Best Driver for Mid Swing Speed | Srixon 585 Driver Review

When it comes to premium drivers, the top brands often seem intent on packing as much new technology as possible into them to impress wealthy amateur golfers and justify astronomically high prices. The cost to buy just one of some of the premium drivers on the market could buy a perfectly good set of clubs designed for everyday players and even scratch golfers. The Srixon 585 driver review of features shows you get premium materials and build quality without having to pay a premium price to get it. 

And show cases why it is the best driver for mid swing speed players.

best driver for mid swing speed

The idea is to give golfers a driver that will extend their average golf driving distance and improve accuracy but without costing a lot of money. The Z 585 driver is competitively priced and costs about half as much as many of the competing brands’ higher end drivers. You can get similar results with a more consistent drive but without having to fork over as you would expect for similarly equipped premium drivers by other brands.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

A titanium cup face tells you the 585 is no ordinary driver and includes thoroughly modern materials that make it light and powerful at the same time. The titanium used is Ti51AF, which is a particularly lightweight and strong metal that enables a low center of gravity and greater energy transfer at the moment of impact.

Srixon engineers say a Z585 driver review shows it is 8 percent stronger and 1 percent lighter than the Ti-64 titanium previously used in Srixon drivers. The newer material makes the club head significantly stronger and lighter, which means an easier swing and better contact for virtually all golfers.


  • Solid all-around driver.
  • Lighter and thinner club face.
  • Carbon fiber crown.
  • Relatively affordably priced.


  • No loft or lie adjustments.
  • Only available in 9.5 and 10.5 degree lofts.

The high-tech titanium cup face is 10 percent thinner than on prior Srixon drivers, which makes the cup face lighter and more effective. A thinner and lighter cup face translates into better energy transfer at the moment of impact and greater distance with each drive.

The Z 585 also has a thinner perimeter than prior models. The thinner and lighter perimeter and cup face made from the Ti51AF titanium adds up to 3 mph to the ball speed than prior Srixon drivers. At least, Srixon says it will add between 2 mph and 3 mph more velocity than its prior drivers. Anecdotal evidence likely could affirm it or by taking some launch tech with you to your next trip to the driving range.

Carbon Fiber Crown Reduces Dead Weight

You need to generate good club speed and make solid contact with the ball to send it far from the tee with your drive. The lighter and stronger the club head, the more likely you will accomplish that task and have a good approach shot to the green. The crown can be a problem for many makers of drivers because of its size and weight that do not add to the physics of your swing. If anything, a heavy crown is dead weight that slows down your swing and reduces your driving effectiveness.

Srixon places a carbon fiber crown on the Z 585 to help reduce the dead weight and increase your swing speed. A touch of aerodynamic styling and a lowered center of gravity result in much longer and better drives. You should see longer and straighter drives with the Z 585 in part due to the ability to generate greater speed on the downswing. The specially engineered club face helps to take care of the rest.

If you are now thinking that this best driver for mid swing speed is actual the wrong fit for you, because you have a quicker speed.  

Z585 Driver Review of Specs:

Volume: 460cc
Loft: 9.5 or 10.5 degrees
Lie: 58 degrees
Swing Weight: D4
Length: 45.25 inches
Shaft: Project X HZDRS Red
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Best Driver for Mid Swing Speed: Draw-Bias Design

Most golfers have a natural fade bias that matches their dominant hand. If you are a typical right-hander, odds are you push the ball to the right side of the hole during your longer drives. Lefties generally push the ball to the left due to a natural fade bias caused by the respective swings. The longer the shaft on the driver and with modern technology enabling longer drives off of the tee, the prominent the natural bias becomes.

Srixon enables you to overcome a natural fade bias by including a draw bias on the 585. A Srixon Z 585 driver review of its design shows the clubface has a draw bias built in to counteract the natural fade that most golfers have. The problem is the spin that most drivers place on the ball. That spin changes if hit from the right or left side, which affects how it travels and can cause the ball to fade to one side of the fairway on a consistent basis.

The sweet spot on the 585 clubface is contoured to add a natural draw bias that counteracts the fade. Instead of watching the ball consistently fly to one side of most holes, you will find the ball traveling in a straighter and longer path to the center of the fairway when hit properly. Even when you mishit the ball, a larger sweet spot and natural draw bias helps to keep the flight path relatively straight and on target.

The simple ability to straighten out drives that normally would fade to one side of the hole gives you more distance on each drive. Without changing anything else, a straighter drive equals a longer drive and better scores after 18 holes of regulation golf.

Contoured Club Face

In addition to the draw bias design Srixon has specially designed the club face to give it a larger sweet spot and limit the effects of missed hits. A drive that gest more of the toe or heel than you intended still will make the fairway more often thanks to the forgiving nature of the 585’s club face. It is similar to the Twist Face tech that TaylorMade boasts in its latest drivers, but without all the hype and additional cost.

Professional golfers know that bad shots are the ones that really make or break your driving ability at the tee. If you consistently hit the sweet spot, the driver will not matter as much as your swing. But when you occasionally get too much toe or heel on the ball, the results can be disastrous with most other drivers. The Srixon 585 gives you a generous sweet spot and specially contoured face to counteract the occasional missed hits and still set you up with a good lie and a reasonable approach shot to the green.

Two Loft Angles and No Adjustments

Srixon intends for the Z 585 to work generally well for virtually all golfers right from the start. In that sense, it is a classic driver that is fixed and mostly will do what the golfer enables it to do with a proper ball address and swing at the tee. It is a relatively simple tool that benefits from modern materials, design and enough technological innovation to make it a great driver for most golfers.

Part of the simplicity is the two loft angles from which you can choose. Those are either a 9.5- or a 10.5-degree loft, which produce long drives with a good amount of control over ball spin. A glued hosel helps to keep the weight light and the center of gravity low while. it also prevents any possible adjustments via Srixon’s proprietary adapter system that enables golfers to adjust the hosels and lie and loft angles on many of its other drivers.

While the adapter system is not part of the package on the Z 585, its exclusion helps to keep the price affordable. You still get a great driver that truly can improve your game with longer and straighter drives. And you do not have to fiddle with adjustments at the driving range to get the best results.

Why Should I Buy a Srixon Z 585 Driver?

The Srixon 585 Driver review fully affirms you get the latest in driver materials and technology for much less than you would pay for drivers by competing brands. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a driver that looks very impressive but does not outperform the Srixon Z 585, you can purchase a great new driver that gives you longer and straighter hits while counteracting any natural fade that you might put on the ball.

The Z 585 is a great leap forward in relatively affordable golfing technology. While many competing brands sell high-tech drivers that promise the world and cost more than all but the wealthiest golfers can afford, the Srixon Z 585 gives you a great combination of modern materials, modern design and definite improvement in your drives without breaking your budget.

Instead of spending as much on the driver as you do on the rest of your golfing kit, like a good golf rangefinder, you can get a great new driver that enhances your game, makes your rounds more enjoyable and enable you to afford to play a bit more often due to price savings

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