should I Buy a TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch?

The TecTecTec ULT-G golf GPS watch is an ideal golfing tool for anyone who travels regularly or soon plans to and enjoys taking the golf clubs to explore new courses. It also is a great tool for anyone who plays local courses most of the time but still wants fast and accurate range readings. The simple design and extremely accurate GPS tracking on the respective golf course map provides the kind of fast and detailed information that you need to lower your score with smarter club and swing choices.

The GPS golf watch also includes a money-back guarantee and fully warranted support. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact TecTecTec support and get your questions answered right away. With a price that beats most comparable GPS golf watches while providing the same data, the TecTecTec ULT-G golf GPS watch is a real winner and almost impossible to beat.

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