How Far Should I Stand From the Golf Ball?

How far should I stand from the golf ball? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among beginner golfers. The foundation of a good swing is your position in relation to the ball. It is certainly the first element in practicing and mastering your swing.

However, there’s not a single one-size-fits-all distance that can be applied in every situation. Many parameters can influence the distance that a golfer must maintain from the ball, starting with the club, more or less short, that you must play with.

The solution lies in a good posture. However, you can ensure that you are at the correct distance from the ball using the following tips:

  • Let your arms hang down when hitting an iron.
  • Once installed in front of the ball, release your grip to see if your arm is relaxed. It is not uncommon to see a few PGA Tour players on television doing this kind of checking before they swing their golf course.
  • If the distance allows your arms to be dangling at address, it is the right distance!

This determines whether you are positioned at the right distance from the ball or not. You should never lose sight of the fact that before preparing your body in the best possible way, you should arrange the club first.

how far should you stand from the golf ball

You have to respect the club, its design, its sole, the way it should rest naturally on the ground.

Let’s discuss the right distance from the ball in detail! So, if you ever have difficulty judging the correct distance to the ball or if you observe frequent lifting effects, this article is for you!

How Far Should I Stand From the Golf Ball?

Getting the ball the right distance from your body is fundamental to performing a good swing arc and getting good contact on the ball to avoid poor shots, like the dreaded shank. It is neither a matter of guesswork nor can it be measured using tape.

Following some simple steps will help you stand at the right distance.

In golf, many golfers become so familiar with the game that they stop paying attention to the basic elements of the game. They forget, for example, to think about their position. Good players pay great attention to every detail.

Your posture should be balanced, and your arms should be dangling for being at the correct distance from the ball. If your right arm has not moved as your hand no longer holds the club, it means that you’re well-installed in front of the ball.

To control your position, just let go of the club with your right hand and let your arm hang freely.

What Happens if You Stand Too Far Away from the Ball?

Posture and balance are compromised as you have to go get the ball without falling forward. With the ball too far away, your arm will be pulled back and come closer to you as you let go of the club with your right hand.

If the ball is too far away from your body, you will have to stretch to hit it. This will bring the arc of your swing too low, making you lose your balance (since your weight will be shifting on your toes) and, no matter how successful you hit the ball, you will tend to push it to the left.

What Happens if You Stand Too Close to the Ball?

If you’re too close to the ball, you will not create space to pass the club on impact. Your right arm moves forward when you let go of the club.

Standing too close hampers your swing, and you do not have enough space to lift the club and gain the momentum resulting in a steep swing plane in which you’re required to hit the club back towards the ball.

how close should i stand to the golf ball

Not only will this result in a significant loss of power, but you’ll lose the trajectory.

The golfer must come and position himself around the club. If the club is well-placed in front of the ball, and the golfer is well-placed with their club, it is likely to make a good golf swing.

What is certain is that the distance to the ball is predisposed by the posture the golfer adopts. Posture is one of the fundamentals of the golf swing, along with grip and alignment.

Working on your posture should allow you to naturally find the distance between the ball and your body. It is important to have the sensation that the arms fall naturally in front of the body.

For longer clubs, like the driver, if you want to gain a few extra yards, you can extend your arms and hands slightly forward to further increase the radius of the swing arc.

Let gravity do its job. Do not target the ball but the flag (or where you want to send the ball), and for this, you must adopt the right posture in which your body is not tensed at all, and you’ve enough space to backswing, gain momentum and hit smoothly.

Another way to ensure a better distance:

  • First, align yourself correctly. You should be upright without bending your knees, with all your weight on your heels.
  • Then bend your knees slightly, keeping your back straight until you feel the weight transferred to the toes. In the right posture, you feel weight distributed evenly on your feet.
  • Then bring your club’s face closer to the ball, placing your grip on the front of the left leg’s thigh. The club should be 2 inches above your knee if the distance is correct. If this does not happen, move slightly closer or farther from the golf ball without bending or straightening your legs.


We hope the information above must have answered the question, how far should I stand from the golf ball? Now that you know the importance of standing at the right distance and tips on how to do that, you must have realized that strength alone does not guarantee a good swing.

Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends, and let us know what you think of it!

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