Does a Wider Stance Help in Golf?

Does a wider stance help in golf? Is it better than a narrow stance? The answer to this question is ‘yes.’ That’s what most pro golfers do.

Experts suggest that a wider stance as much as your shoulders is always better than a narrow one, regardless of the golfer’s height and swing. In addition, it is especially true when you’re playing with longer clubs. Why is a wider stance better than a narrow stance? Because:

  • a wider stance is a stable enough platform for your upper body to turn easily during the swing.
  • It lets you keep your hips at the same level throughout your swing, which is impossible if your stance is too narrow. If your hips are not at the same level swing, it results in missed shots.
  • Your center of gravity is lowered in a wider stance, making it easier for you to play easily in the wind. Generally, golfers are likely to get blown off-balance in the wind.

Separate your feet as wide as your shoulders. But, it is generally with irons or drivers where your goal is to achieve a powerful shot. If you’re playing with more open clubs, keep your feet a little close than your shoulders such as the wedges.

In contrast, when playing with more closed clubs such as drivers, a wider stance will work.

Let’s discuss the advantages of a wider stance further!

Why Does a Wider Stance Help in Golf?

The swing is the movement performed with the club to play the ball off the green. The swing is personal, and everyone has to find their own type and try making small changes over time through practice.

wide stance golf

You position yourself in front of the ball at a distance from where it is easy to reach it with the club’s head without forcing. A good way is to place the clubhead on the ground behind the ball and then position yourself at the distance that allows you to grip the club while keeping the head horizontal.

You must align your shoulders with the point you want to reach. Place your feet at a wider stance than your shoulders. Your left foot should be slightly open to the outside of the ball position.

Bent your knees slightly and bring your shoulders closer to the pelvis ball as much as possible, keeping your spine straight. You should feel a feeling of balance and stability in this position. You should be in a semi-sitting posture.

Separate your legs according to the type of swing you want to make. Remember that always keep your feet at a wider stance and knees more bent with a straight back for a powerful shot. However, if you want short shots with precision, a narrow stance works better.

Your left arm should be in line with the club at address and the head above the right knee. Since you keep your left hand higher than your right one, the shoulders are in the same inclination. The right shoulder drops a little, helping you place your head behind the ball.

You should keep your head in the same position during the swing and until after impact. It can only move slightly at the base of the neck while swinging.

One of the goals of the body position is that during the execution of the swing, the lower part provides adequate resistance to the pivot of the upper part. Never start from a static, frozen position.

Advantages of a Wider Stance in Golf

A wider stance has several advantages in golf:

  • It provides a more stable base for the upper body to move
  • It limits the backswing motion; too much of a backswing spoil your shot
  • It enables your lower body to swing comfortably
  • The ability to control the bottom of the swing is a great skill needed by every golfer
  • It allows you to have a consistent start line by controlling the curve of the ball
  • When the base is stable and your hips are at the same level during the swing, you can hit the ball with more power on the course

We cannot ignore the disadvantages associated with a wider stance. Experts say that a wider stance can reduce your ability to hit a draw and sometimes limit your power in the golf swing.

wide stance golf swing

How to Improve Your Golf Stance?

You can do a simple exercise to improve your stance. Repeat a set of squats 10 minutes a day for the strengthening of your lower body. There are different ways to do this exercise, alternating the series so as not to get bored every day with the same movement:

  • With your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees without going over your toes—the classic squat.
  • In the same position, turn your feet slightly outward, and lower with your hips back.
  • Put your hands on the back of your neck and take a small jump when ascending. Then bend your knees again.
  • Advance one leg sideways and in the same flexed position. Try to touch the elbow with the knee.

Does A Wider Stance Help In Golf Conclusion

We hope the information above has answered your question, does a wider stance help in golf? A wider stance is always better than a narrow one, especially when you’re playing with drivers or irons, where the aim is to make a powerful shot at achieving more distance.

It gives you stability and balance in your position during the swing. Do not forget to share this information with your loved ones, and let us know if it worked for you!

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