How Far Should You Hit with a Driver?

How far should you hit with a driver? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginner golfers. Before we answer that, remember that there’s no right or wrong distance with a club in golf. It is your distance that matters.

You must be aware of the distance or the yardages you can achieve with the different clubs. However, PGA Tour pro golfers generally hit driver shots on an average from 280 yards to 320 yards, while for recreational golfers, the distance falls between somewhere around 195-205 yards.

These figures are not for comparison. You shouldn’t be comparing your distance with other, especially the best players. Competition is good, but all you need to focus on is improving your swing, your hit, and practicing to improve your handicap. An average player can outhit a pro golfer, but it happens rarely.

Let’s discuss this further in the light of the other factors that influence your drive on the course!

How Far Should You Hit with a Driver?

There’s a wide variation in golfers’ distances. Although the type of golf club determines the distance a golfer achieves, it still varies from person to person. Therefore, there’s nothing like a club distance.

It is your distance as a player with each club, depending on your level of play. You can improve that distance with practice, but your focus should be on improving your game.

Know Your Distance

Every golfer who plays golf frequently must have an idea whether they’re a long-hitter or a short-hitter. People also calculate their distance or yardage. But remember that there’s no shame in being a short-hitter. Hitting long distances is no doubt good, but it doesn’t determine your score or guarantee anything.

how far should i be hitting my driver

You might achieve long-distance by hitting will full strength landing your ball out of the fairway and away from the green. So, all that matters is focusing on your swing to get a straighter and consistent hit that depends on your posture and technique.

However, the subject in question is about the distance to be achieved by drivers. Therefore, we’ll share the average distance achieved by golfers with a driver.

Golf Chart

The distances achieved with drivers is different for average amateurs, men and women players. In addition, the range is also vast because there are long, short and medium-hitters. Some golfers hit longer, and some hit faster.

So, it depends on the type of hit you have and the distance you achieve easily. Amateur, average and pro men golfers can hit their driver in the range of 200-230-260 on average, respectively. For women, this distance range is 150-175-200.

According to a Golf Digest study, nine of ten golfers hit the ball short with their drivers than their estimated potential. But, how do you determine a good estimate of your driving-distance potential?

According to them, a golfer needs to hit driver shots2.5 to 2.7 times their clubhead speed. If they fail to achieve this, they need a better-fitting driver. Likewise, a golfer has the potential to hit a driver far than 185 yards if their swing speed is 75 miles per hour or above.

A golfer with a 100 mph speed can hit up to 270 yards. However, most golfers hit lower than their potential. The study showed that 65% of the players couldn’t reach 15 yards of their potential distance.

how far should i hit my driver

The determining factors are your swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, handicap and spin rate. Many golfers cannot achieve their potential distance because they hit the ball too low, making too much backspin and lacking solid contact with the clubface’s center. Thus, to hit long distances with your driver, you must:

  • hit the ball high, but not too high
  • generate less backspin
  • make solid contact with the center of the clubface

Keys to Achieving More Distance With the Ball

Hitting the driver up sometimes ends up your spine tilted to the right, which is wrong. Your spine should be centered while hitting your driver. Remember that posture is the most important factor.

Using a driver that matches you swing speed, it can be a mid swing speed or a high swing speed.  Finding the right club to match your move is important.

Your focus should be on the green line without moving your head or spine orientation on a fairway. It is our pelvis that moves forward to make your body arch.

Secondly, line up the ball with your left armpit, with your head behind the ball. Attack the ball from behind it. You should hit the ball at a little downward angle than you hit your irons, but not too much.

It helps you arrive at the ball at a less downward angle of attack, but not upward.

You shouldn’t change your swing, but your club and your ball position with your left shoulder, as it helps you get a good backswing. It enables you to achieve square clubface on impact consistently.

Think of a golf player, placing their head on the same positioning with a square clubface and their body arched forward from the pelvis on impact. This is the sign of a good player who knows how to achieve a greater distance with their driver. All you need is to practice more and more.

How does a golfer lift the ball up if the downward angle of attack is bad? The answer to this question lies in your shaft’s flexibility. Depending on your swing speed, you will need a shaft with a certain flexibility to get the right launch angle.

In addition, your driver’s clubface shouldn’t be completely perpendicular to the ground: the degrees or the loft it has caused the ball to lift upwards. So, depending on your driver’s loft, you can hit the ball at a certain angle.


We hope the information above has answered your question, how far should you hit with a driver? Although there are some average distances to be achieved with drivers, your focus should be on improving your posture, swing and angle of impact.

These elements improve your distance with practice. Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends, and let us know what you think of it!

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