How Does a Golf Distance Finder Work?

How Does a Golf Distance Finder Work? This is one of the most common questions golfers ask when proceeding to buy a rangefinder for themselves. 

A golf rangefinder is one of the most important pieces of golf equipment that every amateur and professional golfer needs to calculate the distance between their observation point and the flag. 

While the game’s essence has remained the same since its inception, new technologies have made it possible for golfers to determine the distance to an object with precision and ease and thus make informed decisions when hitting a stroke.

There are three types of golf rangefinders, and this is how they work:

How Does A Golf Distance Finder Work?

  • A GPS rangefinder verifies the distance from the device to the target using a satellite network that sends a signal to the rangefinder, calculating the distance from the device to the target. Satellite mapping also enables GPS rangefinders to overview the layout of the course.
  • As the name indicates, laser rangefinders determine the distance using a laser beam targeted at an object. The rangefinder beams the laser to the target like a pin. The time in which the laser reflects the rangefinder calculates the distance. Sometimes there’s an ‘inclinometer’ inside the laser rangefinders that determines the target’s slope from the level of the reflection when it returns to the rangefinder. ‘PinSeeker’ is another feature that enables the rangefinder to focus on the pin only, eliminating other objects in the background.
  • Hybrid rangefinders take advantage of both worlds, GPS and laser technology. These rangefinders offer laser sight targeting and GPS satellite course mapping.

Let’s discuss further how golf distance finders work. Being the most efficient and precise, this article will focus on the functioning of laser rangefinders!

The laser rangefinders for golf are tools that detect very accurately the distance between the player from the flag by an obstacle or any reference you choose to use as a reference. 

how does a golf distance finder work?

Among the companies that first focused on this product for golfers are Nikon and Bushnell, but today, you can find rangefinders of various brands on the market. 

Their cost varies according to the available functions, the ability to measure more distant targets, or impermeability.

Laser rangefinders are the perfect solution on the golf course, being very precise and efficient. They allow golfers to have a perfect estimate of the meters missing from the green and calculate exactly the iron to use to avoid an obstacle.

Using a laser rangefinder is very simple, put simply:

  • Just take it.
  • Put it to the eye.
  • Turn the button on, a point at the target and hold down the measurement until the flashing viewfinder returns the distance.

This applies to almost all laser rangefinder models.

The advantage of these lasers is undoubtedly the practicality, having few essential functions compared to watches requiring some learning.

The ability to measure the distance from the flag even in the presence of a slight shake of the hand (if you are perhaps nervous because you are playing well) is among the most sought-after functions. 

how do laser rangefinders work

Another function is to detect references to several hundred meters (if you want to withdraw and you don’t know how far the clubhouse is from you).

In addition, rangefinders also calculate the distance in the presence of descent or ascent through the inclinometer. 

In practice, in the case of height difference, a triangle icon appears in the upper left corner (different if you are at the top or bottom of the target) with the data concerning the difference in height and the distance that the laser then returns is that estimated automatically considering the height difference. 

This helps to improve accuracy, knowing more or less how much you can do with your iron or wood.

Many innovative models are with ‘seek measurement,” which helps measure the distance from the flag if it is very far away or behind trees. 

In such a case, you aim behind the vegetation, thus taking a temporary measure and then aligning the target on the flag until the device vibrates, telling that the measurement at the flag is complete and precise.

In short, a golf distance finder is a fundamental tool if you want to improve your score because, beyond your swing and golf technique, knowing the exact distances and assessing the risks of a bunker, water or trees, helps golfers play in greater safety. 

Birdie and sensational shots are pain that does not bring any concrete results if not supported by lowering the risk threshold. Too often, you find yourself hitting a bit at random. 

There are indeed distances to poles, but approximate indications remain because the flag is constantly moved, and the distances from the green are consequently never the same.

Using a golf laser rangefinder also allows you to be more regular in the shots, leading you to check every time on the driving range how much distance you do with an iron or wood. 

Therefore, they guide you to be more focused and conscious than just hitting the ball without a goal.

Now that you know how golf distance finders work, you can find one to excel in the game and improve your performance. 

However, purchasing such a device requires careful consideration since there are many models present in the market. Golf enthusiasts use the best golf rangefinders to adapt their strategy and choose the appropriate club. 

The evaluations on golf range finders highlight that this type of product is authorized by the USGA (United States Golf Association.) We recommend you to look for customer reviews for the best quality and the best price.

Our Final Thoughts!

We hope this information has answered how golf distance finders work. Rangefinders are essential equipment in golf, be it GPS, laser or a hybrid rangefinder. 

The purpose is to calculate the distance from the golfer to the target. Among the three, the laser ones stand out in terms of precision and efficiency.

Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends and let us know if it worked for you!

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